Yoga Sūtras with Vedānta Commentaries


Let me present you Yoga Sutras of Patañjali with great commentaries of Swami Prabhavananda. The commentaries are based upon the ancient commentaries written by Vyasa and Bhoja and more recent done by well-known Swami Vivekananda just some 120 years ago and of course the vast wisdom and philosophical knowledge of Swami Prabhavananda himself.

While it is true, that Patañjali himself was an ardent follower of Sānkhya philosophy, we know that most of the things Patañjali has summarized in Yoga Sutras have been existent long time before Patañjali as part of the Vedic society and in Vedanta philosophy and practice. There are a few differences among Sānkhya and Vedanta on a technically philosophical level, but yet the common ground of research – the potential of the perfection, human psyche and mind, interaction among the manifested nature – Prakṛti – and the Spiritual principle – Soul or Puruṣa how it is called by Patañjali in Yoga Sutras – is all the same, since times immemorial. And you may be interested to read more on the subject of Yoga Sutras and Vedanta view on Yoga philosophy and Sānkhya.

I. YOGA AND ITS AIMS Samādhi-Pāda समाधिपाद

II YOGA AND ITS PRACTICE Sādhana-Pāda साधनपाद

III. POWERS Vibhūti-Pāda विभूतिपाद

IV. LIBERATION Kaivalya-Pāda कैवल्यपाद