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This is a sticky index file about all Upanishads and important commentaries on text of Upanishads. 

As we already remember – Upanishads are the concluding teachings of Vedas and from Vedas,and they are the very fundament of Vedanta – the Vedic Wisdom squeezed out by generations of enlightened Vedic seers,saints,teachers and their best students;and their traditional commentaries on Upaniṣadic texts,which has come down to us in Lineages of successive holy Teachers,Paramparās.

Upanishads are teachings and instructions on most part on what is known as Jñāna Yoga – teachings on God Realisation,Enlightenment,reaching the Divine Bliss,Inner Wisdom;solvingthe most fundamental problems of human existence – what is the ultimate divine reality – Brahman,what is the person who breath – Ātman,What is the inner Light,what happen after the death and similar.

Vedic tradition use to differentiate 2 fundamental Paths or Mārgas – one of them being Jñāna Mārga – the Path of Inner Wisdom - as described above – and other being Karma Mārga – or Path of Action – dealing more with questions of what could be called as ordinary religious duties – rituals,yajñas,expiations for sins,civil duties and rights,subordination and so on...For this reason it was above said – that Upanishads on most part deal with the Jñāna Mārga.

According to Vedanta there are 108 traditional classical Upanishads,according to Muktikā Upanishad particularly.

10 Upanishads are considered the most authoritative and Principal Upanishads – they are considered the oldest and most commented by classic Vedanta preceptors – as by Śankara-Ācārya,Rāmānuja-Ācārya,Madhva-Ācārya and so on. They are most quoted in philosophical treatises and hold the greatest value.

Besides,Upanishads can be grouped according to a particular Veda they are from:

1. Ṛig Veda – 10 Upanishads;
2. Yajur Veda – 51 Upanishad;
3. Sāma Veda – 16 Upanishads;
4. Atharva Veda – 31 Upanishad;

Upanishads can be classified according to their subject:

1. 14 Vaishnava Upanishads;
2. 14 Śaiva Upanishads;
3. 9 Śakta Upanishads;
4. 20 Yoga Upanishads;
5. 17 Sannyāsa Upanishads;
6. 24 Upanishads of Forest Hermits.

Principal Upanishads

Ṛig Veda Upanishads:

Older but noteworthy translations of some important Upanishads:


Upanishads translated by AUROBINDO GHOSH