Sanatkumara Samhita


Śrī Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā is an ancient collection of Vedic teachings from Vaiṣṇavite Āgamas, known as Pāñcarātrāgamas.

Written in a beautiful Sanskrit poetics Śrī Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā narrates in great detail the symptoms and characteristics of forthcoming dark age of Kali, the Age of sorrows, disasters and suffering, the Age in which we live now, and also presents a method how to safely overcome all above mentioned suffering.

Shiva, presented here as the foremost teacher of Humankind, is explaining to the great ancient sage Nārada that the only safe path to survive in the Age of Suffering is by always remembering and chanting the sacred names of the God – Mantra, cultivating love for God, Krishna and Rādhe, according to Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā, and always remembering the pastimes of the divine couple Krishna and Rādhe, here on the earth as well in their divine city Vaikuṇṭha and teach the proper methods to approach them.

The Authoring of this Samhitā (Collection of Teachings) is attributed to the Śrī Sanatkumāra – the one of the four great Rishis who existed before the times, believed to be born from the mind of Brahma, the first among men, to support the four branches of eternal wisdom.

The Four Rishis or Kumāras were Sanaka, Sanat-kumara, Sanandana and Sanātana. It is believed that later they transferred the divine wisdom and knowledge to one of the main legitimate, according to Vedic scriptures, Vaiṣṇavite paramparā – Kumāra Sampradāya and its foremost sage Nimbārka Ācārya (philosophy of Nimbārka...), who was practising according to Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā to reach and serve the God himself and transferring teachings to his students.

While the text of Śrī Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā historically has come down to us through the lineage of Kumāra Sampradāya and primarily reflects the views of this tradition, it also reflects the Universal Principles of Sanātana Dharma, Vedic wisdom expressed in the universe – and it may be useful and interesting read for wide range of people – for those who share the love for God, for the divine couple of Krishna and Rādhe, who are learning how to live in our dark Age of Lust, Consumerism, Psychic problems, wars and corrupt politicians.

Hopefully I have said enough, let’s follow on through the chapters of Sanatkumāra-saṃhitā and all other scriptures presented in this website, and if you need more motivation – just open any major news portal on the net, watch through 5 first most horrible stories, feel heartfelt sorry and run back to your spiritual practice and service – the only path to improve the situation!