Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 1

Section: VI
Yuddha Kāṇda [War Section]

[The book starts with gathering of monkey army, going to the ocean and building a bridge across it and ends with the crowning of Lord Rāma as king of Ayodhyā. The Kāṇda starts with Rāma deciding to go to Lanka to kill Rāvaṇa  and ends with the coronation of Rāma in Ayodhyā. The great prayer Āditya Hṛidyayam occurs in this. This again is the largest Kāṇda of Rāmāyaṇa almost occupying one fourth space of the entire book.]

1. Rāma Appreciates Hanuman

[Rāma appreciates Hanuman as the one who has done the impossible. He hugs him as he is not n a position to give him any other thing. Rāma becomes thoughtful about the problems in crossing the ocean with the monkey army.]

Hearing the words of Hanuman with great joy Rāma replied these words in great love. 1.1

"The outstanding work done by Hanuman is extremely difficult to do and cannot be done even by thought by anyone else in this world". 1.2

"I do not see anyone else in this world capable of crossing the great ocean except for Garuda, wind god and Hanuman." 1.3

"The city of Lanka guarded by Rāvaṇa is extremely difficult to enter even by Devas, Dānavas, Yakṣas, snakes, Gandharvas and Rākṣasas and who can enter and return from there by one's own power." 1.4

"Who can enter that impossible to enter place protected by Rākṣasas except Hanuman who is blessed with strength and valour?" 1.5

"A great service has been done by Hanuman to Sugrīva by exhibiting his strength and valour which is equal to his pace?" 1.6

"When the lord deputes one to do a job which is difficult to perform and when that servant completes it with love. he is a superior being." 1, 7

"That servant who is deputed to a job, just does what he has been told and nothing more is mediocre." 1.8

"When a Lord deputes a servant to do a job and if he does not do it in spite of ability to do it is a base servant." 1.9

"Hanuman has performed the job for which he has been deputed and has done the job in the best manner and has made Sugrīva happy." 1.10

"By locating and seeing Sītā, he has justly protected, the entire Raghu clan, me as well as the very strong Lakṣmaṇa." 1.11

"My already depressed mind is further pained because I am not able to do anything lovable to this bearer of dear tidings." 1.12

"let me at least hug Hanuman as in the present circumstances that is all that, I am in a position to do." 1.13

Saying this with great joy all over his senses Rāma hugged Hanuman, who has completed the job with sense of fulfilment. 1.14

That best of the Raghu clan after thinking for a while again spoke, with Sugrīva, the king of the monkeys listening with attention. 1.15

"The search for Sītā has ended in an auspicious way, but thinking of the vast ocean my mind again gets depressed." 1.16

"How can all the monkeys together cross to the southern shore of the great ocean which is filled with lot of water.?" 1.17

"In spite of having been told about the state of Sītā, how is it possible for me to cross the ocean along with all monkeys?" 1.18

After telling this to Hanuman the destroyer of enemies Rāma became drowned in sorrow and became greatly thoughtful. 1.19

This is the end of First Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.