Sāṁkhya Karika with Gauḍapāda Commentaries

Sāṁkhya Karika with Gauḍapāda Commentaries

Here you can read online Sāṁkhya Karikas with Gauḍapāda commentaries. Gauḍapāda – Āchārya was a Hindu teacher and philosopher and was living in 7th century. He is considered to be the first historically known teacher of Advaita Vedanta in our age and the founder of Advaita Vedanta Lineage, which later was made famous by his disciple Shankara – Āchārya.

About the significance of Sānkhya philosophy I have been spoken already at length in my other articles. Sānkhya Śastra is undoubtedly one of the six great philosophical systems or Śastras of Hinduism. And Sāṁkhya Karikas by Īśvara Kṛṣṇa commented here by Gauḍapāda are one of the best philosophically elaborated and very significant compendium on Sānkhya system. Sānkhya philosophy propounds that all that exist can be classified according to two principles - Prakṛti or Nature and it’s evolutes on one hand and spiritual principle or Soul – called here Puruṣa – on the other hand. The ultimate goal of all existence is the Liberation of Soul from its wrong self-identifications with Nature and its evolutes and to reach the state of consciousness free from all suffering, which is free from all influence of Nature and its effects.

PART 1 - Karikas 1-11
  PART 2 - Karikas 12- 27
  PART 3 - Karikas 28-48
  PART 4 - Karikas 49-72

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