Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 2

2. Sugrīva Deputes Hanuman

[Sugrīva thinks that they might have been sent by Vali to kill him. Hanuman disagrees and then Sugrīva deputes Hanuman to find out as to who they are and their intentions.]

Sugrīva seeing Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa who were blessed brothers and who were armed with divine weapons started having doubts. 2.1

The best of monkeys, who had agitated mind, examined all directions and was not able to sit still at any place. 2.2

When he saw those very strong ones, his mind was not still and due to being greatly scared he entered in to a depression. 2.3

That Sugrīva who followed Dharma thought over it and held consultations with his attendants and analysed the major and minor consequences. 2.4

That king of the monkeys Sugrīva who was greatly scared on seeing Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa told his ministers. 2.5

"These two must have definitely been sent by Vali in to this terrible forest and have come in a very deceptive dress of bark." 2.6

Those ministers of Sugrīva after seeing those with great bow from that hill top went to another hill top. 2.7

With great speed those leaders of the group of monkeys reached the lords of them all and the greatest monkey and stood surrounding him. 2.8

One by one growing from mountain to mountain, swiftly shaking the mountains, they all reached the peak of a mountain. 2.9

Those very strong monkeys while jumping shattered several Naga trees which were in flowering which were situated on the mountain. 2.10

Those blessed monkeys jumping here and there all over that mountain went on wounding, deer, wild cats and tigers. 2.11

After that the ministers of Sugrīva collected together on the king of the mountains and all those chiefs of monkeys stood there with folded hands in salutation. 2.12

Addressing Sugrīva who was suspecting it as a conspiracy of Vali, the master of speech Hanuman told. 2.13

"You may please give up the agitation that this is due to Vali for this is the great Malaya mountain rage and there is no fear from Vali in this mountain." 2.14

"Oh chief of monkeys, The Vali whom you are afraid and are running away who has cruel looks and is cruel is not seen by me here." 2.15

"Oh gentle one, I cannot foresee any problem from Vali whom you are afraid of, who is one who has committed sin earlier who is the soul of wickedness in this place." 2.16

"Oh monkey, you being definitely an animal living on branches are of narrow vision and cannot fix your mind properly on anything." 2.17

"You being full of intelligence and cleverness and you can achieve anything through diplomacy and a king who does not have intelligence cannot control anything." 2.18

Sugrīva, after hearing all these auspicious words from Hanuman, told Hanuman more auspicious words. 2.19

"Who will not feel scared on seeing those long armed, broad eyed ones armed with bow and arrow and who look like the sons of devas?" 2.20

"I doubt that these great men have been sent by Vali because kings have many friends and you cannot trust them." 2.21

"Among men, spies move in different guise and they need to be identified. Enemies, who do not trust, will strike a man who trusts when he is not alert." 2.22

"Vali is an expert in his actions and a king with broad vision and he will have many methods to kill his enemies and these should be understood by ordinary people. 2.23

"Oh monkey, you go to them adopting the form of an ordinary person and find about them by their speech, mannerisms and their traits." 2.24

"Oh excellent monkey, you find out their intentions by praising them, find out if they are happy by their mood and then praise them again and again to find out their intentions and oh great monkey, only after finding out whether they are favourable to me, you should ask them the reason for those great archers to enter in to this great forest?" 2.25-2.26

"Oh Monkey you should succeed in finding out whether they are pure hearted or evil ones by talking with them." 2.27

After being instructed in this way by the king of monkeys, that son of wind god took a decision to go and meet Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. 2.28

That great monkey Hanuman, who cannot be easily approached said, "Yes" and proceeded to whichever place the very strong Lakṣmaṇa and Rāma were going so that he can meet them. 2.29

This is the end of Second Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.