Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 62

62. Rāvaṇa's Request to Kumbhakarṇa

[Rāvaṇa explains the difficult situation created by the arrival of Rāma and the monkey army. He requests Kumbhakarṇa to help him.]

Then that great Rākṣasa along with drowsiness of sleep marched through the royal avenue full of royal dignity. 62.1

That one who is extremely difficult to be defeated surrounded by thousands of Rākṣasas started going with rain of flowers from the surrounding homes. 62.2

Then he saw the spacious home of the king of Rākṣasas, covered with golden grilled windows looking like the shining sun. 62.3

Entering in to Rāvaṇa's palace like the sun entering the cloud, he saw his elder brother sitting on a throne like Indra seeing Lord Brahma seated on his seat. 62.4

When he was going to his elder brother's home surrounded by Rākṣasas, Kumbhakarṇa made the earth to shiver with his footsteps. 62.5

When he went to his brother's home and entered the inner apartments, he saw his worried elder one sitting on the Pushpaka Vimāna. 62.6

Seeing that Kumbhakarṇa has arrived the ten necked one got up from his seat immediately and with joy brought him near him. 62.7

After sitting on a comfortable seat, the very strong Kumbhakarṇa saluted his brother and asked him, "what needs to be done?" 62.8

Rāvaṇa got up from his seat and embraced Kumbhakarṇa and when embraced Kumbhakarṇa became happy by his brother and occupied an auspicious and charming seat. 62.9

Then that very strong Kumbhakarṇa resting on his seat, with blood shot eyes due to anger said the following. 62.10

"oh king, for what purpose have I been woken up by you with great effort? Tell me from whom do you expect danger for you here and he would be a dead person." 62.11

Brother Rāvaṇa, rolling his eyes in annoyance told the following to the very angry Kumbhakarṇa. 62.12

"Oh strong one, you have been sleeping for a very long time and as you were sleeping you did not know about the great fear that I have from Rāma. 62.13

"This strong Rāma who is the son of Dasaratha along with Sugrīva after crossing the ocean is cutting short our clan." 62.14

"Alas, Lanka, coming by a bridge the ocean of monkeys have covered the entire Lanka with its forests and gardens." 62.15

"In the battle the monkeys have killed many of the Rākṣasa chiefs but I am not able to see reduction in the numbers of the monkeys and the monkeys have also not been defeated in this war so far. 62.16-62.17

"Oh strong one, a very grave danger has arisen and I need your help in destroying them and that is why, you have been woken up." 62.18

"You protect this Lanka whose treasury has become empty and where only children and senior citizens are left over and also rescue me." 62.19

"Oh very strong one, do this difficult to perform act for the sake of your brother and Oh destroyer of enemies, I have never requested like this to any one before this." 62.20

"I have a great respect and affection towards you. Oh the foremost of Rākṣasas, several times, in battles between gods and Rākṣasas, you conquered Devas and Rākṣasas after attacking them in the battle." 62.21

"Oh person of very great valour, since there is no one equal to you in strength in this world, show your complete strength." 62.22

"Oh person who loves war, Oh Rākṣasa who loves your relations, perform this excellent job which is very dear and useful to me as per your liking. By your own lustre blow away all these enemies, like a speedy wind blows away all the clouds." 62.23

This is the end of Sixty Second Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.