Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 98

98. Angada Kills Mahapaswa

[There was a great fight between Mahaparswa and Angada. In the end Angada killed Mahaparswa.]

When Mahodhara was killed by Sugrīva then the very strong Mahaparswa with eyes red due to great anger stirred up the great army of Angada with his arrows. 98.1

That Rākṣasa removed the head of many monkeys from their trunk like a speedy wind which removes fruits from their stock. 98.2

Then that Rākṣasa with great speed chopped off the hands of some monkeys with his arrows and also struck down the rib cage of some of them. 98.3

Due to pain caused by that rain of arrows of Mahaparswa, those monkeys had a sad face and were looking greatly dull. 98.4

Seeing that his army is being depressed by that Rākṣasa, Angada who is very fast, exhibited his valour which was like the ocean on full moon days. 98.5

He then held a huge steel rod which was shining like the rays of the Sun and hurled it on Mahaparswa who was fighting the war. 98.6

Due to that smashing Mahaparswa became unconscious and along with his charioteer fell from his chariot. 98.7

Then the lustrous king of bears who was like a heap of collyrium and who was extremely powerful became very angry and rushed forward from his battalion which was like a huge cloud, carrying a huge rock which was like mountain peak, killed his horses and with his great strength broke his chariot too. 98.8-98.9

Within a short time the very strong Mahaparswa regained his consciousness and struck Angadha with very many arrows. 98.10

Then he struck Jambavan, the king of bears with three arrows on his chest and Gavaksha with very many arrows. 98.11

Seeing that Jambavan and Gavaksha were troubled by his arrows, Angada became very angry and took hold of a horrifying iron rod. 98.12

Firmly holding that iron rod, which shined like the rays of the sun, with both hands and turning it around with force, Angada son of Vali, with eyes reddened due to anger, hurled it on that Mahaparswa the Rākṣasa, who stood at a distance, with an intention to kill him. 98.13-98.14

That rod hurled by the very strong Angada knocked off the bow as well as the arrows from the hand of that Rākṣasa and also knocked off his helmet. 98.15

Then approaching him with very great speed, the famous Angada the son of Vali, with open palms slapped him on his root of the ear which was shining with an ear ring. 98.16

The lustrous Mahaparswa, who is greatly swift and very angry, by one hand lifted a huge axe. 98.17

That very angry Rākṣasa threw that stainless strong axe made of steel and seasoned in oil at the son of Vali. 98.18

Angada who was filled with anger escaped from that axe which had been aimed at his left shoulder bone. 98.19

That valorous Angada, who was as valorous as his father, was greatly angry and firmly tightened his fist which was like a thunder bolt. 98.20

That master of the vital parts, whose fist hit like Indra's thunderbolt hit that Rākṣasa on the chest, near his breasts. 98.21

In the great battle that fleshy part of that Rākṣasa due to that blow was blasted and he fell dead on the ground. 98.22

When that Rākṣasa Mahaparswa fell dead on the ground his army was greatly confused and a great anger arose in Rāvaṇa. 98.23

The very profound lion like roar of the joyful monkeys, like a blast shook the city of Lanka along with its attics and gate of the city and was like the sound of Devas along with Indra. 98.24-98.25

Hearing in that battle field the very great sound raised by the monkeys and that of the beings of heaven, Rāvaṇa who was the enemy of Indra then stood prepared for another war. 98.26

This is the end of Ninety Eighth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.