Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 97

97. Sugrīva Kills Mahodhara

[Rāvaṇa requests Mahodhara to fight on his behalf. After a great fight Sugrīva kills Mahodhara. He is greatly honoured for this.]

Those two armies which were killed in that great battle by each other, quickly diminished in size just likes waters of lakes diminish in summer. 97.1

By the destruction of his army as well as the death of Virūpākṣa, Rāvaṇa, the king of Rākṣasas became doubly enraged. 97.2

By seeing the strength of army being diminished due to the killing by monkeys, Rāvaṇa saw that reversal of fate has come to him. 97.3

He then told Mahodhara, the destroyer of his enemies who was standing near him. "Oh long armed one, at this time my desire for victory rests with you." 97.4

"Oh valorous one, now kill the army of our enemies and show your great heroism for this is the time to repay your debt to your master." 97.5

When the king of Rākṣasas told like to Mahodhara, he said "So be it" and went inside the army of the enemy like a moth entering a flame. 97.6

"By the valour got because of encouragement, that mighty Rākṣasa who had great lustre destroyed the monkeys by using his own valour." 97.7

Those huge monkeys taking hold of big stones, entered the huge army of Rākṣasas and killed all Rākṣasas. 97.8

In that Great War, the angry Mahodhara with his gold decked arrows cut off the hands and thighs of the monkeys. 97.9

Those monkeys who were troubled by that Rākṣasa speedily ran off to the ten directions but some went and approached Sugrīva. 97.10

Seeing that the large armies of monkeys are being defeated, Sugrīva speedily rushed near Mahodhara and reached close to him. 97.11

Getting hold of of a horrific mountain like stone, the king of monkeys who was greatly lustrous threw it on the Rākṣasa to kill him. 97.12

Mahodhara seeing that huge rock falling on him, immediately without any nervousness with his arrows broke it, though it was difficult to do. 97.13

That stone, which was broken in to thousands of pieces, fell on the earth like a flock of scared vultures. 97.14

Seeing that the rock was broken, Sugrīva getting very angry, uprooted a Sāla tree and threw it but the Rākṣasa broke it in to pieces in the war. 97.15

The heroic Mahodhara who was tormentor of enemy armies wounded Sugrīva with his arrows and then the very angry Sugrīva saw an iron rod fallen on the ground. 97.16

Swinging that shining iron rod and showing it to the Rākṣasa, hitting with it killed the excellent horses of Mahodhara. 97.17

When the horses were killed that valorous Rākṣasa Mahodhara jumped down from his huge chariot and seized hold of a mace with great anger. 97.18

Holding the mace and iron rod in their hands, those Valorous ones, resembling clouds neared each other roaring like two bulls. 97.19

That Rākṣasa Mahodhara threw his shining mace, which shined like a Sun with great anger, on Sugrīva. 97.20

Seeing that highly terrible mace, falling on him in that great battle, the mighty Sugrīva, the King of monkeys got angry with a red blood shot eyes and struck that mace, by lifting up the iron rod but that iron rod broke off and fell on the ground. 97.21-97.22

Then that Sugrīva took from the surface of the earth a shining pestle which was decked with gold. 97.23

Then Sugrīva lifted the iron pestle and threw it on Mahodhara who threw two maces at him and clashed with each other and broke in to pieces. 97.24

With all their weapons broken those warriors endowed with strength and valour who were shining like fire started fighting with fists. 97.25

Those two warriors again and again roared, banged each other with their palms and rolled on surface of the earth. 97.26

They rose up quickly and began to hit each other and both not getting defeated, pushed each other by holding the shoulders. 97.27

Those two heroes who were both destroyers of their enemies fell exhausted by wrestling with each other and the very agile Mahodhara took a sword and a shield lying on the ground. 97.28

The Monkey chief Sugrīva in the same way took hold of a huge sword and shield which was lying on the battle ground. 97.29

Then those experts in use of weapons in war, whose limbs were seized with anger ran forward with joy with swords held high. 97.30

Concentrating their minds on victory, those two very angry ones performed perambulations from left to right of each other with great speed. 97.31

That evil minded valorous Mahodhara who praised valour with great speed hit with his sword with great force on the heavy shield of Sugrīva. 97.32

When the Rākṣasa was extracting his sword from Sugrīva's shield, that elephant-like monkey with his sword cut off the head of Mahodhara adorned with ear globes and a helmet. 97.33

Seeing the cut head of Mahodhara falling on the ground, the army of the king of Rākṣasas could not be seen in the battle field. 97.34

Then after killing Mahodhara that monkey along with his monkey warriors made a joyful roar of victory which made Rāvaṇa greatly angry and Rāma very happy. 97.35

All the Rākṣasas with downcast faces and dejected minds were greatly scared and ran away from the battle field. 97.36

After throwing Mahodhara on the earth, who looked like a huge mountain lying shattered, the son of Sun God who cannot be defeated shined in glory in that battle field, like a Sun shining with his rays. 97.37

That king of monkeys after attaining victory was being looked at in the battle field, by devas, groups of Yakṣas, Sidhas as well as by all type of beings standing on the surface of earth who were all extremely happy. 97.38

This is the end of Ninety Seventh Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.