Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 95

95. Rāvaṇa Enters Battle Field

[The angry Rāvaṇa along with his ministers and their army enters the battle filed. All around only bad omens are seen. Rāvaṇa starts killing the monkey army recklessly.]

Rāvaṇa heard that pitiable sound of wailing of all Rākṣasīs who were greatly pained from every house of Lanka. 95.1

For a moment he breathed deeply and was engrossed in great thought and then that very huge Rāvaṇa became very angry. 95.2

Biting his lips with his teeth, with blood red eyes due to great anger, making his appearance scared even for the Rākṣasas, Rāvaṇa looked like the fanned fire of destruction at deluge. 95.3

He then told the Rākṣasas Mahodhara, Mahaparswa and Virūpākṣa who was standing near him, in words which were not clear due to his great anger, looking at them as if he wanted to consume them" tell the armies to start immediately as per my command." 95.4-95.5

Hearing his order those Rākṣasas were fear struck and ordered those Rākṣasas who did not feel nervous to act according to the orders of the king. 95.6

Those Rākṣasas of terrifying looks saying "so be it" praying the God for their good, marched with their faces towards the battle field. 95.7

Those great experts on chariot fight after paying reverence to Rāvaṇa as per rule, stood saluting him with folded arms wishing their lord victory. 95.8

That angry benumbed Rāvaṇa with a sarcastic laugh spoke to the Rākṣasas Mahodhara, Mahaparswa and Virūpākṣa as follows. 95.9

"Today by sending from my bow arrows which are similar to the Sun at the time of final deluge, I would lead Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa to the abode of Yama." 95.10

"By killing those enemies I would avenge the deaths of Khara, Kumbhakarṇa, Prahasta and Indrajit today." 95.11

"When I send the net work of arrows, which will spread like clouds in the sky, neither the directions, nor the heavens, nor the river and nor the oceans would be visible. 95.12

"Today I would kill all the monkey chiefs along with their army in turns by using very large number of plumed arrows." 95.13

"Today by mounting on a chariot which runs with the speed of wind I will crush the monkey army with waves of arrows sent from my ocean like bow. 95.14

"Today like an elephant I would destroy ponds of monkey armies shining like the filament of lotus flowers, whose faces are like fully opened lotus flowers." 95.15

"With arrow struck in their faces, the leaders of the monkeys would be lying in the battle field will decorate the earth just like lotus flowers decorate their stalks." 95.16

"Today in the very great battle, I shall be killing hundred after hundreds of monkeys who are going to fight with trees." 95.17

"Today I shall wipe away the tears of those crying for their lost brothers and lost sons, by killing the enemy." 95.18

"Today with my arrows I will pierce the monkeys and make their bodies scattered and covering all over the earth, that it would be very difficult to see the surface of the earth. 95.19

"Today I will feed the crows, vultures and all other beings which eat flesh, with the flesh of my enemies killed by my arrows." 95.20

"Arrange immediately for my chariot and let my bow be brought swiftly and let all the surviving Rākṣasas follow me to this battle." 95.21

Hearing these words, Mahaparswa told the commanders of army units "Let the army under your control be quickly made ready." 95.22

The commanders of army units with great speed joined hands and hastened those Rākṣasas in every home to join in the battle. 95.23

The horrifying Rākṣasas having awful faces, then started roaring, with their arms equipped with various weapons viz. swords, sharp-edged darts, pikes, maces, clubs, plough-like weapons, sharp- edged javelins, huge Kutas and Mudgara, staffs, discuses of every kind, sharpened axes, slings for throwing stones, stones or cylindrical wooden pieces with iron pikes and other excellent weapons and rushed out within a moment. 95.34-95.26

Then following the orders of Rāvaṇa, the commander of the army with great haste brought a chariot along with a charioteer, which was yoked with eight horses and Rāvaṇa who was shining with his own lustre got in to it." 95.27

Then Rāvaṇa quickly started out completely surrounded by great number Rākṣasas, as though he was cracking the earth with his great strength. 95.28

Thereupon, a great noise emanated on all sides from tambours, drums, Kettle-drums and conches along with the clamour of the Rākṣasas. 95.29

A great sound was heard saying "There comes the ruler of Rākṣasas, the abductor of Sītā, the destroyer of Brahmins, the enemy of gods, notorious for his bad conduct, accompanied by his canopy and pair of fans, to fight with Rāma, the foremost among the Raghu clan." 95.30-95.31

Due to the terrible sound, the earth trembled and hearing that sound some monkeys ran away in fear. 95.32

The long armed and greatly lustrous Rāvaṇa who was surrounded by his ministers turned up there in quest of victory. 95.33

With the permission of Rāvaṇa Mahaparswa, Mahodhara and Virūpākṣa who was difficult to be defeated also climbed up their respective chariots. 95.34

They with great joy, greatly roaring as though they were trying to break the earth they also started proceeding, longing for victory. 95.35

Then Rāvaṇa resembling the god of death at deluge who was lustrous along with the army of Rākṣasas, started to the war with a raised bow. 95.36

That great expert in chariot battle with chariot drawn by shining horses came out of the gate, where Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa were present. 95.37

At that time the sun lost its brilliance, all the directions were covered with darkness, birds gave rise to fearful sounds and earth trembled a little. 95.38

The Devas rained blood, horses stumbled, vultures descended and sat on flags and jackals started howling piteously. 95.39

The left eye of Rāvaṇa throbbed along with his left arm and he became pale faced and the tone of his voice dropped. 95.40

When that Rākṣasa with ten necks entered the battle field there appeared an omen in the battle field indicating his death. 95.41

A meteor with a sound similar to thunder fell down from the sky and disturbed vultures along with crows started crying aloud. 95.42

Rāvaṇa ignored these ill omens due to his ignorance and marched forward, for the purpose of his being killed driven by fate. 95.43

Hearing the sound of the coming of the chariots of those great Rākṣasas, the army of monkeys returned back to fight. 95.44

Then a tumultuous battle started between the monkeys and Rākṣasas, who were both desirous of their own victory. 95.45

Then the angry ten necked one using arrows decked with gold and waged a great war on that army of monkeys. 95.46

Rāvaṇa chopped off the heads of some monkeys, and pieced the heart of some and cut off the ears of some others. 95.47

Some were killed because of breathlessness, some had the portion near the ribs torn off and some of them lost their eyes. 95.48

Whichever side Rāvaṇa was seen coming in his chariot on the battle-field, his eyes were rolling in anger and those monkey-warriors, on that side, could not with stand the rapidity of his arrows. 95.49

This is the end of Ninety Fifth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.