Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 86

86. Yagna at Nikumbila Stopped

[Lakṣmaṇa using ferocious attack on Rākṣasas stops the Yagna at Nikumbila. Indrajit, climbs on his chariot and comes to fight. When he sees Hanuman killing Rākṣasas, he takes an arrow to kill Hanuman. Vibhīṣaṇa advises Lakṣmaṇa to kill Indrajit.]

In that circumstance, the brother of Rāvaṇa spoke to Lakṣmaṇa words which are advantageous to him and disadvantageous to the enemies. 86.1

"Let this army of Rākṣasas which looks black like the cloud be opposed in a battle by the monkeys using Rocks as weapons." 86.2

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa then you to try to break that mighty army, for when the army is broken, Indrajit would come in to our vision." 86.3

"Then you rush forward quickly by keeping on sending arrows equal to Indra's thunder bolt on the enemies so that the fire sacrifice is not carried through." 86.4

"Oh valorous one, kill the son of Rāvaṇa who is an evil soul interested in performing conjuring tricks, which are unjust, who does cruel deeds and who makes all the world scared." 86.5

After hearing the words of Vibhīṣaṇa, the auspicious looking Lakṣmaṇa rained arrows which were aimed at the son of the king of Rākṣasas. 86.6

The bears as well as monkeys, who fight with huge trees rushed towards the Rākṣasa army arranged in a battle array. 86.7

The Rākṣasas also using sharp arrows, swords, spears and Javelins attacked the monkeys in the battle with an intent to kill them. 86.8

With a great noise that tumultuous battle which was fought between monkeys and Rākṣasas made Lanka very noisy from all directions. 86.9

The sky was completely covered by weapons of various types like sharp arrows, trees and tossed up mountain tops. 86.10

Those Rākṣasas with ugly faces and arms by hurling various weapons on the monkeys created great fear among them. 86.11

The monkeys too struck and killed all the Rākṣasas in the battle with all types of trees and peaks of mountains. 86.12

When the chiefs of monkeys and bears who were very strong and had huge bodies started killing them, the Rākṣasas were greatly scared. 86.13

Hearing that his army is being tormented by enemies and were dejected, the unconquerable Indrajit left the place of sacrifice without completing the sacrifice. 86.14

The very angry son of Rāvaṇa came out of the darkness created by trees and ascended his firmly yoked chariot which was kept ready. 86.15

That huge one, along with his huge bow and arrows, looking like a mountain of collyrium with blood red eyes appeared like the cruel God of death. 86.16

When the army of Rākṣasas saw Indrajit riding on a chariot, with a great speed they turned back with a desire to fight with Lakṣmaṇa, 86.17

At that time Hanuman, the destroyer of enemies who was looking like a mountain lifted a matchless large tree and killed the army of Rākṣasas like the fire at deluge and he also made many soldiers of Rākṣasa army unconscious. 86.18-86.19

Seeing that son of wind god destroying their army with great speed thousand of Rākṣasas hurled their weapon at him. 86.20

Approaching Hanuman who was looking like a mountain, the Rākṣasas bearing pointed pikes struck him from all sides with pikes, those carrying swords in their hands with swords, those carrying javelins in their hands with javelins, those carrying iron rods and maces with iron rods with maces, those armed with sharp-edged spears with bright-looking spears, with hundreds of cylindrical wooden pieces studded with iron spikes, with steel hammers, with awful axes, with slings for the rowing stones, with their thunderbolt-like fists and slaps which fell like flashes of lightning. Then, the enraged Hanuman made a colossal destruction of those demons. 86.21-86.24

That Indrajit saw that monkey chief who was similar to a mountain, without any fear killing his enemies. 86.25

He then spoke the following words to his charioteer, "Go to the place where the monkey is fighting. If he is neglected then he will definitely kill all the Rākṣasas." 86.26

When Indrajit ordered like this that charioteer carrying the greatly unconquerable Indrajit who as sitting on the chariot went to the place Where Hanuman was there. 86.27

After Coming near Hanuman that Rākṣasa who is difficult to be defeated hurled swords, spears and axes aimed at the head of Hanuman. 86.28

Receiving those weapons which were terrible, that son of wind god with great anger spoke the following words. 86.29

"Oh evil minded son of Rāvaṇa, if you think you are really valorous fight with me and then you would not go back alive." 86.30

"Oh fool, if you wrestle with me with me using empty arms and can withstand my force, then you would be considered as the best among Rākṣasas." 86.31

When the son of Rāvaṇa was trying to kill Hanuman, with raising his bow, Vibhīṣaṇa told Lakṣmaṇa. 86.32

Seated in a chariot that son of Rāvaṇa who has defeated Indra is trying to kill Hanuman. 86.33

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, using your very horrifying arrows made as a result of great craftsmanship, which drives away your enemies and kills them, kill that Indrajit." 86.34

After hearing these words of Vibhīṣaṇa who was a sight of scare to his enemies that great Lakṣmaṇa saw Indrajit who was like a mountain, who has great strength and who was difficult to approach seated on his chariot. 86.35

This is the end of Eighty Sixth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.