Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 85

85. Lakṣmaṇa Reaches Nikumbila

[Rāma requests Vibhīṣaṇa to repeat what he said. Vibhīṣaṇa says that if the Yagna at Nikumbila is stopped, then only Indrajit can be killed. Lakṣmaṇa along with his army reach Nikumbila in time.]

Rāma who was greatly sorrowing after hearing those words could not understand clearly what was told by the Rākṣasa. 85.1

Then Rāma the conqueror of enemy cities after taking courage spoke to Vibhīṣaṇa who was sitting near him and in front of the monkeys. 85.2

"Oh king of Rākṣasas, I want to hear the words spoken by you again. And please tell me again, what you wanted to tell me." 85.3

That expert in speech after hearing the words of Rāghava spoken with sadness again spoke those words gently. 85.4

"Oh long armed valorous one, you had ordered me to marshal the troops properly and immediately after hearing your words, I have done accordingly." 85.5

"All those armies were properly divided and positioned at all places and I have even the commanders were also properly positioned as per their ranks." 85.6

"Oh Great Lord, I have to tell you something more and please listen to it, when you are sorrowing without any reason, we all feel pain in our hearts." 85.7

"Oh king, please leave this false sorrow that has come to you.. Let your worry, which will increase the pleasure of your enemies may be given up." 85.8

"Oh valorous one, if you want to get back your Sītā then the Rākṣasas are to be destroyed and so suit yourself to the required action and become cheerful." 85.9

"Oh son of Raghu clan, please listen to what I tell which is for your benefit. Immediately Lakṣmaṇa accompanied by a large army should reach Nikumbila and kill Indrajit by releasing fatal and serpentine snake like arrows." 85.10-85.11

"That valorous one by penance addressed to Lord Brahma has obtained Brahma arrow and horses which travel according to his will." 85.12

"He has now reached Nikumbila along with his army. And suppose he completes the fire sacrifice there and comes back, know that all of us would be killed." 85.13

A boon was given to that intelligent Rākṣasa by Brahma, the god of all worlds as follows, "Oh Indrajit, oh long armed one that valorous enemy who strikes you with his bow drawn, while you are going to Nikumbila or while you have not arrived at Nikumbila or while you have not offered your oblations at Nikumbila would be the cause of your death." 85.14-85.15

"Oh very strong Rāma, give orders for killing Indrajit for when he is killed know that Rāvaṇa along his friends is also killed." 85.16

Hearing the words of Vibhīṣaṇa, Rāma replied to him, "Oh truly valorous one, I know about the illusion created by that angry Rākṣasa." 85.17

"That intelligent Indrajit knows how to use the arrow of Brahma and he is also the master of many magical tricks. Also he is so strong that in battle he can make Varuṇa and other Gods faint." 85.18

"The movement of that very famous hero while he travels in his chariot on the sky is not known to others, like the sun cannot be seen if there are dense clouds." 85.19

Knowing well the valour and magical tricks of that evil minded enemy, Rāma spoke to Lakṣmaṇa endowed with great glory. 85.20

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, You, accompanied by that entire army which stands at the disposal of Sugrīva, along with the troop-commanders with Hanuman as their head and protected by Jambavan the lord of bears, who will be accompanied by his army, go and kill that Indrajit the prince of Rākṣasas, rich in the power of magical tricks." 85.21-85.22

"Along with his ministers the great Rākṣasa who knows all his magical tricks will follow behind you." 85.23

Hearing the words of Rāghava, Lakṣmaṇa who is of matchless valour, along with Vibhīṣaṇa gathered his excellent bow. 85.24

The happy son of Sumitrā well prepared wearing his armour, and holding his sword, arrows and bow in his left hand, touched the feet of Rāma and told. 85.25

"Today the arrows released from my bow would pierce the son of Rāvaṇa and fall in the city of Lanka like the swans descending in to the lotus pond. 85.26

"Now itself my arrows released from the bow string of my great bow would split his angry body and would blow him away." 85.27

That greatly lustrous one after speaking like this in front of his brother, with the desire to kill the son of Rāvaṇa marched quickly from there. 85.28

After saluting, the feet of his elder brother and after going round him, he went towards the temple [sanctuary] of Nikumbila protected by the son of Rāvaṇa. 85.29

The glorious Lakṣmaṇa the son of the king, after obtaining the blessings of his brother, quickly started along with Vibhīṣaṇa. 85.30

He was accompanied by many thousands of monkeys lead by Hanuman and Vibhīṣaṇa and all his ministers followed him behind. 85.31

When he along with a huge monkey army was going speedily he saw the great bear army lead by Jambavan on the way. 85.32

After going a long distance with difficulty and speed the son of Sumitrā who was a joy to his friends saw at a distance saw the army of Rākṣasa which was battle ready. 85.33

Arriving at Nikumbila that son of Raghu clan, who was a destroyer of his enemies who had a bow in hand saw Indrajit who was an expert in magic as per the boon obtained from Brahma. 85.34

That famous son of a king was along with Vibhīṣaṇa, heroic Angada, and Hanuman the son of wind God. 85.35

Lakṣmaṇa entered the enemy camp, which consisted of different types of people, completely covered with flags and with huge number of chariots with array of spotless weapons with unimaginable speed similar to one who enters the veil of darkness. 85.36

This is the end of Eighty Fifth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.