Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 82

82. Hanuman Wages Great War

[Hanuman wages a great war and when Indrajit starts to fight again. Hanuman decides to inform Rāma about Sītā's death. Indrajit goes to Nikumbila to perform a Yagna.]

Hearing that huge roar which was like the thunder bolt of Indra, the monkeys after looking in all directions, ran away here and there. 82.1

Then Hanuman, the son of wind God spoke to all those monkeys who were running away dejected, miserable, scared and widely apart. 82.2

"Oh monkeys, why are you running away with disappointed faces and leaving away your enthusiasm to fight? Where has your valour gone?" 82.3

"While I am marching ahead of you, march behind me, because it is not proper for the valorous ones of a good family to run away." 82.4

When the wise Hanuman spoke this way, the monkeys became in a cheerful mood and collected mountain peaks and trees in great anger. 82.5

The best of the monkeys roared and rushed towards the Rākṣasas and they followed Hanuman by surrounding him from all sides. 82.6

Hanuman being surrounded by the chiefs of monkey army killed the army of enemies like a fire with flame. 82.7

The great monkey accompanied by the monkey army destroyed the Rākṣasas like Yama, the god of death at final deluge. 82.8

The great monkey Hanuman gripped by great sorrow was very greatly enraged and threw a rock on the chariot of Indrajit. 82.9

Seeing the rock rushing towards them the charioteers with the help of obedient horses drove the chariot to a far off place. 82.10

Not able to reach the chariot along with the charioteer of Indrajit, that rock fell on the ground and split in to pieces and pierced the earth. 82.11

By the fragments of the fallen rock the army of Rākṣasas were greatly wounded and they were greatly perturbed over possibility of rocks falling on them. 82.12

Monkeys in hundreds with huge bodies lifted up trees and mountain peaks and rushed towards Indrajit. 82.13

Those very valorous monkeys threw trees and mountain peaks towards Indrajit in that battle and by shooting large number of trees and peaks, the monkeys caused destruction of their enemies and the monkeys roared greatly. 82.14

Struck with trees with great valour by those terrible looking monkeys, the Rākṣasas of hideous appearance rolled about restlessly in the battlefield. 82.15

Seeing that his own army is being tormented by those monkeys, the very angry Indrajit took hold of his weapons and started going towards his enemies. 82.16

That Indrajit, of firm valour, accompanied by his army, by releasing a multitude of arrows, killed many, many monkeys. 82.17

In that battle, the soldiers of Indrajit also killed monkeys with spears, tips of arrows, swords, sharp edged weapons and also concealed weapon. 82.18

The very strong Hanuman played havoc among the Rākṣasas who did terrible deeds using trees with excellent branches and also with rocks. 82.19

Keeping the enemy army back, Hanuman spoke to the other monkeys like this, "Retreat; there is no need to conquer this enemy now." 82.20

"That Sītā for whose sake we were prepared to sacrifice our lives with a wish to do what would make Rāma happy has been killed." 82.21

"We would inform about this matter to Rāma and even Sugrīva and then act according to what they both want us to do." 82.22

After speaking like this to the monkeys and holding them back, Hanuman, the chief of monkeys without any fear along with his army turned back. 82.23

Seeing Hanuman withdrawing and going to the place where Rāma was there, that evil soul went to the temple [sanctuary?] called Nikumbila, with an aim to pour oblations in the sacred fire. 82.24

After reaching Nikumbila Indrajit poured oblations in the sacred fire, which when propitiated by the Rākṣasa by offer of meat and flesh blazed up and consumed them. 82.25-82.26

Swollen up by the oblations of blood that sacred fire which was highly intense appeared like the evening sun wrapped up in flames. 82.27

Then, Indrajit, well-versed with the technique of performance of Yagnas for the prosperity of the demons, poured oblations according to the scriptural precepts. Seeing this, those Rākṣasas, who knew what was prudent and evil in major battles, stood firm as a big crowd by his side. 82.28

This is the end of Eighty Second Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.