Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 81

81. Indrajit Kills Illusory Sītā

[Indrajit brings a Sītā made by illusion through the western gate. When Hanuman and other monkeys were witnessing, he kills Sītā of illusion. The monkeys become agitated.]

Guessing the mind of the great Rāma, then Indrajit turned away from the battle field and entered in to his city. 81.1

Then that valorous son of Rāvaṇa recollected the killing of many energetic Rākṣasas went again to fight with eyes reddened by anger. 81.2

The very valorous Indrajit who was the enemy of devas and who belonged to the Pulastya clan and who was surrounded by many Rākṣasas came out through the western gate. 81.3

Then that Indrajit who saw the brothers Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa who were prepared to fight the war, on his part showed his magical tricks. 81.4

Placing a Sītā created by illusion on his chariot, with a large army surrounding that chariot, intended to kill her. 81.5

That greatly evil minded one made up his mind to confuse everyone by playing a trick of killing that Sītā of illusion and went towards the monkeys. 81.6

Seeing him coming towards them, all those monkeys were greatly agitated and with rocks in their hands, they bounced towards him to fight with him. 81.7

The elephant like monkey Hanuman took a very large peak of the mountain which was difficult to carry went in front of them. 81.8

Then that Hanuman saw Sītā, the wife of Rāma, the best among women, bereft of joy, wearing only a single braid of hair, looking miserable, with her face emaciated due to fasting, dressed in a single worn-out clothing, unadorned and with all her limbs covered with dust and dirt; in the chariot of Indrajit. 81.9-81.10

As soon as he saw her, he identified her as Mythili, since he had seen that daughter of Janaka not long ago. 81.11

Seeing her as pained with sorrow, being without joy, looking like a saint, miserable and sitting beside Indrajit Hanuman wondered about his intentions and along with other monkey leaders rushed towards him. 81.12-81.13

Seeing the army of monkeys that son of Rāvaṇa benumbed by great anger, drew out his sword from his sheath and pulled out Sītā by her hair. 81.14

When they all were seeing that lady, that son of Rāvaṇa started beating her and she who was created by illusion, started shouting "Rāma, Rāma." 81.15

Seeing her being caught by her hair Hanuman the son of wind God became greatly miserable and started shedding tears from his eyes. 81.16

Seeing her who had pretty limbs who was the darling wife of Rāma, Hanuman with anger told these harsh words to the son of the king of Rākṣasas. 81.17

"Oh evil soul, though you were born in a clan of Brahmin sages you belong to the Rākṣasa clan and you have touched her hair for inviting your ruin." 81.18

"Oh cruel person, Oh person who is not cultured, Oh mean fellow, Oh wicked one, oh person having sinful valour, oh pitiless one, woe unto you for the sinful conduct that you did. Such an act is not worthy of even a barbarian and so there is no pity for you." 81.19

"Oh merciless one, Sītā came away from her house from her kingdom for being protected by Rāma. What wrong has she done to you? Why are you killing her?" 81.20

"It is definite that after killing Sītā, you would not survive for a long time. You who deserve to be killed, by your act, have fallen in my hands." 81.21

"Soon you would leave this life and after death, you would descent to the land of lady killers which is despised even by those who deserved to be killed by people." 81.22

After telling this Hanuman who was surrounded by monkeys holding their weapons, with great anger towards the Rākṣasas, rushed towards Indrajit. 81.23

But the army of Rākṣasas in great anger intercepted that monkey army of great prowess which was advancing towards them. 81.24

Stirring up that army of monkeys with thousands of arrows, Indrajit replied to Hanuman, the foremost of monkeys as follows. 81.25

"I am going to kill Sītā for whose sake, Sugrīva. You and Rāma have come here while you are standing and looking on, now itself." 81.26

"Oh monkey, after killing her, I would be killing you, Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva and the ungentle Vibhīṣaṇa." 81.27

"Oh monkey you just said that women are not to be killed but that which causes pain and sorrow to unfriendly people should be done." 81.28

After saying this Indrajit himself killed the Sītā of illusion who was all the while sobbing with his sharp edged sword. 81.29

That saintly and miserable one with broad hips and who was pretty to see was cut across diagonally from left to right and fell down on earth. 81.30

After killing that lady, Indrajit told Hanuman "See I have killed the darling of Rāma with my weapon and with this the princess of Videha is no more and all your efforts are in vain." 81.31-81.32

After killing her with his great sword That Indrajit climbed in to his chariot and with joy roared loudly. 81.33

All the monkeys who were standing in front of him, head his roar, when he shouted with wide open mouth, sitting comfortably in the tower of his aerial chariot m, which was unreachable for others. 81.34

After killing Sītā in that way, the evil-minded Indrajit became exceedingly glad. Seeing him exceedingly pleased, the monkeys looked dejected and suddenly ran away. 81.35

This is the end of Eighty First Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.