Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 77

77. Hanuman Kills Nikumbha

[Nikumbha, brother of Kumbha, attacks Hanuman to revenge his brother's death but he is killed by Hanuman.]

Seeing his brother was killed by Sugrīva Nikumbha with anger capable of burning to ashes looked at Sugrīva. 77.1

Then the courageous Nikumbha took an iron club which was as big as the tip of the Mandāra Mountain which was bright and was decorated by flower wreaths and which was provided with iron plates measuring five digits. 77. 2

It was enclosed in gold with diamonds and rubies studded on it and looked like the death dealing staff of Lord Yama and monkeys were dismayed on seeing it and Rākṣasas regained their courage. 77.3

Wielding that weapon, which in size resembled the flag staff of Indra, the very valorous Nikumbha roared, opening his mouth wide open. 77.4

His chest was decorated by a medal of Gold and he had decorated his hands with pretty bracelets, his ears were decorated by pendants, his neck by splendid garlands and with these ornaments and his club, Nikumbha shined like a clouds with its thunder and lightning along with a rain bow. 77.5-77.6

The great Nikumbha holding that club in his hand, hurled that club with the lustre of the sun on the breast of the mighty Hanuman. 77.7

The sky appeared whirling round when Nikumbha swung the iron club and appeared as if the city of Alaka along with palaces of Gandharvas went round with great speed around and moon, stars and planets joined this race. 77.8

The fire like Nikumbha, with the shine generated by his club and ornaments, who was greatly angry, was difficult to be approached like the fire at final deluge. 77.9

Due to fear neither Rākṣasas nor monkeys were even able to move but the very strong Hanuman stood before Nikumbha baring his chest. 77.10

The strong Nikumbha with hands which were similar to a club hurled his club which was shining like the Sun on the chest of the strong Hanuman. 77.11

That club which fell on the rock like broad chest of Hanuman, immediately broke in to hundreds of pieces and fell like meteors from the sky. 77.12

That great monkey was not moved by that hit of the club and stood like a mountain at the time of earth quake. 77.13

That great monkey who was extremely strong after being struck by the club, clenched his fist with very great force. 77.14

The greatly lustrous, valorous, swift Hanuman who was as powerful as the wind God lifted his fist and hit the chest of Nikumbha with very great force. 77.15

By his hit, the vital parts of the Rākṣasa broke up and blood started flowing from him and then he resembled a black cloud with lightning. 77.16

But Nikumbha was unmoved by that great blow and recovered quickly and caught hold of that mighty monkey Hanuman. 77.17

Seeing the strong Hanuman was lifted off the ground by Nikumbha in the battle ground, the residents of Lanka gave rise to a huge roar of joy. 77.18

Though he was being carried away Hanuman, the son of wind God struck that Rākṣasa with his fist which was like a thunderbolt. 77.19

Freeing himself from the hold Hanuman, the son of wind God threw that Nikumbha down on earth and showered blows on him. 77.20

Throwing down Nikumbha with great force on the earth with supreme effort, Hanuman descended on him, leapt on his chest and pounded him with great speed. 77.21

Then he caught hold of his head, twisted his neck and tore off his huge head when he was greatly roaring. 77.22

While Nikumbha who was roaring was killed by the son of wind god there ensued a huge fight between Rāma and the very angry Makaraksha who was son of Khara. 77.23

When Nikumbha had expired, the monkeys shouted with joy and all directions echoed with satisfaction and the heavens appeared to crumble and the Rākṣasas were fear struck. 77.24

This is the end of Seventy Seven Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.