Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 74

74. Hanuman Brings Herbal Mountain

[Vibhīṣaṇa and Hanuman search for the wise Jambavan and find him out. Jambavan tells Hanuman to bring herbs form Riṣabha Mountain in Himalayas to cure Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. Hanuman reaches Himalayas and since the herbs are not visible to him, Hanuman brings the mountain itself. Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and all wounded monkeys are cured. Hanuman takes back that mountain.]

Then in the battle front Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa were knocked down senseless and all the leaders of monkey army fainted. Sugrīva, Nila, Angada and Jambavan did not understand what needs to be done. 74.1

Seeing that the entire army looked worried, the most intelligent Vibhīṣaṇa told the king of monkey warriors and others these matchless consoling words. 74.2

"Those two gentle ones honouring the chant of Lord Brahma have submitted themselves to be knocked down by the arrows of Indrajit and have become dejected and greatly tired and there is no need for great worry among you." 74.3

"That greatly fast arrow of Brahma was given to Indrajit by Lord Brahma himself and honouring that the princes Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa have fallen down in the battle and so this is not the time for sorrow." 74.4

Then Hanuman, the son of wind god honouring the arrow of Lord Brahma, after hearing these words of Vibhīṣaṇa spoke as follows. 74.5

"Let us console all those monkeys who are surviving among this army, after being struck by the arrow." 74.6

Then those two valorous Hanuman and Vibhīṣaṇa together roamed about the battle field with burning torches in their hands. 74.7

Hanuman and Vibhīṣaṇa saw that the battle-field was, covered on all sides, with mountain-sized monkeys fallen with their tails, arms, thighs, feet, fingers and heaps of heads fractured with blood oozing from their limbs and urine flowing out. The earth was also covered with flaming weapons fallen all around. 74.8-74.9

Vibhīṣaṇa and Hanuman saw Sugrīva, Angada, Nīla, Śarabhā, Gandhamādana, Gavaksha, Suṣeṇa, Vegadarshi, Mainda, Nala, Jyotimukha and a monkey called Dvividhaḥ, who were struck down on the battle-field. 74.10-74.11

Sixty seven crores energetic moneys in the fifth and last subdivision of the day by the arrow of the Lord Brahma. 74.12

In the great ocean like great army of monkeys which had fallen down by the arrow, Hanuman along with Vibhīṣaṇa started searching for Jambavan. 74.13

Then Vibhīṣaṇa seeing that valorous son of Lord Brahma who was by nature old, looking conspicuous because he was struck by hundreds of arrows and who looked like fire which had been put out, spoke to him as follows. 74.14

"Oh revered one, perhaps by these great and sharp arrows, your life has not been destroyed" and hearing these words of Vibhīṣaṇa, that great bear Jambavan, with lots of difficulty spoke these words. 74.15-74.16

"Oh king of Rākṣasas, oh great hero, I am able to recognize your voice only as I am not able to see, because my eyes and limbs have been struck by sharp arrows." 74.17

"Oh Rākṣasa of good manners, Is Hanuman, the monkey chief, who is the son of Anjana and the wind God, who is living only for his sake, alive?" 74.18

Hearing these words of Jambavan, Vibhīṣaṇa asked him, "Leaving out the gentle Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, why are you enquiring about Hanuman?" 74.19

"Oh gentle one, You are not showing the same love that you show towards Hanuman towards the king Sugrīva, Angada as well a the princes of Raghu clan." 74.20

Hearing these words of Vibhīṣaṇa, Jambavan told "Oh tiger among Rākṣasas, please hear, why I am enquiring about Hanuman." 74.21

"If that valorous one is alive, then if the entire army has been killed are unhurt but if Hanuman has given up his life, we are all dead, even if we are alive." 74.22

"Oh dear lad, only if valorous Hanuman who is equal to wind as well as equal to fire is holding to his life, there is a hope for all of us." 74.23

Then Hanuman the son of wind God approached that very old Jambavan, did salutations as per rules and then with modesty held his feet. 74.24

Hearing Hanuman, That Jambavan, the greatest among monkeys whose sense was perturbed, considered himself to be born once more. 74.25

Then the greatly lustrous Jambavan spoke to Hanuman, "Please come, oh tiger among monkeys, it is your duty to protect all monkeys." 74.26

"You are a great friend of all these monkeys possessing great valour and there is no other person like you. Since I do not see any other person to do the job, it is the correct time for you to show your valour." 74.27

"You please make the army of monkeys and bears happy and heal the wounds of arrow on Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa." 74.28

"Oh hanuman you need to travel to the greatest mountain Himalayas by travelling, higher and higher over the ocean." 74.29

"Oh destroyer of enemies, there you would see the best of the mountains Riṣabha and the very powerful peak Kailāśa, which is of golden colour." 74.30

"Oh valorous one, in the middle of those two peaks, you will see a shining, matchlessly brilliant mountain of herbs containing all medicinal herbs." 74.31

"Oh tiger among monkeys growing on the top of that mountain are for shining herbs and you would see them making all the ten directions shine." 74.32

"You can see there, Mrita Sanjivani [capable of restoring the dead to life], Vishalyakarani [capable of extracting weapons and healing all wounds inflicted by weapons], Suvarnakarani [restoring the body to its original complexion] and Sandhani, the great herb [capable of joining severed limbs or fractured bone]." 74.33

"Oh Hanuman you should quickly collect all of them and oh son of the carrier of scents, then you would bring relief to these monkeys by giving them soul." 74.34

The great monkey Hanuman after hearing these words of Jambavan was infused with happiness and strength, just like ocean gets momentum by the wind. 74.35

Standing on the Trikūṭa Mountain and pressing that great mountain by his legs, Hanuman looked like a second mountain. 74.36

When he kept on increasing the pressure by his feet, that mountain was not able to bear it and sank. 74.37

The trees on the mountain fell down, pressed by Hanuman and due the speed of the monkey, the ground got fire and the peaks got broken. 74.38

The other monkeys were unable to stand on that great mountain which started to reel while it was being pressed and trees and the stones on it got broken. 74.39

The city of Lanka was confused by panic when its principal gates were broken and the city appeared to dance at night. 74.40

Hanuman became equal to the mountain and pressed the mountain by his feet and the earth along with the ocean began to shake. 74.41

From that mountain, Hanuman then ascended to the Mount Malaya, appearing like Mounts Meru and Mandāra, filled with several kinds of waterfalls, full of many trees and creepers, having Kamala and Utpala lotuses blooming, visited by devas and Gandharvas, having a height of sixty Yojanas, frequented by Vidyādharas, a number of sages and Apsarās, filled with various kinds of animal- troupes and illuminated by many caves and then Hanuman grew his body, appearing like a cloud, bewildering Yakṣas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras. 74.42-74.45

Pressing that mountain with his feet and opening his mouth which shined like forest fire and frightening the Rākṣasas, Hanuman roared loudly. 74.46

Hearing that loud sound of the clamouring roar, the great Rākṣasas residing in Lanka were not able to stir anywhere. 74.47

That very valorous Hanuman who was the destroyer of enemies offered salutation to the ocean and made up his mind to carry out that prime job for the sake of Rāma. 74.48

Raising his tail which resembled a serpent, bending his back, contracting his ears and opening his mouth which shined like terrific forest-fire, Hanuman jumped into sky, with head long speed. 74.49

By his great speed, he carried away large number of trees, mountains and some ordinary monkeys. Driven up and away by the speed generated from his arms and thighs, they fell down in water when their speed diminished. 74.50

Stretching his both arms which looked like coiled serpents that Hanuman with a strength similar that of Garuda proceeded towards the great Himalaya Mountains with the energy which he drew from all the four directions. 74.51

Noticing the sea, whose waves along with its water were made to agitate and all whose creatures were caused to whirl round, Hanuman quickly speeded up, like the wheel loosed by the fingers of Lord Vishnu. 74.52

Seeing the mountains. flocks of birds, lakes, rivers, ponds and great towns which were full of people Hanuman proceeded towards the Himalaya mountains with the speed equal to his father the wind God. 74.53

That valorous Hanuman with valour equal to his father lost his tiredness and speedily travelled through the orbit of the Sun. 74.54

Travelling with great speed, which was equal to that of wind, shaking all the four directions with echo, that Hanuman who was a tiger among monkeys rushed towards Himalaya mountains. 74.55

That great monkey Hanuman who possessed great valour remembering the words of Jambavan suddenly saw the Himalaya Mountains. 74.56

Going to Himalayas he saw that greatest among mountains which was shining with various types of waterfalls, different type of caves and streams and summits which looked like white clouds as well as huge number of trees. 74.57

Approaching that very great king of mountains, with excellent peaks, he saw great hermitages, inhabited by very many great sages. 74.58

He saw the abode of Brahma, Kailāśa the abode of Shiva, the abode of Indra the lord, the arrow- discharging place of Rudra, the place of Hayagriva, the shining place at which Brahma's head fell down, the sun-god and Kinkaras. 74.59

He saw the home of Agni, the home of Kubera which was shining like the sun, the spot where Viśvakarma tied the Sun, the seat of Brahma, the place where Shiva's weapons are kept and then also the navel of earth. 74.60

He saw the tip of Kailāśa, the great stone of Himalaya. The Riṣabha Mountain, the tall mountain of gold which shines due to its rare medicinal herbs and which is the lord of mountains on which all herbs grew. 74.61

Seeing that mountain shining like a huge place of fire, Hanuman, the son of the emissary of Indra [Wind], was surprised to see the mountain of herbs and started searching for the required herbs. 74.62

That great monkey, who was the son of wind god having travelled several thousands of Yojanas, walked around the mountain in search of the herbs. 74.63

All those great medicinal herbs which were on the great mountain, knowing that somebody was searching for them vanished to their sight. 74.64

When that great soul was not able to see them with a very great anger he roared and not able to bear it, with eyes as red as fire told this to that king of mountains. 74.65

"Oh king of mountains, it is clear that you have not shown any pity towards Rāma and please see yourself crushed to pieces by the great strength of my arms." 74.66

Then catching hold of the summit of the mountain which had thousands of minerals, elephants and gold. he shattered the crest of the mountain and with the shining crest he speedily jumped up from there. 74.67

Having uprooted the mountain and frightening all the worlds including leaders of devas and Dānavas and being praised by many devas, Hanuman sprang up on the sky and proceeded back with the speed of an eagle. 74.68

Holding that peak, as lustrous as the Sun that Hanuman, who resembled the Sun, reached the orbit of the Sun and shined like second Sun in the nearby place of the sun. 74.69

When the son of the carrier of the scents who resembled a mountain, with that mountain travelled in the sky he appeared like Lord Vishnu with his shining wheel with thousand edges in his hand.74.70

Seeing him the monkeys made great noise and seeing them Hanuman also produced a sound and with this great noise, Lanka roared more terribly. 74.71

Then he descended on the king of mountains in the middle of army of monkeys and having offered salutations to the monkeys holding his head bent and low, he embraced Vibhīṣaṇa. 74.72

Inhaling the scent of that great medicinal herbs, both the sons of the human king, immediately got healed of their wounds and all other monkey warriors also got up. 74.73

By the fragrance of those most powerful medicinal herbs, all those monkey-warriors who were earlier dead were healed within a moment of their wounds, relieved of their pain, even like those who are asleep getting up at the close of night. 74.74

From the day that war began between monkeys and Rākṣasas, under the orders of Rāvaṇa all those Rākṣasas who were killed by the monkey chiefs were being thrown away in the ocean for the sake of their honour. 74.75-74.76

Then that monkey who was the son of the carrier of scent, took back that powerful mountain full of medicinal herbs to its place and returned quickly and joined Rāma. 74.77

This is the end of Seventy Fourth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.