Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 72

72. Rāvaṇa is Upset

[The slaying of Athikaya shook Rāvaṇa. He thinks over and finds that many of his great warriors have been killed. He also is not able to understand how Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa broke the tie of Indrajit. He then goes back to his home.]

Hearing that Athikaya was slain by the great Lakṣmaṇa the king Rāvaṇa became very anxious and spoke these words. 72.1

"Dhumrākṣa, who was greatly impatient Akampana who was excellent among in the use of all weapons as well as Prahasta and Kumbhakarṇa were all killed by Rāma, who never gets tired in the in battle. These mighty and valorous Rākṣasas longing for battle, who normally conquer their enemies and who were never defeated in battle by the enemies, along with their armies were killed. Many other mighty warriors with colossal body and great valour, skilled in use of weapons have also been slain." 72.2-72.4

"My son Indrajit who is very famous for his strength and valour tied those two brothers using very horrifying arrows due to boons received by him." 72.5

"That terrific tie by the arrow cannot be broken by devas, strong Asuras or horrifying Gandharvas, Yakṣas and serpents. But those brothers Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa got themselves released and I do not know whether they did it by their power, illusion and sorcery." 72.6-72.7

"All those very valorous Rākṣasas who set out at my command have been killed by the very strong monkeys." 72.8

"Now I do not find any person capable of destroying the valorous Rāma. Lakṣmaṇa, Sugrīva accompanied by their army in this battle." 72.9

"Alas, By the very strong Rāma using his greatly strong weapons and his valour, all these Rākṣasas have been killed." 72.10

"Some regiments of the army have to protect this city and also some have to guard the Aśoka forest where Sītā is there." 72.11

"We should know all the spots where our regiments are placed and also know about those who come in and go out of the city again and again." 72.12

"Oh Rākṣasas, please stay on all sides of your own armies as the positioning of all those monkeys needs to be watched." 72.13

"Neglect should not be shown to monkeys in any way at any time, either at evening or at midnight or at dawn. You have to watch whether the army of our enemy is fervently active or advancing or staying where it was." 72.14-72.15

All those very strong Rākṣasas who heard the words of the king of Lanka, followed those orders perfectly and precisely stood by what has been told." 72.16

Rāvaṇa the king of Rākṣasas after instructing them like that, suffering great and terrible sorrow, went back inside his palace. 72.17

Burning with the fire of anger that very strong king of Rākṣasas, then thought over the loss of his son and again and again sighed. 72.18

This is the end of Seventy Second Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.