Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 70

70. Rāvaṇa’s Sons and Brothers Killed

[A great battle took place. Hanuman first killed Devanthaka, Nila killed Mahodhara, Hanuman killed Triśirā and Riṣabha killed Mahhaparswa.]

When Devantaka, Triśirā and Mahodhara the son of sage Pulasthya saw the death of Naranthka, they all wept. 70.1

Riding on a cloud like elephant king, Mahodara attacked the son of Vali who was greatly valorous. 70.2.

The strong Devanthaka sorrowing due to his brother's death took a huge iron rod and ran towards Angada. 70.3

Then the very valorous Triśirā riding on a chariot which was shining like a sun drawn by excellent horses went towards Angada. 70.4

Seeing him being attacked by three Rākṣasa kings who had destroyed the pride of the devas, Angada lifted a huge tree with lot of branches. 70.5

With great speed Angada hurled that tree with large branches on Devanthaka similar to Indra throwing the shining Vajra. 70.6

Using arrows which looked like poisonous snakes Triśirā chopped off the tree and seeing it chopped off jumped up. 70.7

And that elephant like monkey rained on him trees and rocks, which were also chopped off by harp arrows by the enraged Triśirā. 70.8

Triśirā the killer of devas with a tip of the mace broke those trees and then with arrows he attacked Angada. 70.9

Then the very angry Mahodhara speedily approaching the son of Vali, riding on an elephant struck on him with javelins which looked like Vajra. 70.10

Carrying a huge iron rod Devanthaka approached Angada and struck him, with a club and went away to some distance. 70.11

Though he was attacked by three powerful Rākṣasa chiefs Angada the lustrous son of Vali did not get nervous. 70.12

That monkey who cannot be defeated easily who was by nature speedy, with great speed with his palm struck the elephant of Devanthaka. 70.13

Just by the hit of Angada, eye of that king of elephants came out; it fell down and died. 70.14

The strong son of Vali pulled out the tusk of the great elephant ran quickly near the Devanthaka and struck him with it 70.15

The lustrous Devanthaka rocked here and there like a tree tossed up by a great friend and vomited large quantity of blood of the colour of lacquer. 70.16

With difficulty that strong Devanthaka recovered himself and struck Angada heavily, holding firmly that iron rod. 70.17

Hit by that iron rod the son of the king of monkeys fell on his knees but jumped up and stood. 70.18

When Angada the son of Vali jumped and stood up, Triśirā with three straight going arrows which were like poison and hit him on his forehead. 70.19

Noting that Angada was surrounded by three Rākṣasa chiefs, Hanuman and Nila went there speedily. 70.20

Then Nila hurled a peak of a mountain on Triśirā and that intelligent son of Rāvaṇa broke it with sharp arrows. 70.21

Hit by those very many arrows that mountain peak broke in to many pieces and the split up rocks fell down emitting sparks of fire. 70.22

Seeing Hanuman rushing with joy to the battle field, the strong Devanthaka ran towards him with an iron rod. 70.23

Seeing him rushing towards him that Hanuman who was an elephant like monkey jumped up and hit Devanthaka with his fist which was like a thunderbolt. 70.24

When the strong son of wind god struck him on his head, that great monkey made the Rākṣasas shake with that sound. 70.25

That Devanthaka, son of Rāvaṇa, with his head crushed and broken by the blow of fist, with his teeth and eyes coming out and with his tongue hanging down, swiftly fell down dead on the earth. 70.26

Seeing the dead great hero of Rākṣasas who was very strong and an enemy of devas, that Triśirā got very angry and rained lot of sharp pointed arrows on Nīla's chest. 70.27

At that time the very angry Mahodhara mounting on an elephant resembling a mountain, similar to the Sun God climbing on Mandāra mountain made a rain of arrows fall on Nila like a rumbling cloud with a circle of lightning showers rain on the mountain. 70.28-70.29

Then due to the large number of arrows showered on him, the body of Nila split in various places and also made his loosened limbs paralyzed. 70.30

When Nila regained his consciousness, he uprooted a mountain with lot of trees growing on it, jumping at great speed struck the head of Mahodhara. 70.31

Shattered by the fall of the great mountain and crushed by the very large elephant Mahodhara lost his life and fell down on earth like a mountain struck by Vajra. 70.32

Seeing his father's brother dying, Triśirās got angry and hit Hanuman with many sharp arrows. 70.33 That son of wind God became enraged at that and threw a top of the mountain on him but Triśirās broke it in to several pieces using his sharp arrows. 70.34

Seeing the top of the mountain going waste Hanuman rained large number of trees of Triśirās in that battle field. 70.35

The valorous Triśirās using sharp arrows cut all those trees which were coming against him and roared. 70.36

Then the angry Hanuman bouncing up tore in to pieces the horse of Triśirā, similar to a lion tearing an elephant. 70.37

Then Triśirās took hold of a javelin and similar to God of death getting hold of the all destroying time hurled it on Hanuman. 70.38

Moving with speed and catching hold of that Javelin which was coming towards him like a shining meteor that great monkey broke it even before it descended and roared. 70.39

Seeing that Javelin of great form being broken up by Hanuman the monkey soldiers were greatly delighted and roared aloud like the rumbling clouds. 70.40

Then Triśirā, the great Rākṣasa took up a sword dug the breast of the chief of monkeys Hanuman with it. 70.41

Hurt by the thrust of that sword, the valorous Hanuman, who was the son of wind God struck on the breast of Triśirā by his palm. 70.42

Hit by the palm that greatly lustrous Triśirā fell down unconscious on earth with all weapons slipping from his hand. 70.43

That monkey took the sword that fell from his hand and roared loudly frightening all the Rākṣasas who were there. 70.44

Greatly hurt and unable to bear the roar the Rākṣasa jumped up and hit Hanuman on his chest with his fist. 70.45

That great monkey got very angry by that hit by the fist and because of that caught hold of that great Rākṣasa by his crowned heads. 70.46

That angry Hanuman, the son of wind God using that sharp sword chopped off the three heads of Triśirā along with crowns and ear studs, like Indra chopped off the head of Vishwarūpa, the son of Tvaṣṭā. 70.47

Those mountain like heads of the enemy of Indra having long sense organs and having eyes emitting fire fell on the earth like planets and stars fall from the path of the sun. 70.48

When that Triśirā, the enemy of devas, having valour equal to that of Indra was killed, the monkeys made a loud noise. The earth trembled. Then, the Rākṣasas ran away everywhere. Seeing Triśirā, Mahodara and the invincible Devantaka killed, Matta [Mahaparswa] was enraged with indignation. 70.49-70.50

Then, Matta held a large mace, which was resplendent, completely made of iron, was tied round with golden wires, filled with a froth of flesh and blood, satiated with the blood enemies, the upper most part of which was blazing with splendour, decked with red coloured garlands and which frightened the elephants supporting the different directions like Airāvata, Mahapadma and Sārvabhauma. 70.51- 70.53

Taking up the mace, that very angry and very strong Maha Parswa, went quickly towards the monkeys like a burning fire at the time of deluge. 70.54

Then a monkey called Riṣabha jumped up and stood in front of the strong Mahaparswa who was the brother of Rāvaṇa. 70.55

Seeing Riṣabha, a mountain like monkey standing before him, Mahaparswa struck him with a mace which was equal to Vajra on his chest. 70.56

When that bull like monkey Riṣabha was hit on his chest by that mace, his breast was broken and he bled profusely and trembled. 70.57

After a long time Riṣabha, the bull among monkeys regained consciousness and due to great anger his lips quivered when he looked at Mahaparswa. 70.58

Riṣabha, who was swift and who was a monkey chief having a mountain like form, speedily approached with a tightened fist and struck that Rākṣasa on his chest. 70.59

With his entire body drenched in blood that Mahaparswa fell down unconscious on the ground like a tree whose root has been cut off and Riṣabha took his mace which was similar to the rod of Yama and roared loudly. 70.60

For a short while Mahaparswa who had the colour of the evening cloud, remained unconscious looking as though he was dead but jumped up suddenly after regaining consciousness and struck, Riṣabha the son of Varuṇa the lord of the ocean. 70.61

Riṣabha fell unconscious and remained like that on the ground and gaining consciousness and holding tightly the mace of Mahaparswa which was looking like a mountain peak banged it on Mahaparswa. 70.62

That horrifying mace reached up to the body of Mahaparswa, the horrible enemy of devas and he started exuding blood, like a great mountain exudes water full of minerals. 70.63

That great Riṣabha quickly ran towards the mace of Mahaparswa and seizing that dreadful mace struck repeatedly on the earth and then on Mahaparswa in the battle front. 70.64

Struck by his own mace Mahaparswa fell down like a mountain hit by Vajra with his eyes and teeth coming out. 70.65

When that Rākṣasa with depleted strength, had his eyes burst out, his life went away and he fell on the ground and the army of Rākṣasas ran away. 70.66

When that Mahaparswa was killed, that army of Rākṣasas, which was as wide as an ocean, abandoning their weapons in the battle-field, fled for their lives, like a sea which had burst its shores. 70.67

This is the end of Seventieth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.