Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 66

66. Monkeys Frightened on Seeing Kumbhakarṇa

[When Kumbhakarṇa marched in to the battle field, most of the monkeys started running away. Angada and other monkey leaders try to dissuade them. Mostly they fail in their mission.]

After crossing the ramparts of Lanka, that great one who was similar to a mountain quickly marched out of the city. 66.1

He shouted loudly make the sea shiver. the mountains shake and making the thunder look small before his voice. 66.2

Seeing that Rākṣasa with huge eyes, who could not be defeated by Indra, the lord of clouds or Yama the God of death and Varuṇa the God of ocean, all the monkeys ran away. 66.3

Seeing them running away Angada, the son of Vali told like this to Nala, Nila Gavaksha and the mighty Kumuda as follows. 66.4

"Where are you going like common monkeys, forgetting your valour and nobility and trembling with fear." 66.5

"Oh gentle monkeys return and why are you protecting your lives? This Rākṣasa is not a great expert in war but he is a mere toy of terror." 66.6

"Oh great monkeys by our valour we shall destroy this very great toy produced by the Rākṣasas and so please come back." 66.7

With difficulty after convincing themselves, all of them assembled and holding trees in their hands, they proceeded towards the battle field. 66.8

Those monkeys who were like the elephants in rut, after coming back, with great anger hurriedly hit Kumbhakarṇa. 66.9

In spite of being hit by lofty mountain tops, rocks and flowering trees that very strong one did not shake. 66.10

The rocks that fell on his body broke in to hundreds of pieces and those flowering trees broke and fell on the ground. 66.11

He became greatly enraged and crushed the army of monkeys who were greatly lustrous like a raging fire wood consume a forest. 66.12

Many great monkey chiefs fell down on the earth bathed in blood, resembling huge trees with red flowers. 66.13

Without looking back those monkeys jumped and ran from there. While some of them fell in the ocean some went to the sky. 66.14

When some of the Rākṣasas playfully killed some of the monkeys others ran away by the same path by which they had crossed the ocean. 66.15

Some of the monkeys became pale faced due to great fear, some ran away to mounds and low grounds. Some bears climbed on trees and some escaped running to the hill. 66.16

Some were drowned in the ocean. Some escaped into the caves. Some others escaped but some could not even stand stable on the ground and fell down. Some lied down, as though they were dead. 66.17

When he saw the monkeys retreating from there Angada spoke these words, "Stay there. We will now fight the battle and so you can come back." 66.18

"I can not to find a place where you can live after retreating from here, even if you search all over the world. Why are you bothered to save your lives. Please come back." 66.19

"Oh monkeys who are freely running away, seeing you like this running away leaving your weapons here, your wives would make fun of you and so while living you would be equal to being dead." 66.20

"All of us are born in well-known greatly established clans and why are you getting scared like ordinary monkeys. It is ungentle for you to run away leaving all your valour here." 66.21-66.22

"Where did all the boasting words that were told by you in front of other people when you departed for the battle fade away." 66.23

"The cowards who survive would have to hear berating from other people and so let us follow the path of good people and so please abandon this fear." 66.24

"If our fated life span is short then we shall be killed by enemies, fall down on this earth and reach the land of Brahma, which cannot be attained by bad warriors." 66.25

"Let us kill our enemies and attain glory and fame and if we are by chance killed we would attain the heaven of the valorous ones." 66.26

"If Kumbhakarṇa sees the sons of Kākutstha clan, he would not go back alive, like the moths coming near a burning fire." 66.27

"Suppose we run away with intention of protecting our lives just from one person, our fame would be destroyed. 66.28

Those monkeys without valour who were fleeing away told the following words to the valorous Angada who was wearing a golden armlet. 66.29

"The horrifying battle so far we fought with Kumbhakarṇa is sufficient for us. Since our life is dear to us, it is not time to stay back but flee from here." 66.30

Saying these words, those monkey warriors who saw the huge bodied Kumbhakarṇa with huge eyes scattered in different directions. 66.31

And those fleeing warrior monkeys, after hearing the coaxing words of Angada which convinced them, returned back. 66.32

Having been thus cheered up by the son of Vali, those commanders of monkey army stood waiting for his command. 66.33

Riṣabha, Sharabha, Mainda, Dhūmra, Nīla, Kumuda, Suṣeṇa, Gavaksha, Rambha, Tara and more particularly Dvipada, Panasa and Hanuman marched ahead very quickly, with their faces turned towards the battle. 66.34

This is the end of Sixty Sixth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.