Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 6

6. Rāvaṇa  Consults Ministers

[Seeing that Rāma and his monkey army have come to the bank of the ocean, Rāvaṇa calls his ministers for consultations, He gives a very scholarly introduction to the need for mutual consultation.]

After seeing the fearful act done by Hanuman who was equal to Indra, The king of Rākṣasas spoke to other Rākṣasa chiefs with a depressed face. 6.1

"He who is only monkey was able to see Sītā and he also entered destroyed the irresistible city of Lanka." 6.2

"That Hanuman assaulted the thousand pillared temple and killed excellent Rākṣasas and the excellent city of Lanka was turned turbid." 6.3

"May all of you be safe. What shall I do now" What is the next act to be done by us? Please tell me what we are capable of doing, so that prosperity befalls us." 6.4

"The wise and noble men say that only through consultations, we can get victory and so I need your opinion about the very strong Rāma." 6.5

"In the world there are three types of people, excellent, mediocre and base and I am now going to tell you the merits and demerits of such people." 6.6

"He who carries out consultations with friends or relatives who are equivalent to them or collectively ministers before starting an endeavour and make maximum efforts as per fate is the best among men." 6.7-6.8

"That person who thinks alone and analyses the merits and demerits of an endeavour alone, that person is a mediocre man." 6.9

"He who does not bother to think about merits and demerits and only depends on fate and does a job with gross neglect is a base man." 6.10

"People are classified as excellent, mediocre and base based on the thought process based on consultations." 6.11

"The wise people say that decision arrived based on consultations, consensus and based on the view of the scriptures is the best possible decision." 6.12

"That decision arrived after deliberating on several options and consultation thereafter, narrowing in to the one which is agreeable to all is mediocre." 6.13

"That decision arrived after knowing several opinions, arguing about it and not bothering about a unified decision is the base decision." 6.14

"Therefore, all of you being wise and intelligent, please arrive at, a well thought out action which has to be done by me." 6.15

"Rāma is coming to the city of Lanka surrounded by thousands of monkey warriors, for besieging us." 6.16

"It is clear that Rāma along with his brother and his army with proper strength can cross this ocean." 6.17

"He may dry up the ocean or take some other fitting option by his valour and since the enmity with the monkeys have commenced this way, please advise me as to what action is good for the city and army." 6.18-6.19

This is the end of Sixth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.