Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 55

55. Rāvaṇa Sends Akampana

[Akampana the great Rākṣasa is sent by Rāvaṇa. In spite of ill omens, he also proceeds to the battle field. In a great battle he kills large number of monkeys. Kumuda, Mainda and Nala start facing him in battle.]

When the king of Rākṣasas Rāvaṇa heard about the death of Vajradamshtra, he spoke these words to the general of his army who was standing near with saluting hands. 55.1

"Let the undefeatable and greatly valorous Rākṣasa called Akampana who is skilled in all weapons go out as head of the army." 55.2

"He is one who punishes, protects, leader and an expert in war and he forever wishes my welfare and likes to fight in war." 55.3

"Without any doubt he will win over Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sugrīva and kill all those horrible monkeys." 55.4

Immediately obeying the command of the very strong Rāvaṇa and that one who was greatly valorous mobilized the army. 55.5

Those foremost of the Rākṣasa with terrifying looks, armed with every kind of weapon were fearful to look at and rushed into the fray where their general had dispatched them. 55.6

He who was similar to cloud and of the colour of the cloud got in to a chariot which was and huge decorated with ornaments of molten gold went surrounded by dreadful Rākṣasas. 55.7

In a great battle even devas where unable to defeat Akampana and he was shining like Sun in splendour. 55.8

When he was speedily going ahead wishing greatly for a battle, the horses drawing his chariot suddenly were deprived of their energy. 55.9

The left eye of Akampana who was interested in war twitched and his face became pale and his voice became shaking. 55.10

Though it was a good day it was made bad by horrifying and speedy winds and birds and beasts started shouting in a very cruel tone. 55.11

That Rākṣasa who was having a shoulder like lion and agility of a tiger, without thinking about these omens speeded towards the battle field. 55.12

When that Rākṣasa was going accompanied by other Rākṣasas, a great horrifying sound arose even making the sea tremble. 55.13

The monkeys who were ready for the battle with trees and stones were scared by that great sound caused by the coming Rākṣasas. 55.14

A huge war broke out between the monkeys and Rākṣasas, who had determined to even give up their life for sake of Rāma and Rāvaṇa. 55.15

All those strong ones were very much like the mountains and the monkeys and Rākṣasas were desirous of killing each other. 55.16

The tremendous sound of those warriors, yelling in their anger and strength, making savage cries, were distinctly heard on the battle-field. 55.17

A very huge coppery blood coloured thick dust was raised by the monkeys and Rākṣasas and covered all the ten directions. 55.18

When that whitish dust that resembled a shaken white silk cloth which rose covered each other, all the beings in the battle field were not able to recognize each other. 55.19

Neither the flag, the banner and the shield, nor horse, nor weapon nor chariot could be identified in that pall of dust. 55.20

A great confusing clamour, of warriors, making challenges crying and rushing upon each other, was heard on the battle-field, yet in that confusion, no form was visible. 55.21

In that great confusion in that battle monkeys killed monkeys themselves and Rākṣasas killed Rākṣasas themselves. 55.22

Those monkeys and Rākṣasas killing each other also their own people led to the rain of blood which dampened the earth and anointing the bodies with mud. 55.23

Due to the stream of blood being sprinkled, the dust settled down and the earth could be seen covered with corpses and bodies. 55.24

The Rākṣasas and the monkeys vigorously and swiftly struck each other with blows from trees, spears, maces, javelins, stones, bars and picks. 55.25

With the huge shape like the mountains and with their hand strong as iron, those monkeys killed the Rākṣasas in battle. 55.26

The Rākṣasas also got very angry and with darts and javelins in their hands stuck the monkeys with these cruel weapons. 55.27

Akampana who became very angry cheered the Rākṣasas using his great strength as well as valour. 55.28

However the monkeys leapt upon them and snatched their weapons through their strength and crushed those demons with blows from large trees and stones. 55.29

Meanwhile the valorous monkeys Kumuda, Nala and Mainda became very angry and displayed unsurpassed speed. 55.30

Those exceedingly valorous chiefs of monkeys, just like a play, in the battle-front, with mighty blows of trees, created a great carnage among the Rākṣasas. All of them repeatedly crushed the Rākṣasas with every kind of weapon. 55.31-55.32

This is the end of Fifty Fifth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.