Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 54

54. Angada Kills Vajradamshtra

[Vajradamshtra inflicts heavy casualty among the monkeys. They go and seek protection from Angada. A great war takes place between Angada and Vajradamshtra. At last Angada kills Vajradamshtra by a sword in the battle field.]

Seeing his own army being destroyed by Angada, the very strong Rākṣasa Vajradamshtra became very much enraged. 54.1

Stretching his great bow which shined like the thunderbolt of Indra, he dispatched several rain of arrows on the monkey army. 54.2

The chief among all Rākṣasas climbed in to the chariot and fought with many type of weapons. 54.3

Monkeys who were the most valiant animals that jump assembled, used stones as their weapons and fought on all sides. 54.4

In that war the Rākṣasas hurled thousands of weapons swiftly and they fell those monkey warriors and their chiefs. 54.5

Also the monkeys who had great power, who resembled elephants in rut, took, mountains, trees and stones and rained them down on those Rākṣasas 54.6

Between those great warriors consisting of Rākṣasas and monkeys, who both never retreated in battle, a great battle ensued. 54.7

Some monkeys and Rākṣasas, with their shattered heads, but without arms and legs, lay on the earth bathed in blood with their bodies wounded by weapons, became a prey to herons vultures and crows or were devoured by troops of jackals. 54.8-54.9

Monkeys and Rākṣasas fell down on the battle-field and headless trunks with their limbs cut off in the war, jump up causing great fear to all the fearful. 54.10

All the army of Rākṣasas of Vajradamshtra were killed in front of his eyes by the monkey army and his army was thus broken up. 54.11

Seeing the Rākṣasa saw army was scared and killed by the monkeys The famous Vajradamshtra with reddened eyes due to anger entered the monkey army holding a bow and frightened them.54.12- 54.13

The famous Vajradamshtra who was greatly enraged by sending sharp arrows decorated by eagle wings and which flew straight to the target, started killing the monkeys in fives, sevens and nines together. 54.14

The frightened monkeys with severed limbs ran towards Angada like the living beings run to Brahma, the lord of creation. 54.15

The son of Vali seeing the defeated monkey warriors, with great anger exchanged hateful glances with Vajradamshtra. 54.16

Then Vajradamshtra and Angada fought war with each other and strolled with great anger like the lion and the elephant in rut. 54.17

Then Vajradamshtra hit the very strong son of Vali on his vital parts of the body with arrows resembling hundred thousand flames of fare. 54.18

The very strong son of Vali with blood drenching all his body, threw a tree at Vajradamshtra of great prowess. 54.19

That Rākṣasa was not bothered seeing three falling on him and with his arrows he cut it in to several pieces and made them fall on the ground. 54.20

Seeing the great strength of Vajradamshtra, Angada who was monkey similar to a tiger took a huge rock and threw it with loud noise against him. 54.21

Seeing the great rock coming at him, Vajradamshtra was not bothered but jumped from his chariot and with a mace stood facing the rock in the battle-field. 54.22

The Rock thrown by Angada went straight in to the battle field and crushed the chariot, the horses and the chariot driver. 54.23

Then that monkey took a huge mountain which was decorated with lot of trees and threw it at Vajradamshtra's head 54.24

Vomiting blood that Vajradamshtra fainted, holding his mace with convulsions and breathed heavily for a moment. 54.25

Regaining his consciousness and Waking up with great anger he hit the son of Vali on his chest with his mace. 54.26

Then he threw away his mace and engaged in a boxing encounter and both of them hit each other by their fists. 54.27

Greatly exhausted by the blows, spitting blood, those valiant warriors were like the planets Mars and Mercury. 54.28

Then the very greatly lustrous Angada who was a tiger like monkey uprooted a very huge tree along with its leaves and flowers and waited. 54.29

The demon also seized hold of a shield covered with the hide of a bull and also a great beautiful sword decorated richly with a multitude of golden bells. 54.30

Desiring for victory, the monkey and the Rākṣasa, making roaring sounds, roamed about in different ways and dashed against each other. 54.31

With their wounds shining red like the flowering Kimśuka tree, exhausted by the battle both of them sank on the earth with their knees. 54.32

The elephant like monkey Angada within a second rose up from the earth like a serpent beaten by a stick. 54.33

The mighty Angada hit at the giant head of Vajradamshtra with a well-sharpened and stainless sword. 54.34

Killed by the sword, that glorious head of Vajradamshtra, with his limbs drenched in blood and eyes rolled and, fell into two pieces. 54.35

Noticing that the Vajradamshtra was slain, the very scared trembling Rākṣasas ran towards the city of Lanka with dejected faces looking pitiable and with downcast heads. 54.36-54.37

After killing that great Vajradamshtra that son of Vali was honoured him for his great courage in the middle of the monkey army and looked like Indra surrounded by the devas. 54.38

This is the end of Fifty Fourth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.