Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 52

52. Hanuman Kills Dhumrākṣa

[A great war ensues between monkeys and Rākṣasas. Dhumrākṣa starts killing several monkeys. Hanuman interferes and kills Dhumrākṣa.]

Seeing the very valorous Rākṣasa called Dhumrākṣa coming out, the monkeys who were longing for a war roared with joy. 52.1

A very horrible battle ensued between the monkeys and Rākṣasas and they killed each other with horrifying trees and maces and lances. 52.2

The terrible monkeys were killed by the Rākṣasas from all sides and monkeys also turned the Rākṣasas flat to the earth using their trees. 52.3

The very angry Rākṣasas also using very sharp winged arrows which went like winged eagles paralyzed the monkeys. 52.4

While being torn asunder by the Rākṣasas with terrible maces, spears, hammers, frightful iron bars and variegated tridents and the mighty monkeys fearlessly accomplished their tasks with an excitement born of anger. 52.5-52.6

With body pierced by arrows and body split by spears, the monkey chiefs took trees and stones for the sake of fighting. 52.7

Those very swift monkeys roaring aloud, harassed the huge Rākṣasas by calling out their names. 52.8

That horrifying battle with all kinds of rocks and trees having many branches between monkeys and Rākṣasas appeared wonderful. 52.9

Rākṣasas were crushed by those fearless monkeys and those Rākṣasas who drank blood vomited lot of blood. 52.10

Some Rākṣasas were cut open on all their sides. Some were transformed into a heap by the trees. Some others were crushed by stones and yet others torn to pieces by the monkeys teeth. 52.11

With their flags crushed and broken, their swords snapped and their chariots overturned, some Rākṣasa were greatly worried. 52.12

Crushed by the mountain like stones, the mountain like Rākṣasas and the beaten horses along with their riders were lying on the earth. 52.13

The very great valorous monkeys jumped swiftly on the Rākṣasas and with sharp nails scratched the faces of the Rākṣasas. 52.14

With very wan faces and with their hair torn out of their head, and maddened by the smell of blood, those Rākṣasas fell on the ground. 52.15

Some other very angry and greatly valorous Rākṣasas ran towards the monkeys to slap them with their diamond like hard palms, 52.16

The monkeys with their fists, feet, teeth and with trees crushed those who were rushing towards them with great speed. 52.17

The bull among Rākṣasas Dhumrākṣa seeing that his army is being destroyed, started to create bloodshed among the monkeys who wished to fight. 52.18

Some monkeys hit by the spears gave rise to bloodshed and some of them hit by the axe fell on the earth. 52.19

Some were crushed by the iron bars, others torn by harpoons, some others pierced by javelins, and all of them got exhausted and lost their lives. 52.20

Some of those monkeys lost all their blood and fell on the ground and some of them were driven out by that angry Rākṣasa. 52.21

With pierced hearts some of them were lying towards one side and in case of some of them who were pierced by arrows and spears, the intestines came out. 52.22

That great and terrible battle that took place between Rākṣasas and monkeys made the earth crammed with weapons, trees and stones. 52.23

With the twang of the bow providing music, the neighing of the horses the beats with trumpeting elephants providing the vocal music, that battle was like a music opera. 52.24

Dhumrākṣa holding a bow with a laugh made the monkeys run helter-skelter by the continuous hail of arrows. 52.25

Hanuman seeing that his army was greatly disturbed by Dhumrākṣa, in great anger turned towards him with a very huge stone. 52.26

Hanuman who was as valorous as his father, with eyes turned doubly red by anger, threw that huge stone towards the chariot of Dhumrākṣa. 52.27

He seeing the stone coming towards the chariot, hurriedly took a mace in his hand and jumped from the chariot and stood on earth. 52.28

Shattering his chariot with its wheels, its pole, its crest along with banner and bows, that rock rolled down to the ground. 52.29

That Hanuman, the son of wind god after breaking the chariot, destroyed the Rākṣasas with a huge tree along with its branches. 52.30

With their heads crushed, the Rākṣasas were drenched with blood. Some others were crushed by the trees and fell down to the earth. 52.31

That Hanuman, the son of wind God after driving away the Rākṣasas, took a mountain peak and started running towards Dhumrākṣa. 52.32

That valorous Dhumrākṣa holding a mace ran with a roaring sound towards Hanuman who was suddenly coming to attack him. 52.33

Then that Dhumrākṣa speedily with anger brought town the thorns studded mace on the head of Hanuman. 52.34

That Hanuman, who was as strong as the wind god, was in no way disturbed by that blow but struck Dhumrākṣa on the middle of his skull with his rocky peak. 52.35

Having been beaten by the mountain peak, with all his limbs broken, Dhumrākṣa fell on the ground, like a mountain. 52.36

Seeing that Dhumrākṣa is dead the surviving Rākṣasas greatly frightened of being killed by the monkeys entered back in to the town of Lanka. 52.37

That famous Hanuman the son of wind god having destroyed his enemies and causing rivers of blood to flow, becoming tired by the slaughter of his enemies, with delight, received the cordial respects by the monkeys. 52.38

This is the end of Fifty Second Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.