Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 5

5. Rāma again Laments about Sītā

[The monkey army is camped on the banks of the ocean. Feeling that Sītā is near but far away Rāma laments about her absence. Lakṣmaṇa consoles him.]

On the northern banks of the ocean the monkey army was kept stationed, under the proper safety care given by Nila according to the rules. 5.1

The two great monkeys called Mainda and Dvividhaḥ, moved around the army in all directions for ensuring its safety. 5.2

After parking that army in the shore of lord of the rivers [Ocean], Rāma seeing Lakṣmaṇa who was nearby told. 5.3

"People say that over passage of time the sorrow would vanish but my sorrow in not being able to see my wife keeps on increasing from time to time." 5.4

"I do not have sorrow that she is far away nor I have sorrow that she was abducted but I am sad that her age keeps on increasing." 5.5

"Oh wind blow in such a way that you touch my wife and then touch me, because only through you I can touch her and only through moon that I can see her." 5.6

"When she was being abducted my darling would have cried, "Oh Lord" and that thought is similar to the poison swallowed by me and it is burning my entire body." 5.7

"Day and night my body is being burnt by the fire of the God of love, and the fuel which is the thought about her is flaring in to flames due to the fire of thought about her." 5.8

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa, without you if I dive down in to the sea, I may fall asleep, because the fire of thought about her may be quenched slightly by the water." 5.9

"The thought that I myself who am passionate and her with charming thighs are sleeping on the same earth would help me to survive." 5.10

"Like a paddy field without water survives by getting wet with the water standing in another field, I also survive, because I hear that she is also surviving." 5.11

"When will I be able to see Sītā with pretty hips as well as long lotus like eyes as prosperity after defeating the enemies." 5.12

"When shall she see me raising her lotus like face which has her pretty teeth and lips, which will be like a great medicine to my sickness?" 5.13

"When will her closely placed bulging breasts which are like the fruit of the palm tree and which are delightful and quivering press me?" 5.14

"That virtuous one with dark cornered eyes is in the middle of Rākṣasas and she is not getting a lord to defend her and is like an orphan, though I am her lord." 5.15

"How is my darling who is the daughter of king Janaka and daughter-in-law of Dasaratha sleeping amidst those Rākṣasīs." 5.16

"She would come out from those unassailable Rākṣasīs, like the moon in autumn drives away black clouds." 5.17

"Sītā who is by nature slender would further get slender due to her sorrow, due to her not taking food and due to adverse time and place." 5.18

"When will I be able to kill that king of Rākṣasas with sharp arrows on his chest and bring back Sītā and leave out this mental agony?" 5.19

"When will the virtuous Sītā who can be compared to daughter of devas, would embrace my neck with anxiety and shed tears of joy?" 5.20

"When will I be able to leave away the horrifying sorrow of separation from Sītā, like throwing out of dirty apparel?" 5.21

When the sagacious Rāma was wailing like this, the light of the sun started declining and Sun got prepared to set. 5.22

After Lakṣmaṇa consoled Rāma who was sad due to recollection of the lotus eyed Sītā, both of them performed the rituals of the dusk. 5.23

This is the end of Fifth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.