Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 34

34. Rāvaṇa's Decision on Sītā

[Sītā becomes consoled. When Saramā offered to carry a message to Rāma, Sītā requests her to find out the decisions of Rāvaṇa. She comes back and tells her that in spite of elders in his family, Rāvaṇa would not release her till he dies.]

Sītā who became greatly sad by hearing words of Rāvaṇa was comforted and made happy by Saramā, just like a parched earth which received rain. 34.1

And thereafter she who knew the proper time to do any activity wishing to do more service to Sītā

With a smile told her. 34.2

"Oh black eyed lady, I am capable of carrying a message of good will from you as also your words secretly to Rāma and return." 34.3

"When I am travelling in the sky, supported only by myself neither wind or Garuda would be capable of following me." 34.4

When Saramā spoke like this Sītā without any sorrow which affected her earlier spoke these sweet words." 34.5

"I know that you are capable of travelling in the sky as well as go to Rasātala but please know from me the service that you can do for me today." 34.6

"If your intention now is to help me and you are firm in this resolve, then I wish you go and find out what Rāvaṇa is doing now." 34.7

"That cruel and evil minded Rāvaṇa, who has capabilities in the shape of conjuring trick to make his enemies cry, makes me bemused like the liquor bemuses one, as soon as it is consumed." 34.8

"He gets me threatened all the time through words of the frightful Rākṣasīs who always sit round me, and insult me repeatedly." 34.9

"I am depressed and distrustful and have lost my stability and staying in this Asoka forest, I get distressed due to great fear." 34.10

"If you can inform me all the decisions that he takes after discussion with his ministers in the matter of keeping me captive or releasing me, it would be a great blessing to me." 34.11

Having been spoken like that, Saramā wiped away the tears from her face which had got moistened and replied her like this. 34.12

"Oh daughter of Janaka, if your opinion is like that, I would go and after knowing about the opinion of the enemies, I will return." 34.13

After telling this, she went near the Rākṣasas and heard what Rāvaṇa was talking to his ministers. 34.14

She who is an expert on decision making after hearing the words of the bad soul Rāvaṇa took a decision and speedily returned to the Asoka forest." 34.15

When she returned back she saw Sītā who looked like goddess Lakshmi bereft of lotus waiting for her. 34.16

After Saramā who spoke returned back Sītā hugged her affectionately and offered personally a seat for her. 34.17

"After sitting here comfortably please tell about the plan of that that bad soul Rāvaṇa who is cruel and wicked." 34.18

When the trembling Sītā asked Saramā like this she told her completely what Rāvaṇa told his ministers. 34.19

"The mother of Rāvaṇa spoke great words excellently pleading for your release and also Avidha the age old minister of Rāvaṇa pleaded for your release." 34.20

"Let the daughter of Mithilā be given honourably to the king of men. Is not the wonderful incident that happened in Janasṭhāna sufficient for us?" 34.21

"Which man in the world can cross the ocean, discover Sītā, kill several Rākṣasas in war?" 34.22

"Though the old minister of his and his mother argued with him in various ways, he was not interested in releasing you, like a miser giving up his riches." 34.23

"Oh Maithili, he is not interested in releasing you till he attains his death and this is what that cruel Rāvaṇa decided along with his ministers." 34.24

"After that due to infatuation caused by his impending death, his determination to do what he said is very firm. He is not in a position to release you, not because of sheer fear but will hold you till he is actually defeated in battle through the carnage of all the Rākṣasas and of himself." 34.25

"Oh dark eyed one, after killing Rāvaṇa in war by his sharp arrows, Rāma will definitely take you back to Ayodhyā." 34.26

At this time along with the sound of beating of drums and blowing of conches, they heard the sound caused by monkey army which made the earth shake. 34.27

Hearing the great sound raised by the monkey army, the king servants who had gone to Lanka lost their enthusiasm, looked pitiable and looked depressed as they could not foresee any thing good coming due to the fault of their king. 34.28

This is the end of Thirty Fourth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.