Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 31

31. Rāvaṇa's Attempt to Convince Sītā

[Rāvaṇa with the help of a conjurer makes a head of Rāma dripping with blood. He tells Sītā that Rāma and his army was killed by Prahasta. Then he asks Vidyujihwa to bring Rāma's head and Rāma's bow. He orders Sītā to be submissive to him since Rāma is no more.]

Rāvaṇa the king of Rākṣasas was informed that Rāma along with his undefeatable army has camped on the mount Suvela. 31.1

When Rāvaṇa heard from the spies that the very strong Rāma has arrived, he was little agitated and spoke to his ministers like this: 31.2

"The time for consultation has arrived and let all the ministers come here quickly with keen and attentive minds." 31.3

As soon as these order was heard all the ministers came with great speed and Rāvaṇa held consultations with those Rākṣasas who were his ministers. 31.4

The dreadful one discussed with them what needs to be done and after coming out of that meeting of the ministers, he went back to his palace. 31.5

Then he who is a great conjurer send word for the very strong Vidhyujihwa who was an expert in magical illusions and together they went to the place of Sītā. 31.6

Then the king of Rākṣasas spoke to that conjurer Vidhyujihwa, "We will have to create an illusion to deceive Sītā, the daughter of Janaka." 31.7

"Oh Rākṣasa, conjure a head of Rāma and along with bow and arrows and then present it to me." 31.8

When told like that Vidhyujihwa said "So be it", and by his great magical efforts made one and showed it to Rāvaṇa and the king became very happy and gave him an ornament. 31.9

That exceedingly strong Rākṣasa duly entered the forest of Asoka trees with great eagerness to see Sītā. 31.10

Then that younger brother of Kubera saw that pitiable Sītā, who did not deserve that fate, sitting looking down at the earth, drowned in great sorrow due to the thoughts about her husband. 31.11- 31.12

Approaching Sītā who was surrounded by horrifying Rākṣasīs at a distance who were chanting his name in delight, Rāvaṇa spoke these bold words to Sītā. 31.13

"Oh Lady, he whom you depended on and repelled me when I try to console you, your husbanded that murderer of Khara has been killed in the battle." 31.14

"For all times your root has been cut off be me and so also your pride has been destroyed and because of your very great sorrow, now you will become my wife." 31.15

"Oh fool, give up this resolution of yours, for what can you do with a dead person and oh lady become my wife and become the chief of all my consorts." 31.16

"With less of good deeds and a lost purpose you think, you are very learned. Now hear about the killing of your husband similar to killing of Vritrāsura." 31.17

"Rāma is supposed to have come with a great army led by the monkey king Sugrīva on the sea shore to kill me." 31.18

"When the sun was about to set, Rāma with his huge army settled on the northern sea shore here." 31.19

"His army which was stationed here, being greatly tired was comfortably sleeping at mid night and they were approached by our spies." 31.20

"My very great army which was led by Prahasta killed the army of Rāma at night at that place and they also killed Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa." 31.21

"Those wielding harpoons, maces, discus, daggers, sticks, great arrows spears, shining maces with spikes, picks lances, darts, massed weapons, clubs and wheels, made use of them again and again in order to strike down all the monkeys." 31.22-31.23

"Prahasta with bubbling enthusiasm cut off the head of Rāma who was sleeping using his mighty sword without facing any resistance." 31.24

"Fortunately Vibhīṣaṇa who tried to flee with speed was caught and held captive and Lakṣmaṇa and other monkeys ran in all directions." 31.25

"Sugrīva with his neck broken and Hanuman whose jaw was removed were laid down and killed by the Rākṣasas." 31.26

"Jambhavan who was trying to stand on his knees was killed in the war and very many monkeys were cut off like a tree using very sharp edged weapons." 31.27

"Mainda and Dvividhaḥ - those two great killers of their enemies who were long bodied and the foremost of the monkeys became groaning and breathless and their limbs bathed in blood-were cut to pieces at the waist-level, by swords." 31.28-31.29

"Panasa, crying for help was stretched on the earth under a tree of the same name[Jack fruit tree] and was pierced by putting him in a pit. The exceedingly valiant Kumuda on his part, shrieking, was killed by a hail of arrows." 31.30-31.31

"Angada, who was adorned with many bracelets lies fallen down, emitting blood on all sides, as he was pierced by the demons with many arrows, after approaching near him." 31.32

"All those monkeys were crushed by elephants and very many fast moving chariots were lying there like water rich clouds broken by a gale." 31.33

"All those outsiders fled in terror when they were pursued by the Rākṣasas who were striking on their back, like elephants running when pursued by elephants." 31.34

"Some of the monkeys fell in the sea and some sought shelter in the sky. And some other bears with the monkeys climbed the trees." 31.35

"In the banks of the ocean, in mountains and in forests, large number of monkeys by Rākṣasas who were having misshapen eyes." 31.36

"Thus your husband along with his army was killed by my army and this head drenched in blood and coated with dust has been seen." 31.37

Then that king of Rākṣasas Rāvaṇa who is extremely difficult to fight with, spoke these words to the Rākṣasīs so that Sītā will overhear them. 31.38

"Oh Rākṣasīs, go and bring that Vidhyujihwa who is capable of doing cruel acts, who is the one who brought the head of Rāma from the battlefield." 31.39

Then Vidhyujihwa came there holding the head of Rāma along with the bow and arrows and he stood there after saluting Rāvaṇa. 31.40

When that Rākṣasa who was standing there that king Rāvaṇa spoke to that Vidhyujihwa who had a large tongue and was inching nearer to him. 31.41

"Speedily place the head of Rāma in front of Sītā and let that miserable one see the final state of her husband." 31.42

As soon as he heard this that Rākṣasa kept her darling's head near to Sītā and disappeared speedily from that place. 31.43

Then Rāvaṇa threw in front of Sītā a with great bow saying, "Here is the bow of Rāma which is famous in all the three worlds" 31.44

"This is the bow with its cord stretched, belonging to Rāma, that was brought back by Prahasta, after killing that hero in the night." 31.45

Then that Rāvaṇa threw the head bought by Vidhyujihwa as well as the bow in front of Sītā and said to the daughter of Janaka, "Now you become submissive to me." 31.46

This is the end of Thirty First Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.