Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 27

27. Monkey Army Further Described

[The spies give a detailed account of all the monkey leaders and the army that they command.]

"As you are keenly examining the monkey chiefs, I shall tell you about those who would like to show their valour even by facing death for the sake of Rāma." 27.1

"There is a monkey called Hara, who has terrific acts to his credit. The hair on his tail, measuring many fathoms, soft, red in colour, yellow, white and super-white, wavy and shining like the rays of the sun standing erect thrown about are dragging along the ground." 27.2-27.3

"Hundreds and thousands of monkey army leaders have resolved to be servants of Sugrīva and they are all following him carrying trees with the intention of attacking Lanka soon." 27.4

"Oh king, Those who appear black like black-clouds and similar to black collyrium are extremely ferocious bears, truly mighty in combat, who are in exceedingly in large number, indefinable like the other shore of an ocean, and those whom you are observing reside in mountains, plains and on river- banks. They are all coming towards you." 27.5-27.7

"Oh king, He who is standing in the middle, with terrific eyes and of fearful appearance, encircled by all like Parjanya [the rain-god] being encircled by clouds is the army-chief called Dhūmra, the Lord of all bears, who drinks the waters of River Narmada and resides on an excellent mountain named Rikshavanta." 27.8-27.9

"See beside him Jambhavan the younger brother of his who is like a mountain, has a form like his brother and great in valour. He is the commander of other great commanders who is calm, behaves well with elders and impatient in battle." 27.10-27.11

"Once he had rendered very great help to Lord Indra in the battle between Devas and Asuras and he got very many boons." 27.12

"Jambhavan's troops who have a huge body, resembling the Rākṣasas, having thick hair and endowed with unlimited energy, wander about, climbing mountain-heights and hurl massive rocks as big as huge clouds and they do not have a fear in facing death." 27.13-27.14

"Oh king, This Lord of monkeys who is the commander of commanders called Dambha who whether he is in a hurried fury or leaping or standing still is stared at by all other monkeys. He along with his bulky troops dwells on Sahasrākṣa mountain." 27.15-27.16

"He who, walking on all fours touches with his flanks, a mountain situated at a distance of one Yojana and reaches for an object one Yojana high and obtains it with his body, whose huge form no other four-legged animal has, by which that intelligent monkey fought with Indra, the king of devas but he was not defeated, is a commander of commanders and the grand-father of monkeys, famous as Samnadana by name." 27.17-27.19

"This valorous one is equal in Valour to Indra, the king of devas and he was born to a young Gandharva maiden called Krishna Vartamāna and he was born to help devas in the battle between Devas and Asuras." 27.20

"O king of Rākṣasas, This commander named Krathana, the son of the king Visravasa, the illustrious one, sits beneath the Jambu tree, on that mountain, the king of peaks, which is frequented by Kinnaras, and which mountain affords delight constantly to your brother. It is near there, Krathana, that fortunate one, that powerful lord of the monkeys, whose prowess in not confined to words in battles, stays happily." 27.21-27.23

"He is surrounded by thousand crore monkeys and hopes to crush the city of Lanka by his own army." 27.24

"He normally roams round the shores of Ganges terrorizing the leaders of the herds of elephants remembering the old enmity between monkeys and elephants. He is the commander and leader of monkeys called Pramati who dwells in mountain-caves, and subdues wild elephants and thundering and uprooting trees." 27.25-27.26

"That excellent army chief of monkeys, takes shelter, on the foremost of mountains Mandāra and the mountain called Usarbija on the shores of Ganges where he passes life happily just like Indra." 27.27

"Hundred thousand thousands monkeys who are proud of their strength and valour and who have radiant forearms and keep on roaring follow him." 27.28

"He is the leader of these great monkeys and Oh king, he is their commander and is called PRāmathi and it is difficult to conquer him." 27.29

"He whom you are watching as a cloud raised by wind is Pramati. At that place, a great quantity of red illumined dust is tossed about and raised by wind in various ways in different directions. Energetic and excited army of monkeys is also stationed there along with Pramati." 27.30-27.31

"Oh king, One hundred lakhs of monkeys with their black faces and with scary looks and with great strength, after crossing of the bridge, surrounds their troop-leader who is a monkey called Gavaksha and are making a roaring noise and ready to crush Lanka by their bodily strength." 27.32-27.33

"Oh king. This army-chief called Keśarī, the chief of the commanders of monkeys, wanders in Kāñchaṇa mountain wherein there are trees which yield fruits in all seasons, inhabited by large black- bees, to which the sun circumambulates clock-wise, the mountain shining with its own colour and splendour, by whose brightness, the animals and birds always shine with the same colour, whose plateau on the top of the mountain the great sages do not leave, wherein trees, all mango-trees are laden with fruits on all sides because of that there are honey-bees of excellent variety." 27.34-27.37

"Oh faultless king, There are sixty thousand mountains in that beautiful golden mountain ranges. There is an excellent mountain in the middle of that mountain range as you are in the middle of that Rākṣasas. In that mountain range there, in the last mountain where these monkeys reside. Some of the monkeys are tawny coloured, some are white-coloured and with nails as their weapons, having four tusks, with nails as their weapons having four tusks like lions, difficult to be approached like tigers, resembling fire and serpents vomiting poison with their very long coiling tails, resembling elephants in rut, equal to mighty mountains and making great thunderous sound like that of clouds. All of them stand looking on your Lanka as if they are about to crush it." 27.38-27.42

"Oh king, He who stands in the middle is the powerful leader of the monkeys who ever faces the sun, who is a wise man, eager to conquer you and is famous in the world by the name, Shatabali. He swears to destroy Lanka with his troops." 27.43-27.44

"The monkey called Śatabala is strong, brave and valorous and well known for his manly vigour and does not bother about his life which he is willing to sacrifice to Rāma." 27.45

"Each of the monkeys Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Nala, Nīla are surrounded by battalions of one crore monkeys each." 27.46

"There are many other great monkeys who are living on the Vindhya mountain and each of them are fast paced and it is impossible to count them." 27.47

"Oh king, All of them are highly prominent, their stature equals to the high hills and all of them are capable in a moment to level the earth by uprooting and razing all its mountains to the ground." 27.48

This is the end of Twenty Seventh Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.