Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 26

26. Rāvaṇa Surveys Monkey Army

[Rāvaṇa climbs on a tall tower to see the monkey army. Śuka introduces various monkey chiefs and tells him about the strength of their respective armies.]

Hearing those truthful and fearless words of Śarana, the king Rāvaṇa spoke to him in reply as follows. 26.1

"Even if I am attacked by devas, Gandharvas and Rākṣasas together or even if there if fear to me from all the three worlds, I am not going to give back Sītā." 26.2

"Oh gentle one, since you have been harassed by the monkeys too much, being with a fearful mind, you want to me to speedily give back Sītā." 26.3

"Which enemy can defeat me in the battle?" was the harsh word said by Rāvaṇa the king of Rākṣasas. Then Rāvaṇa climbed the roof of his white tower like house which was the height of several Palmyra trees with a desire to see Rāma's army. 26.4-26.5

Rāvaṇa who was benumbed with anger along with those spies saw, the ocean, mountain and forests which were completely filled with monkeys. 26.6

Seeing that shore less and innumerable great army of monkeys, the king Rāvaṇa again asked Śarana. 26.7

"Who are the important monkeys among them? Who are very strong and valorous among them? Which of them would be in the front of their army with great enthusiasm?" 26.8

"Who can influence Sugrīva? Who are the chief of battalions? What can influence these monkeys? Oh Śarana, tell all these things in detail to me." 26.9

After hearing the words of the king of Rākṣasas, Śarana, as per what he has seen told about the important chiefs of monkeys. 26.10

"He who is facing Lanka and is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of soldier monkeys by whose great shout, Lanka with all its ramparts, all its decorations along with all the mountains and forests are resounding, is the great soul Sugrīva who is the king of all animals that sit on branches and in the front of the army the monkey named Nala who is the commander is standing." 26.11-26.13

"That valiant monkey, who holds his arms high, who tramples the earth under his feet as he marches, whose face is turned towards Lanka, who in fury is knitting his brows very much, who is resembling a mountain- peak in stature, who is like filaments of a lotus in hue, who is in excess of anger continuously and lashes out his tail with a swish of which can be heard in ten regions, is the prince named Angada, anointed by Sugrīva the king of monkeys and is challenging you to the battle." 26.14-26.17

"He is son of Vali who is like him and is very dear to Sugrīva and he has come to the front in the interests of Rāma, Like Varuṇa comes for the sake of Indra." 26.18

"It is due to his intelligence that daughter of Janaka was found by the very speedy Hanuman as he desires for the welfare of Rāma." 26.19

"That Valorous one has brought with very many units of monkey army commanded by various chiefs and he is approaching to crush you with his own army." 26.20

"Next to Angada, surrounded by large army stands the valorous Nala who is the one who built the bridge, ready for battle with you." 26.21

"These excellent monkeys, numbering a thousand crores and eight lakhs, who have been lodged in sandalwood groves, yelling like a lion's roar and after having stiffened their limbs, are knitting their eye-brows raised in anger. These valiant monkeys, who are terrific and fierce having a ferocious zeal are going to follow Nala. Nala himself with his aforesaid army aspires to smash Lanka forthwith." 26.22-26.24

"A monkey called Shweta of silver colour who is quick-witted and clever, of terrific prowess and a warrior renowned in the three worlds, has come to Sugrīva swiftly, dividing the army of monkeys and bringing great delight to the troops, he goes back to the back of the army" 26.25-26.26

"There is a mountain called Ramya, on the banks of River Gomati. That mountain is filled with various kinds of trees is also called Samrochana. An army-chief, named Kumuda used to roam around that mountainous region. He also rules that kingdom. He is the leader for lakhs of monkeys. He has a very long hair-coppery, yellow, pale and white and hideous to look up to. Thrown about on his tail is the intrepid and fierce monkey called Kanda. He yearns to fight and boast that he will destroy Lanka with his forces." 26.27-26.30

"Oh, king, He who resembles a tawny lion with a long mane and who is looking at Lanka attentively as though he wishes to consume it with his glasses, who dwells mostly on the mountains of Krishna and Sahya of Vindhya range of pleasing aspect, is the General named Rambha. Three thousand crores of excellent monkeys, who are formidable of impetuous valour and vigour, surround him who is marching ahead and follow in his foot-sets to destroy Lanka." 26.31-26.33

"Oh, king, Look, The one who is yawning continuously and shaking his ears, he is the one who does not have any fear of death, one who never retreats from a battle, but violently moves with rage, who again sees obliquely, he who lashes out his tail and roars like a lion with great vigour, he who constantly dwells on the lovely Salveya mountain, he is Sarabha by name, the commander of monkeys with immense energy and devoid of fear." 26.34-26.36

"Oh king, all his battalion consisting of one lakh forty thousand monkeys who are called Viharas are very strong." 26.37

"The one who is like a great cloud, enveloping the space and who stays in the middle of monkey- warriors like Indra the king of devas, one who wishes for a battle whose great voice is heard like the roll of drums, is the General named Panasa, who is always invincible in battle. He dwells in Pāriyātra, a mountain that is exceeded by none in height." 26.38-26.40

"He is served by fifty lakhs commanders who obediently carry out his orders as he is an excellent commander." 26.41

"He who is encamped with sixty lakhs monkeys which is his army on the sea-shore which is like a second ocean is the commander called Vinatā who resembles Dardura mountain [in size] and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers." 26.42-26.44

"A monkey chief called Kradhana is calling you for battle after keeping his valorous and very strong monkeys in proper battalions." 26.45

'There is one monkey called Gavya with the colour of Red Chalk who nourishes his body, who is forever proud of his strength who is with great lustre standing facing you with anger and hatred towards you." 26.46

"He is served by seventy lakh monkeys and he wishes to crush Lanka using only his army." 26.47

"These very valorous commanders and commander-in-chiefs who can take any form they like have put their army in different distinct units and so it is difficult to count them." 26.48

This is the end of Twenty Sixth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.