Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 21

21. Rāma's Anger at Ocean

[When the ocean does not respond to his penance, Rāma gets angry and is about it to dry it by his arrow, Lakṣmaṇa stops him.]

Then Rāghava spread Darbha grass on the ocean bank, and saluting eastward he laid himself on that Durbhā bed with his hand as his pillow and appeared like he was sleeping on a snake. 21.1

His arm, in which he wore golden gem studded armlets and most excellent ornaments of pearls had been touched by many great ladies earlier. 21.2-21.3

His hands were applied with sandal and aguru paste earlier were shining like early morning Sun. 21.4

Earlier Sītā used to make those hands shine by keeping her head on it and it resembled the Takṣaka snake supported by the water of Ganga. 21.5

That arm which resembled a yoke increased the sorrow of his enemies and was delightful to his friends and it was now placed on the shore of the sea. 21.6

That arm whose skin had been hardened by the strokes of the bow string, the left arm resembling a great mace and that mighty right arm that bestowed thousands of cows in charity was used as a pillow. Rāma, the competent man and the mighty armed said:" Either crossing of the ocean or a death should occur to me today". Making that resolve he laid down by the ocean, restraining his speech and with a pious disposition according to tradition. 21.7-21.9

According to traditional rule Rāma who was lying down on the Durbhā bed on earth spent three nights there. 21.10

That man of justice who was diplomatic, waited for the ocean which was the lord of the rivers for three nights there. 21.11

Though honoured according to his greatness by the self-subdued Rāma, the careless ocean did not appear in his personal form to Rāma. 21.12

Due to getting angry on the ocean Rāma's eyes turned blood red in colour and he spoke these words to Lakṣmaṇa who was nearby and who was having auspicious look. 21.13

"Due to its great arrogance the ocean has not made its appearance. Indeed qualities calmness, tolerance kind speech and straight -forwardness which are the qualities of noble men give weak results, when directed towards those having no virtues." 21.14

"That bad man who flatters himself and runs all over the world shamelessly like a horse set out at liberty is only appreciated by the world. 21.15

"In this world it is not possible to obtain fame and glory at the end of battle by peaceful means." 21.16

"Oh Lakṣmaṇa see how this ocean which is the home of crocodiles is going to be broken by my arrows and get suffocated on all its sides." 21.17

"Oh, Lakṣmaṇa, watch these coils of water snakes, the huge bodies of alligators and the trunks of sea elephants which are going to be shattered by me." 21.18

"I am going to dry up this ocean with its conches, shells, fishes and crocodiles in this great battle." 21.19

"I think this home of crocodiles is going to consider me as soft man incapable of doing anything and I feel it is a mistake to show our soft side to certain people." 21.20

"The Ocean is not appearing before me in its true form. Oh Son of Sumitrā, bring my bow and my arrows which are like poison. I would then dry up this ocean and we can go to Lanka by foot." 21.21- 21.22

"Being very angry now, I will shake this ocean, even if it is unshakable. I will force the ocean, which is demarcated by banks and agitated with thousands of waves, bereft of a boundary, by my arrows. I will agitate the great ocean, thronged with great Rākṣasas." 21.23-21.24

After telling this that holder of the bow with eyes widened by anger became fearsome to look at like the blazing fire at the deluge." 21.25

He pressed the horrifying bow, twanged it and made the world shake, he released a fierce winged arrow which was like the Vajra of Indra." 21.26

Those lustrous and very great arrows travelling with great speed entered the ocean striking the water snakes with great terror. 21.27

When the water fishes and alligators were suddenly disturbed became much more disturbed due to the wind. 21.28

And that great ocean was shaken by the multitude of waves which was full of large number of conches and smoke came out of it. 21.29

Sea snakes with lustrous faces and with glittering eyes and very powerful Rākṣasas who were living in Pāṭala were greatly disturbed. 21.30

Waves in thousands resembling the Vindhya and Mandāra mountains jumped from the sea along with several crocodiles. 21.31

That ocean with its large number of fluctuating waves, and with its scared serpents and Rākṣasas and with huge crocodiles coming out, became full of noise. 21.32

Then the son of Sumitrā rushed towards Rāma who was stretching his bow with very great speed, taking a deep breath and shouting "No further, No further" and took hold of Rāma's bow. 21.33

"Even without destroying the ocean by you, you being a great hero. Your purpose would be served. Men like you should get into this type of anger. Oh gentle Rāma you should think of some other alternative." 21.34

The Brahma rishis and deva sages, who were standing on the sky made great sound saying "Alas" and further said "No further." 21.35

This is the end of Twenty First Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.