Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 15

15. Indrajit Criticizes Vibhīṣaṇa

[Indrajit makes fun of Vibhīṣaṇa and says he is a coward. He feels that he can easily kill Rāma and his monkey army. Vibhīṣaṇa gives a fitting answer.]

After hearing carefully the words of Vibhīṣaṇa who was equivalent to Brihaspati in intelligence, the great Indrajit who was a chief of army told. 15.1

"Oh young father, why are you talking these meaningless and greatly fearful words? Even a person who is not born in our race at this time would not speak such words and do such things." 15.2

"This youngest father is the only male in our race who lacks, strength, valour, fighting spirit, courage, prowess and also lustre." 15.3

"Who are after all these human beings who are the sons of the king? They can easily be killed by one ordinary Rākṣasa among us and oh coward, why are you frightening us?" 15.4

"Once I threw on the floor the lord of devas who was supposed to be lord of the three worlds and all the deva groups who were there at that time fled in different directions." 15.5

"I also threw the Iravatha elephant which was making discordant sounds on the floor and then by extracting its teeth, I made all the deva groups greatly scared." 15.6

"How is that I who had destroyed the pride of Devas and who made the life of asuras miserable, can become incapable of conquering the ordinary sons of a king who are mere human beings?" 15.7

Hearing those words of Indrajit who was equal to Indra and very difficult to be conquered and who was greatly powerful, Vibhīṣaṇa who was best among those who carry weapons spoke the following very meaningful words. 15.8

"Oh Lad, you do not have stability in providing advice. You are a child and have not attained maturity and so you are prattling many words which are without any meaning and which will lead to your destruction." 15.9

"Oh Indrajit, you are not accepting words from me indicating destruction of Rāvaṇa  from Rāma due to ignorance, as in the name of being a son of Rāvaṇa  you are his enemy." 15.10

"Due to your ignorant brain you are fit to be killed,. No he who brought a reckless boy like you who is greatly adventurous to this assembly near the great ministers is fit to be killed." 15.11

"Oh Indrajit, You are a stupid, lacking stability, without humility, rude natured; unwise; evil person, inexperienced and highly evil minded. You are speaking in this manner because you are an immature boy". 15.12

"In battle who can bear the arrows which are discharged by Rāma which are similar to staff of God of death and which has the lustre of the staff of Brahma and take the form of god of death." 15.13

"Oh king let us offer riches, gems, good jewels, excellent cloths, bright coloured gems and Goddess like Sītā to Rāma and then live a life without anguish." 15.14

This is the end of Fifteenth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.