Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 13

13. Mahaparswa's Suggestion

[Mahaparswa says that there is nothing wrong in possessing Sītā with force. Rāvaṇa tells him a curse which was given to him by Brahma, which would make his head break in to thousand pieces, if he takes possession of any lady with force.]

Noticing that Rāvaṇa  was very angry, a very strong Rākṣasa called Mahaparswa, thought for a moment and told the following words. 13.1

"Indeed after reaching the forest, which is inhabited by wild beasts and if a man does not drink honey, he is childish." 13.2

"Oh destroyer of enemies, when you are lord of all beings, who can be a lord to you? So you step down on the heads of your enemies and then enjoy with Sītā." 13.3

"Forcibly like a cock behave with her, and charge and again charge that Vaidehī and enjoy her." 13.4

"After you get satisfaction to your passion, why bother about what will happen latter? All that comes and that which is yet to come would be prevented by that." 13.5

"Kumbhakarṇa along with our strong Indrajit is capable of opposing even the God Indra?" 13.6

"After giving gifts, consoling, creating competition are tried and not working, I like getting this done through punishment." 13.7

"Oh very strong one, without any doubt we will take in to our custody all those enemies of yours who manage to reach here." 13.8

When spoken like this by Mahaparswa, the king Rāvaṇa  honoured him and spoke as follows addressing him. 13.9

"Oh Mahaparswa, please know about a little secret about me. I shall tell you about it, which occurred to me a long time ago." 13.10

"Once when I was going to the home of Grandfather[Brahma], I happened to see a deva maiden called Punjikasthala who was like a lightning hiding in the sky." 13.11

"She was undressed and forcibly enjoyed by me and she like a crumpled lotus flower went to the home of lord Brahma." 13.12

"I think that this matter was informed to the great soul Lord Brahma and then the greatly enraged Brahma told me these words." 13.13

"From today onwards, if you make love to a women forcibly, without any doubt, your head would break into hundred pieces." 13.14

"Due to the great effect caused by this curse, I am not forcibly making Sītā, the daughter of Janaka mount in to my bed." 13.15

"I have the force of the wind and speed of the ocean and without knowing this the son of Daśaratha is attacking me." 13.16

"Who would like to address me who is like a lion sleeping in a mountain cave, which would make me like death?" 13.17

"That Rāma has not seen my arrows which are like serpents and which have two tongues and that is why he is marching against me in war." 13.18

"Very quickly by making use of hundreds of arrows of mine which are like Vajra I will burn Rāma like tormenting an elephant with fire brands." 13.19

"With my great army I will destroy the army of Rāma, just like rising sun destroys the shining of stars." 13.20

"Neither the thousand eyed Indra nor Varuṇa can defeat me in battle and once upon a time this city of Lanka was captured in a battle from Kubera by me." 13.21

This is the end of Thirteenth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.