Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 123

123. Rāma Shows Important Places to Sītā

[Rāma shows all the important places from the aerial car on the way back. As per request of Sītā, the wives of the monkey chiefs also accompany their husbands. The Vimāna reaches near Ayodhyā.]

As per the permission of Rāma that excellent aerial car which had images of swan in it flew across the sky making great sound. 123.1

Then Rāma, the joy of the Raghu clan, after rotating his eyes in all directions spoke to Sītā, the princess of Mithilā who had a moon like face. 123.2

"Oh Vaidehī, please see, the city of Lanka built on the top of three peaks which was built by Viśvakarma and which looks like the Kailāśa mountain." 123.3

"Oh Sītā, see this battle field covered with mud, blood and flesh which was the cause of death of the monkeys and Rākṣasas." 123.4

"Oh Broad eyed Sītā, here lies Rāvaṇa, the king of Rākṣasas, the tormentor of people and on whom boons were conferred by Lord Brahma and who was killed by me for your sake." 123.5

"Here Kumbhakarṇa and Prahasta were killed and here Dhumrākṣa was killed by Hanuman." 123.6

"Here Vidyunmālā was killed by the great soul Suṣeṇa and in battle Lakṣmaṇa killed Indrajit the son of Rāvaṇa here." 123.7

"Here was killed a Rākṣasa called Vikaṭa by Angada. Virūpākṣa, who was disagreeable to the sight, Mahaparsva, Mahodara, Akampana, Triśirās, Atikaya, Devantaka, Narantaka and other mighty demons were also killed here." 123.8-123.9

"Both Yuddonmatta and Matta, the foremost of demons, as also Nikumbha and Kumbha the sons of Kumbhakarṇa, as also the strong Vajradamṣṭrā, Damṣṭrā and many Rākṣasas were killed. Makaraksha, the most difficult Rākṣasa to be attacked, was struck down by me in this battle-field." 123.10-123.11

"Akampana was killed in the great battle here. The valorous Shonitaksha was also killed. Yupaksa and Prajangha were also killed." 123.12

"Vidhyujihwa the Rākṣasa with a huge form was killed here. Here Yajnashatru was killed and the very strong Supthagna. Suryashathru was killed and Brahma Shatru was killed afterwards." 123.13

"Here Mandodarī, who is the wife of Rāvaṇa, surrounded by one thousand of her co-wives, lamented for the death of Rāvaṇa." 123.14

"Oh Sītā with a blessed face, here you can see water descending in to the ocean, where after crossing the sea we spent the night." 123.15

Here is a bridge built by me over the salty ocean which was with great difficulty constructed by Nala and which is called "Nala's bridge". 123.16

"Oh Vaidehī see this imperturbable ocean called the "Home of Varuṇa" which is roaring as if it is boundless and which is teeming with large number of conches and shells." 123.17

"Oh Maithili, see here this olden mountain called Maināka, which is the king of mountains which rose up from the sea to provide rest to Hanuman." 123.18

"Please see this island located in the middle of the ocean were my army was stationed here and where Lords Shiva showed his grace to me." 123.19

Here you are seeing the scared waters of the very great ocean, which is worshipped in all the three worlds and is well known as "the bridge of the Sethu". It is a very auspicious and divine place, which destroys major sins committed by us and the king of Rākṣasas, Vibhīṣaṇa came to meet me here. 123.20-123.21

"Oh Sītā, here you see the very pretty city of Sugrīva called Kiṣkindha attached with a colourful forest. The Monkey chief Vali was killed by me here." 123.22

Sītā who was timid due to love after seeing the city of Kiṣkindha which was ruled by Vali said the following courteous words to Rāma. 123.23

"I would like to go the capital city of Ayodhyā along with you and accompanied by the wives of monkey chiefs which should include Tara and other beloved wives of Sugrīva." 123.24-123.25

When Rāma heard these words of Sītā, he said, "Let it be like that" and made the aerial car halt when they reached Kiṣkindha and looking at Sugrīva, Rāma spoke the following words. 123.26

"Oh tiger among monkeys instruct all your monkey chiefs to come to Ayodhyā accompanied by their wives." 123.27

"Oh mighty Sugrīva, the king of monkeys, you too bring all your ladies along with the great army of yours along with their wives and then, we would proceed." 123.28

When the greatly lustrous Rāma spoke like this Sugrīva, the king of the monkeys, accompanied by all other monkeys entered in to his private apartment and looked at Tara and spoke. 123.29-123.30

"Oh Darling, you have been permitted along with wives of other great monkeys to proceed to Ayodhyā by Rāma to satisfy the wishes of Sītā." 123.31

"Hurry up, we shall proceed along with the wives of all other monkey chiefs and show them the city of Ayodhyā as well as the widows of Daśaratha." 123.32

Hearing the words of Sugrīva, Tara who was pretty all over called the wives of other monkey chiefs and told them as follows. 123.33

"As per the order of Sugrīva, let all the monkey ladies hurry up to proceed to Ayodhyā and a kindly act has also been done to me by fulfilling my wish to see Ayodhyā." 123.34

"We will also see the entry of Rāma in to that city along with people of the city as well as villages and also would see the great opulence of the widows of Daśaratha." 123.35

"With the permission of Tara all those monkey ladies, after dressing themselves according to rule, went round the aerial car and got in to it with a wish to see Sītā." 123.36

Rāghava after seeing the aerial car rise quickly, when they neared the Riṣyamūka Mountain spoke again to Maithili. 123.37

"Oh Sītā, now you are seeing the very great Riṣyamūka mountain which is blessed with ore of Gold and which looks like cloud along with lightning." 123.38

"It was here that I met Sugrīva, the king of monkeys and made an agreement for the killing of Vali." 123.39

"Here you see the colourful forests as well as the Pampa river, where I greatly lamented for being separated from you." 123.40

"I saw Śabarī, the follower of Dharma on its shore and here I happened to kill Kabandha with one Yojana long arms." 123.41

"Oh Sītā, there you are seeing Janasṭhāna with its very holy trees and oh pretty one, a great war between Rāvaṇa and Jatāyu, the very strong lord of birds happened there for your sake." 123.42- 123.43

"Oh lady with very pretty colour, this is where I killed Khara with straight arrows, where Dūṣaṇa was struck down and the mighty Triśirās was killed and oh charming lady there is the hermitage built by leaves from where you were taken away by the king of Rākṣasas." 123.44-123.45

"Here is the pretty and auspicious river Godavari with clear waters and the hermitage of Agastya surrounded by Banana groves." 123.46

"Here is the shining hermitage of the very great Sutheeshna and you also see the great hermitage of Sārabhaṅga, where the thousand eyed Indra, the destroyer of cities came." 123.47-123.48

"Oh lady with a slender waist, here you are seeing the hermitages for which sage Atri who has a lustre like fire and the sun is the chief." 123.49

"It was in this place that the very huge bodied Virādha was killed by me and it was here Sītā that you saw the lady sage [Anasūyā] who was the great follower of Dharma." 123.50

"Oh lady with a pretty body, here is excellent and lustrous mountain of Chitrakūṭa and it was here that Bhārata came to please me." 123.51

"Oh Maithili, here you can see the river Yamuna surrounded by colourful forests and you can also see the great hermitage of the saint Bharadvāja." 123.52

"Here you can see the blessed Ganga with three different streams whose banks are crowded by flocks of birds and whose shores are lined with flowering forests." 123.53

"We have now reached Srungaberipura where my friend Guha lives and you can see the Sarayu river both whose banks have attractive flowering trees." 123.54

"And now you can see Ayodhyā, the capital city of my father and having returned back, Oh Sītā, please salute this city of Ayodhyā." 123.55

All the monkeys, Rākṣasas as well as Vibhīṣaṇa, jumped again and again there to get a good glimpse of that great city. 123.56

After that the monkeys along with the Rākṣasas saw that Ayodhyā, having rows of white palaces, intersected with wide roads, and crowded with elephants and horses, looking like Amravati, the City of Indra the lord of Devas. 123.57

This is the end of One Hundred and Twenty Third Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.