Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 120

120. Indra Grants Boon

[When Indra who was greatly happy asked Rāma to request for a boon, he wanted Indra to bring all dead monkeys back to life. He also wanted that they should also get fruits in off season. Indra grants those boons.]

When Daśaratha of the Kākutstha clan returned, Indra the destroyer of Pakasura who was greatly pleased spoke to Rāma who stood with folded hands in salutation. 120.1

"Oh Rāma, Oh best among men, you have showed as a very great vision and it should not go in vain. Since I am greatly delighted, Please ask me what you desire in your mind." 120.2

When the very pleased great Indra spoke like this Rāghava who was greatly pleased told the following joyful words. 120.3

"Oh greatest among those who converse, Oh Lord of Devas, if you have real affection towards me, please make what I ask as true." 120.4

"Al those monkeys who have fought for my sake and reached the world of God of death, let all those people get up." 120.5

"Oh God who gifts honour, I wish to see all those monkeys, who have lost their life for my sake and removed from their sons and wives become happy once again." 120.6

"They were all valorous and fought without bothering about their death and after great efforts died. "Oh Indra, please restore their lives." 120.7

"Let all those monkeys who thought death as nothing and who were only fond of doing a favour to me get re-united with their near and dear ones by your grace. I seek this boon from you." 120.8

"Oh person of honour, I wish to see all those monkeys and bears free from pain and from wounds with increased strength and valour." 120.9

"Wherever those monkeys live let there be rivers of pure water, flowers, roots and fruits even in the off season." 120.10

Hearing these words of the great soul Rāghava, Mahendra again spoke the following words to him. 120.11

"Oh Son, best of Raghu clan, this boon which you have asked for is very great and since I have never spoken about any aspect twice in the past, this will come true." 120.12

"Let all those monkeys and bears along with long tailed monkeys, who have been killed in this battle by the Rākṣasas and whose heads and arms have been severed, become active again." 120.13

"Without any problem to their health with increased strength and valour those monkeys would rise again, like a man asleep getting up at the end of sleep." 120.14

"All of them with great joy will meet with their relatives, friends, people of their clan and their family members." 120.15

"Oh wielder of a great bow, trees would be filled with colourful flowers and fruits even in the off season and rivers would constantly carry them water." 120.16

Then all the monkey warriors got up as if from sleep with all their limbs completely healed of all the wounds and being greatly surprised they said to one another, "what a miracle?" 120.17

Seeing the wish of the son of Kākutstha clan has been fully realized, the great devas with great happiness praised Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. 120.18

They said, "Oh king, go to Ayodhyā from here after disbanding the monkey army and reassuring the famous Sītā, who is greatly affectionate towards you." 120.19

"Oh killer of enemies, go and see your brother Bharata who is practising austerities because of grief caused by separation from you and the great Śatrughna, all your mothers and get yourself crowned and bring joy to all the citizens." 120.20-120.21

After speaking like this to Rāma and the son of Sumitrā, the thousand eyed one, greatly pleased with other devas in their respective aerial cars which were shining like Sun. 120.22

After greeting all those devas, Rāma along with his brother Lakṣmaṇa instructed all the monkeys to take rest in their respective places. 120.23

The greatly rejoicing mighty and famous army which was protected by Lakṣmaṇa as well as Rāma, shined brightly on all sides like the night illuminated by the moon. 120.24

This is the end of One Hundred and Twentieth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.