Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 12

12. Kumbhakarṇa Speaks

[Rāvaṇa  briefs his people about past events and tells them that he is passionately in love with Sītā. Kumbhakarṇa says that what he has done is wrong, but he will do all his best to defeat Rāma and his army if needed.]

Then Rāvaṇa  who was the most eminent in the assembly seeing the gathering instructed Prahasta the commander in chief of the Rākṣasa army. 12.1

"Oh commander, you are instructed to give orders to the warriors of well-trained four branches of the army to take up the job of protecting the city. 12.2

Then Prahasta who had a steadfast mind, with a view to follow the command of the king, stations his whole army outside and inside the city. 12.3

After stationing the army for the defence of the city as per the king's order, Prahasta sat in front of the king and spoke. 12.4

"Your army which is as strong as you, has been stationed inside and outside the city and so with a mind without any distraction, do whatever is needed by you. 12.5

That king who was interested in the welfare of his country, after hearing the words of Prahasta, for obtaining pleasure spoke amidst his friends. 12.6

"When you are in difficult situations, regarding Virtue, pleasure and wealth, you are able to have a correct idea about your likes and dislikes, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, and advantages and disadvantages." 12.7

"All actions of mine have been undertaken by me were done with great attention and never in vain." 12.8

"I would attain great prosperity because of the cooperation shown by all of you, like Indra gets prosperity through cooperation of moon, planets, devas and stars." 12.9

"I am intending to tell all of you again though I had not informed Kumbhakarṇa earlier because he was asleep." 12.10

"The very strong Kumbhakarṇa, who can wield all weapons has been sleeping for the past six months and now he has woken up." 12.11

"Sītā the darling wife of Rāma and daughter of Janaka was brought from Daṇḍakāraṇya, which is frequented by Rākṣasas." 12.12

"That lazy one does not want to climb in to my bed and I am of the opinion in the three worlds, there is no one else like her." 12.13

"She has slim waist, well developed hips, has a face like autumn moon, resembles a golden doll, gentle and is like a doll of illusion created by Maya." 12.14

"Seeing that matchless one keep her red and very soft feet, evenly placing on the ground, my lust has been kindled." 12.15

"Seeing her flame like looks, her lustre like the sun, prominent nose and pretty eyes, I have become weakened and have become owned by passion." 12.16

"I am polluted by passion, anger and joy which makes me pale and I have been suffering from sorrow ever since." 12.17

"That large eyed one begged for one year time from me, expecting that she would see her husband Rāma and I accepted the auspicious request of that pretty eyed one and I have become weary due to lust for her, like a horse running on the same path continuously." 12.18-12.19

"How will those monkeys living in the forest or the sons of Dasaratha cross this unassailable sea which is crowded by many sea animals?" 12.20

"But one single monkey has caused great destruction here but the result of their action is unpredictable. Please tell me what is in your mind." 12.21

"We have no fear with human beings. Even so, this matter can be discussed. Earlier, together with you, I conquered the devas in a battle between the devas and Rākṣasas. You also conquered them. Knowing the whereabouts of Sītā, that Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa together with Sugrīva and other monkeys have reached the other shore of the ocean." 12.22-12.24

"Please tell me a plan, which is legal and by which Sītā need not be handed over and Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa are killed." 12.25

"I do not find anybody in this world has the capacity to cross this ocean along with the monkeys and so surely victory will be mine." 12.26

Hearing that appeal from him which was laced only with passion, Kumbhakarṇa spoke the following words with great anger. 12.27

"You should have properly thought over before bringing Sītā who was accompanied by Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, to this place, for even Yamuna at its starting point fills a depression on earth with water." 12.28

"Oh king, it would have been greatly proper, if you have done this consultation before doing that act." 12.29

"Oh ten faced one, when a king does the affairs of the kingdom as per law of justice would not repent later." 12.30

"Unplanned actions lead to negative results and get spoiled, like oblations without devotion gets negative results." 12.31

"He wants to do actions which ought to be done earlier at a later time, would be doing rituals done after death not according to Vedic precepts." 12.32

"Seeing superior strength in acts done without consistency and seeking his weak point is like the swans seeking a clearing in the Krauṇcha mountain." 12.33

"You have undertaken to do this job without proper thought and by luck Rāma did not kill you, for a piece of meat mixed with poison would kill the one who eats it." 12.34

"Oh blemish less one, therefore by killing your enemies I will neutralize, the dis-honourable act of yours towards them." 12.35

"O, night traveller! I shall kill your enemies. I shall fight in this war with those two brothers, even if they are Indra and the sun-god or the god of fire and the wind-god or Kubera and Varuṇa. "12.36

"With a mountain sized body, sharp teeth and carrying huge weapons, I will roar and attack them and kill even if they are Indra." 12.37

"Before that Rāma kills me with his arrow, I shall definitely drink his blood, so please get cheerful." 12.38

"I will bring pleasure to you by killing those sons of Dasaratha and also fetch victory to you. After killing Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, I will eat away all the monkeys." 12.39

"Enjoy passion, drink to the extent of your desire without any anxiety. I will send Rāma to the abode of Yama and Sītā would be yours forever." 12.40

This is the end of Twelfth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.