Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 118

118. Fire God Returns Sītā

[The fire god comes out carrying Sītā and tells Rāma that she is without any blemish for she has never thought of anyone else except Rāma. Rāma tells the fire God that he knew about it but wanted the world also to know about it.]

Hearing these auspicious words spoken by Lord Brahma, the fire God taking Vaidehī in his arms came up. 118.1

Shaking the pyre and taking with him Sītā the daughter of Janaka, the fire God sprang up and appeared in person. 118.2

Carrying in her arms the young lady who was shining like young rising Sun wearing ornaments made of refined Gold, wearing a dress of red blood colour, wearing a dark braided hair, wearing further garlands made of flower which had not faded and with matchless form, the fire God restored her to Rāma. 118.3 -118.4

That fire God who is the witness of the all the worlds then told Rāma, "Oh Rāma, here is your Sītā who does not have any sin in her." 118.5

"Either by word or mind or even by intellect and not even by the eyes, she has never been unfaithful to you." 118.6

"The Rākṣasa Rāvaṇa who was arrogant and proud of his valour took away this miserable and helpless lady from the lonely hermitage and separated her from you." 118.7

"And then she, who had only you in her mind and whose mind was longing for you was taken to his private apartments and hidden there and guarded by frightful Rākṣasīs with horrifying brain." 118.8

"Then Sītā whose mind was always bound in you ignored that Rākṣasa though he tried to allure her by frightening her and by various other means." 118.9

"Take back this very pure and sinless Maithili and I command you not to tell anything harsh to her." 118.10

Then Rāma the follower of Dharma who had a mind which loves hearing these blessed words, with eyes filled with tears of joy thought for a moment. 118.11

Then that very lustrous and greatly valorous Rāma, the best among those upholding Dharma replied like this to the great Deva. 118.12

"Sītā merited this test of purification in the eyes of the people as this pure woman had resided in the private apartment of Rāvaṇa for a long time." 118.13

Suppose I had accepted Janaki without testing her, the world would say "alas, Rāma, the son of Dasaratha is childish and his mind is filled only with lust." 118.14

"I wanted the world to know that this Maithili who is the daughter of Janaka is undivided in her affection towards me and is always within my mind." 118.15

"This broad eyed one is protected by her own lustre and Rāvaṇa would not be able to transgress her like, the sea cannot transgress its shore." 118.16

"In order to convince the three worlds, I whose only refuge is truth, ignored Vaidehī when she was entering the fire." 118.17

"That bad soul could not even touch Maithili even by his mind who is unobtainable and flaming like the tongue of fire." 118.18

"This auspicious lady would not have bothered about the wealth of the private apartment of Rāvaṇa, since Sītā is no different from me, like sunlight is not different from the sun." 118.19

"Maithili the daughter of Janaka is purest in all the three worlds and I would not be able to renounce her as a good name cannot be ignored by a prudent man." 118.20

"I would definitely follow all the advice given to me by you for my benefit as you are all the affectionate guardians of the world." 118.21

Saying thus and getting reunited with her beloved Sītā, the victorious and the very famous Rāma, a scion of Raghu dynasty, who was endowed with a great strength and deserved happiness and was being glorified by his exploits, performed by his own self, experienced joy. 118.22

This is the end of One Hundred and Eighteenth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.