Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 113

113. Hanuman Meets Sītā

[Hanuman enters the city takes permission from Vibhīṣaṇa and meets Sītā. He briefs her about welfare of Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. She becomes happy. Hanuman wants to kill all those Rākṣasīs who were troubling Sītā. Sītā says no and says everything was due to fear. She expresses her desire to see Rāma.]

As directed by Rāma, Hanuman, the son of wind God entered the city of Lanka and was respectfully received by the Rākṣasas. 113.1

That monkey Hanuman who knew Sītā after he entered the city of Lanka sought the permission of Vibhīṣaṇa and after he obtained permission from him as per rules entered the Grove of trees and saw Sītā at the foot of the tree bereft of freshness and also joyless. She was like a frightened cow and was surrounded by Rākṣasīs and Hanuman approached her with humility, offered her salutations by bending his head and stood there silently. 113.2-113.4

That Lady seeing the arrival of the very strong Hanuman kept silent and then recognizing him became joyous. 113.5

Seeing her unperturbed face Hanuman, the best of monkeys began to tell her the entire message of Rāma. 113.6

"Oh daughter of Videha. Rāma along with Sugrīva and Lakṣmaṇa are doing well along with his helper Vibhīṣaṇa and the army of monkeys." 113.7

"Oh lady, Rāma, the destroyer of enemies along with Lakṣmaṇa with the help of Vibhīṣaṇa and that of the monkeys have killed the valorous Rāvaṇa." 113.8

"Oh lady, I am telling this pleasant news to you and again praising you, Oh Sītā. Due to your power and Rāma, who is a follower of Dharma, this victory has been obtained and so make yourself free from sorrow and be comfortable." 113.9-112.10

"Rāvaṇa has been killed, Lanka was subdued. For getting you back, a bridge was constructed sacrificing sleep and the vow of getting you back has been fulfilled." 113.11

"Get freedom from nervousness, though you are living in the abode of Rāvaṇa as this Lanka along with its wealth has been placed under Vibhīṣaṇa." 113.12

"So get relaxed as if you are staying in your own house and Vibhīṣaṇa also would come to see you with happiness as he is eager to see you." 113.13

Then that lady Sītā who resembled the moon having heard this was not able to answer as she was tongue tied due to great joy. 113.14

Then that great monkey seeing that Sītā was not answering him said, "Oh lady, what are you thinking and why are you not speaking to me." 113.15

When Hanuman told her like this Sītā who was firmly established in Dharma, replied him back, greatly pleased and with voice choked with tears. 113.16

"After hearing this pleasing news about the victory of my husband, overpowered with joy, for a moment I became speechless." 113.17

"Oh monkey, I do not find anything appropriate to give you, so that it will please you, for having brought this news which pleases me, though I thought about it." 113.18

"Oh monkey of pleasing habits, I also do not see anything in the world which can be given to you for telling this very pleasing news to me. May you enjoy pleasure." 113.19

"Neither gold, nor silver nor different type of gems, nor the kingship of the three worlds can be a suitable compensation to this message." 113.20

When Vaidehī told like this to the monkey who was standing in front of Sītā with hands folded in salutation replied with joy. 113.21

"Oh lady who is interested in the good of her husband and one who wishes the victory of her husband, such affectionate words can only be spoken by one like you." 113.22

"Oh gentle lady, such meaningful and affectionate words are greater than various heaps of diamonds or the position of the king of devas." 113.23

"After seeing Rāma happy and victorious after killing his enemies and getting victory, I felt like being blessed with the kingship of Devas." 113.24

Hearing these words, the princess of Mithilā and the daughter of Janaka told the following auspicious words to the son of Wind God. 113.25

"You only can utter these type of words which are great in desirable attributes, which are ornamented with sweet qualities, which are intelligent and which has eight great attributes." 113.26

"You are praiseworthy son of Wind God and who is a great votary of Dharma and you are blessed with several good qualities like strength, valour, knowledge of Veda, great skill in your actions, patience, firmness, stability and humility without any doubt whatsoever." 113.27-113.28

After that, standing in front of Sītā with humility and free from nervousness and folding his hands in salutation to her, Hanuman started talking to her. 113.29

"If you are agreeable, I would like to kill all these women who were earlier frightening you and torturing you." 113.30

"These cruel Rākṣasīs who have a frightening look, horrible behaviour, scary cruel eyes, ugly faces, were heard by me as they were speaking harsh words to you, who was devoted to your God like husband and when you were undergoing hardships in this Asoka forest, again and again as per the command of Rāvaṇa." 113.31-113.32

"I wish to kill them using different types of beatings in a very horrible manner, these ugly Rākṣasīs with cruel hairs and eyes talking together. Please grant this boon to me." 113.33-113.34

"I wish to kill these Rākṣasīs, who have spoken harsh words to you and wronged you, striking them down with my fists, hand-blows, long armed blows, blows of my shanks and knees, by causing pain to

their teeth, biting off their ears and nose and pulling out their hair, making them severely dry- mouthed, tearing them off, leaping over them, encountering them and throwing down their bodies, with their burst cheeks, necks, shoulders and ribs." 113.35-113.37

"Oh lady with great fame, by these methods as well as several different type of blows, I would kill these fierce ones, by whom you were threatened earlier." 113.38

When Hanuman told like this the kind hearted Sītā who loved the oppressed she spoke to him as follows. 113.39

"Oh great monkey, who can show anger against these servant maids who are bound by the orders given to them and work in obedience to such orders?" 113.40

"I have experienced all these sufferings due to my bad fortune or due to defective behaviour on my part earlier, for all the one experiences is due to one's own actions." 113.41

"Oh great one, do not talk like this as this is the result of fate which had been decided earlier and due to which I underwent these sufferings and though I am without strength, I would like to pardon all these servant maids of Rāvaṇa." 113.42

"They threatened and troubled me due to the orders of Rāvaṇa, the Rākṣasa and since he has been killed, they would not trouble me, Oh great monkey." 113.43

"Oh monkey, please hear from me the verse that was recited by a bear in front of tiger earlier quoted from the collection of texts." 113.44

"A divine person does not participate in pointing out the sin committed by others towards him, for time protects those who wear their character as a good ornament." 113.45

"Oh monkey, mercy has to be shown to the gentleman as well as the sinner and the one with auspicious character or even to a person who deserves to be killed as, there is no one who never commits any wrong." 113.46

"Inauspicious acts should not be done even towards Rākṣasas who can assume any form they want and who wander doing evil to others." 113.47

When the faultless Sītā. who is the wife of Rāma, told him like this, Hanuman, who is an expert in speech, replied. 113.48

"Oh lady with fame, you are indeed a virtuous and suitable wife of Rāma. Please give me a message to Rāma so that I can go to the place where he is." 113.49

When he told like this to Vaidehī the daughter of Janaka, replied, "Oh great monkey, I would like to see my husband." 113.50

Hanuman the very wise son of the wind God after hearing these words from her spoke the following words which brought happiness to Sītā. 113.51

"You would see Rāma who resembles the full moon along with Lakṣmaṇa and along with his friends who are alive and whose enemies have been killed, like Sachi Devi saw her husband Indra." 113.52

After saying this to Sītā who shined like the real Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, The very fast Hanuman went to the place where Rāma was there. 113.53

Then Hanuman the good monkey told speedily in the sequential order the reply given by Sītā who was the daughter of Janaka to Rāghava who was equal to Indra, the lord of the heavens. 113.54

This is the end of One Hundred and Thirteenth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.