Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 11

11. Rāvaṇa Summons General Council

[Not satisfied with the advice he got, Rāvaṇa summons a general council of Rākṣasas. All people including Vibhīṣaṇa and Prahasta arrive for attending the council.]

That sinful king got further weak being passionately loving Maithili, despising the kind hearted friend as well as by his sinful action. 11.1

Since the prospect of war was coming very near, Rāvaṇa wanted to do further consultations with his friends and ministers. 11.2

He mounted the great chariot covered by gold and studded with valuable gems and drawn by trained horses. 11.3

Having mounted that best chariot, that great Rākṣasa with ten necks started moving towards his council making the rattling sound of a great cloud. 11.4

Heroes holding sword and shield and Rākṣasas armed with all weapons, marched in front of the chariot of king of Rākṣasas. 11.5

With very many unpalatable shapes and wearing different type of ornaments, the Rākṣasa marched surrounding him from sides as well as behind. 11.6

Great charioteers in chariots, elephants in rut and horses in different gaits speedily rushed after the ten necked one. 11.7

Some were Holding mace and iron rod, some holding Śaktī and Javelin and some were wearing axes and other type of tridents. 11.8

Then thousands of trumpets gave rise to huge sound and several conches produced tumultuous sounds.11.9

Then that great chariot with an auspicious look making sounds by moving wheels soon, entered the royal avenue. 11.10

The spotlessly pure white Umbrella which was held over the head of the king of Rākṣasas shined like a full moon. 11.11

Two white cowry fans made of yak tails and having handle made out crystal and with golden fringes were also shining. 11.12

All the Rākṣasas who were standing on the land, bowed their head and saluted the king of Rākṣasas riding on a chariot. 11.13

Praised by the Rākṣasas who were cheering him to get victory, that harasser of enemies approached the council hall. 11.14

Rāvaṇa  with great splendour, with his body shining brightly, entered that assembly hall, which was paved with gold and silver, whose interior was wrought with pure crystal, carpeted with skins of deer, guarded by six hundred evil spirits, ever shining and well-constructed by Viśvakarma. 11.15-11.16

Rāvaṇa  occupied a great seat in that hall, embedded by Vaidūrya gems, covered with a skin of Priyaka and furnished with pillows. 11.17

After that the king Rāvaṇa  ordered his emissaries, who were valorous, "Since I know what the enemies are doing there is a great work before us and so call all the Rākṣasas quickly." 11.18

Hearing the words of the Rākṣasa king, they went round the entire Lanka, in to gardens and inside bed rooms and in to every house without fear and summoned Rākṣasas from everywhere. 11.19- 11.20

Some Rākṣasas came mounted on pretty chariots, some came on horses, some came on elephants and some others walked down. 11.21

The city became very crowded with the coming of Rākṣasas on chariots, horses and elephants and appeared like birds rushing fast in the sky. 11.22

Parking horses, elephants and various kinds vehicles like chariots, they entered by foot the assembly- hall as a mountain-cave is entered by lions. 11.23

After touching the feet of the king, in return honoured by him, some of them sat on seats, some on mats and some on bare grounds. 11.24

As per the order of the king they all assembled in the council hall and took position around the king as per their rank. 11.25

Ministers who were scholars who were well versed in deciding action and those endowed with good qualities, those who knew everything, king's ministers who could perceive things by their power of intellect and warriors in hundreds, gathered according to their importance in that assembly hall, which was wrapped with gold, for telling their opinions on all actions. 11.26-11.27

That great soul Vibhīṣaṇa who was famous got in to an auspicious and very broad chariot, with several of its part being made in gold and which was drawn by good horses, and drove towards the council hall of Rāvaṇa , his elder brother. 11.28

Then that younger brother Told the king his name saluted him by touching his feet. Sukha and Prahasta did also like wise and Rāvaṇa  allotted them all suitable seats. 11.29

The aroma of the best aloe and sandal paste painted on the persons as also of garlands worn round the necks of those Rākṣasas duly adorned with ornaments of gold and gems and attired in excellent clothes diffused all round in the assembly-hall. 11.30

The assembled Rākṣasas there did not shout loudly. None told a lie or even talked vociferously. All of them were ready for action and were endowed with terrible energy. All of them sat, perceiving their lord's face. 11.31

In that assembly Rāvaṇa  who was self-willed shined with extreme brilliance among all those Rākṣasas who have assembled there and appeared like Indra among the Vāsus. 11.32

This is the end of Eleventh Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.