Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 105

105. Agastya Teaches Āditya Hṛdayam

[Agastya teaches the great prayer called Āditya Hṛdayam (Heart of Sun) to Rāma, which would help Rāma in war. Rāma chants it according to rules. Sun God appears before him and asks him to kill Rāvaṇa.]

The great God like sage Agastya, who has come along with other Gods to see the war, seeing the tired and thought filled Rāvaṇa, approached Lord Rāma, who is ready for the war and told. 105.1- 105.2

Hey Rāma, Hey dear Rāma, be pleased to hear, that which is secret and perennial, by reciting which, son, you would be victorious in war. 105.3

This is the prayer called "the heart of the sun" which is holy, destroys all enemies, which leads to victory, and by reciting which daily, leads you to perennial state of good. 105.4

This prayer great gives all that is good,
Destroys all sins committed,
Acts as an antidote for sorrow and thought,
And also leads to very long life. 105.5

Offer prayers to the Great Sun God,
Who is the owner of rays,
Who rises up from below,
Who is worshipped by devas and asuras,
And who is worshipped by every one of the universe. 105.6.

He has within him all the devas,
He is the brightest among the bright,
He runs the whole world by his rays,
And protects all the worlds of Devas and Asuras,
By his great Rays. 105.7

He is Brahmā, He is Vishnu,
He is Shiva, He is Skanda,
He is the progenitor of human race,
He is the king of devas,
He is Kubera, the lord of all riches.
He is Kala, the God of death, 105.8

And He is the moon also He is Varuṇa
He is the manes, He is the Gods called Vāsus,
He is the gods called sādhya,
He is the Aśvinī devatās, the doctors of Gods,
He is the Maruts who are responsible for breeze,
He is the wind God, He is the fire God,
He is the soul of all beings,
He is the creator of seasons,
And he is the giver of light. 105.9

He is the son of Āditi,
He is the creator of the world,
He makes us do things,
He travels on the sky,
He feeds the world by rain,
He is the one with rays,
He is the colour of Gold,
He is always shining,
He is responsible for creation,
And he is the maker of the day. 105.10

He has green horses,
He has thousands of rays,
He rides on seven horses,
He dispels darkness,
He gives a pleasant life,
He kills all life,
He gives rebirth to those killed,
He removes darkness,
And he is resplendent in his glory. 105.11

He who keeps the golden source,
He who cools down minds of devotees,
He who bestows heat,
He who is the source of light,
He who is praised by everyone,
He who has fire within himself,
He who is the son of Āditi,
He who travels in the sky with pleasure,
And he who melts cold. 105.12

He who is the lord of the sky,
He who dispels darkness,
He who is a master of Rig, Yajur and Sama Veda,
He who is the cause of heavy rains,
He who is the friend of water,
And he who travels over the Vindhyas swiftly. 105.13

He who gives heat,
He who is of the global shape,
He who is of the form of death,
He who is of the colour of gold,
He who heats everything,
He who is in expert in knowledge,
He who manages the universe,
He who is of great brilliance,
He who is dear to everyone,
And he who manages every event. 105.14.

Salutations to him who is the Lord of stars, planets and zodiac,
To him who looks after the universe,
To him who gives light to all that shines,
And To him who has twelve forms. 105.15

Salutations to him, who rises from the mounts of east,
Salutations to him, who sets on mounts of west,
Salutations to the lord of objects that shine,
And the Lord of the day. 105.16

Salutations to him who is the cause of victories,
Salutations to him who has green horses,
Salutations and salutations to him who has thousand rays,
Salutations and salutations to the son of Āditi. 105.17

Salutations and salutations,
To him who is fearful to the sinners,
To him who is the hero,
And to him who travels swiftly.
Salutations to him who opens the lotus,
And salutations and salutations,
To him who makes men live. 105.18

Salutations to Him,
Who is God to Brahma, Achyuta and Shiva,
Who is the giver of light,
Who is the son of Āditi,
Who is ever shining,
Who eats everything,
And to him who has a fearsome body. 105.19

Salutations to him,
Who destroys darkness,
Who destroys, snow,
Who destroys his enemies,
Who has an immeasurable body,
Who destroys those who are not grateful,
And to him who is the Lord of those who shine. 105.20

Salutations to Him,
Who is of the colour of molten gold,
Who is of the form of fire,
Who has created the world,
Who destroys ignorance,
Who is the subject of all that is loved,
And to him who is the witness of the world. 105.21

Our lord helps beings to grow,
And also destroys them.
He with his awesome rays,
Looks after every being,
Gives intense heat to them,
And also causes rains to shower 105.22

This our Lord is awake,
When all the world is asleep,
Without anyone being aware,
And he is the fire sacrifice,
And also the one who performs fire sacrifice. 105.23

All the Vedas,
All the yajñas,
Result of all yajñas.
And all the actions,
That happen in this world,
Are this Lord Surya himself. 105.24

Hey Lord Rāghava,
Anyone who sings the praise of the Sun,
In time of danger,
In time of suffering,
In wild forests.
And in times of fear,
Is able to cross the problem for sure. 105.25

Please worship Him.
Who is God of Gods,
And who is the lord of the universe,
With single minded devotion.
If you chant this thrice,
You would win in the war. 105.26

"Oh hero of heroes,
You would kill Rāvaṇa within a second,"
Saying this the sage Agastya,
Went back his way. 105.27

Hearing this, the resplendent one,
Became devoid of sorrow,
And with utmost devotion,
Wore this prayer within himself. 105.28

Cleansing himself,
By doing Āchamana thrice,
And facing the Sun God,
Lifting his bow
The great hero Rāma became very happy 105.29

Came he facing Rāvaṇa,
For starting the war again,
With all preparations great,
With an intention of killing him. 105.30

Immediately then Lord Sun,
Who is the king of the skies
Arose from the middle of the bevy of Gods,
With mind full of happiness,
And asked Rāma to kill Rāvaṇa forthwith. 105.31

This is the end of One Hundred and Fifth Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.