Rāmāyana | Yuddha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 102

102. Indra Sends Chariot to Rāma

[The great war continues. Devas felt that Rāma was at a disadvantage fighting from land and so Indra sent his chariot and charioteer Mātali to help Rāma. Both of them being of equal valour the war continued in a fierce manner.]

Hearing Lakṣmaṇa speaking those words, the valorous Rāma, who as the destroyer of his enemies, took hold of his bow and fixed an arrow on its bow string. 102.1

In the battle front Rāma released horrifying arrows at Rāvaṇa and Rāvaṇa, the king of Rākṣasas occupying another chariot rushed towards the son of Kākutstha clan, Similar to Rāhu rushing towards the sun God. 102.2

The ten necked one standing on his chariot struck Rāma with arrows equal to Vajra similar to a cloud gushing out rain on a huge mountain. 102.3

Rāma thoughtfully sent fire like flaming arrows ornamented with gold on the ten necked one in the battle field. 102.4

Devas, Gandharvas and Yakṣas told among themselves that the war fought with Rāvaṇa on a chariot and Rāma on the ground was not equal. 102.5

Hearing these words, the auspicious best among Devas summoned Mātali [his charioteer] and spoke the following words to him. 102.6

"Go speedily along with my chariot to the earth and after reaching there, invite the best among the Raghu clan to take the seat in the chariot and do great service to Devas. 102.7

When the king of devas told like this, his charioteer Mātali, saluted him by bowing his head and told the following words. 102.8

"Oh Indra along with excellent chariot yoked to green horses, I will go and perform the duty of Charioteer to Rāma." 102.9

Taking the glorious and excellent chariot of Indra, having variegated body decked in gold, which was fitted with hundreds of tiny bells, with its pole of cat's eye gems shining like the morning sun, yoked to excellent green horses, having golden chaplets on their heads, having white whisks, covered with nets of gold, shining like the sun and bearing a flag-staff raised on a golden bamboo and ascending the chariot, as enjoined by Indra after descending from paradise, Mātali approached Rāma. 102.10- 102.13

Staying on the chariot itself, that Mātali the charioteer of the thousand eyed one folding his hands in salutation to Rāma, told the following words. 102.14

"Ok son of Kākutstha clan, the thousand eyed one has sent this chariot to help you get victory. Oh mighty and glorious one, who is the destroyer of his enemies. 102.15

"Here is the great bow of Indra and his armour shining like fire, arrows as bright as the sun and the auspiciously pure steel spear. 102.16

"Oh valorous one, get in to this chariot and kill the Rākṣasa called Rāvaṇa, like Indra killed the Asuras when I was driving the chariot." 102.17

When he told like this Rāma went round the chariot, offered his salutations to it and got in to that chariot causing the three worlds to shine with splendour. 102.18

Then ensued a great tumultuous battle making one's hair stand erect between the greatly valorous Rāma and that Rākṣasa called Rāvaṇa. 102.19

That Rāghava who was a great expert on arrows matched a Gandharva arrow with a Gandharva arrow, a God arrow with a gold arrow and made fall the arrows of the king. 102.20

That king of Rākṣasas became greatly angry and again released another horrific arrow of the Rākṣasas. 102.21

Those arrows decked with gold, which were released from the bow of Rāvaṇa turned in to highly poisonous snake and came towards Rāma. 102.22

Those fearful arrows having a burning face, vomiting burning fire from its face, with its mouth wide open rushed towards Rāma alone. 102.23

All the directions of the earth were covered by poisonous snakes, whose impact was like Vasuki, the king of serpents with flaming coils. Even the corners between the directions were filled with these snakes. 102.24

Seeing all those snakes rushing towards him in the battle field, Rāma created and released an extremely fearful and horrific arrow of Garuda. 102.25

With golden shafts which shined like flames that arrow released from the bow of Rāma turned n to golden eagles and these went round. 102.26

Those arrows of Rāma which can assume any form that they want, assumed the form of eagles and destroyed all those arrows which were flying round in the form of snakes. 102.27

Seeing that his arrows have proved a waste, Rāvaṇa, the king of Rākṣasas became greatly angry, and rained horrific rains of arrows on Rāma. 102.28

With thousand arrows Rāvaṇa wounded Rāma who never delayed his actions and then wounded Mātali with very many arrows. 102.29

With one arrow Rāvaṇa struck the golden flag post and made it fall down on the seat and tore the flag of that chariot and Rāvaṇa also struck the horses of Indra's chariots. 102.30

Seeing Rāma pained, the gods, Gandharvas, Chāraṇas along with the demons, as also Sidha and the great sages felt dejected. Seeing the moon in the shape of Rāma eclipsed by Rāhu in the shape of Rāvaṇa, the monkey-chiefs too, along with Vibhīṣaṇa, felt perturbed. 102.31-102.32

The planet Budha conquering the constellation of Rohiṇī who was the darling of the moon, which was presided by Lord Brahma forebode disaster to all beings. 102.33

Burning in great rage that ocean rose very high at that time as though it was trying to touch the sun and its mist and tide moving to and fro. 102.34

The Sun looked with colour of ash with piercing rays and its rays travelled slowly and it appeared like a headless trunk in its lap and united with the comet. 102.35

The planet mars [angaraka] stood attacking the Viśākhā star constellation presided over by Indra and fire, which is adored by the kings of Kosala. 102.36

With ten faces, twenty arms and holding the bow tightly by his hands, Rāvaṇa looked like the Mainaka Mountain. 102.37

Because of being overpowered by that ten necked Rākṣasa, Rāma was not even able to fit arrows in his bow. 102.38

That angry Rāma knitting his eye brows, with eyes turned slightly red got in to great anger and felt as though he would burn all the Rākṣasas. 102.39

Seeing the face of that powerful Rāma which was provoked by great anger, all living beings got frightened and even the earth began to tremble. 102.40

The Mountains with its lions and tigers as well as its swaying trees trembled and even the ocean which is the lord of rivers got agitated. 102.41

The very dense clouds with harsh loud sounds assumed an undesirable look and roamed all over the sky thundering. 102.42

Seeing Rāma being terribly angry and seeing those portents, al beings started shivering and even Rāvaṇa was seized with fear. 102.43

The devas, Gandharvas and great serpents who were sitting on their planes, sages, Asuras and Dānavas, eagles which were flying in the air witnessed the battle between those great heroes, fighting steadily with various types of weapons and felt as if the final deluge was approaching. 102.44-102.45

Those devas and Asuras who had come to witness the battle seeing that battle rejoiced due to devotion. 102.46

The Rākṣasas who reached the battle field told Rāvaṇa, "Be victorious" and the Gods again and again told Rāma, "Be victorious.", 102.47

In the meantime, that evil-minded Rāvaṇa, who caused enemies to cry, stroking with anger a great weapon wishing to strike Rāma, took with anger that spike, which was as powerful as a thunderbolt, which made a loud noise and was capable of exterminating all enemies, which was resembling the mountain-peak, which with its sharp points was dreadful to conceive and to behold was resembling a smoke-crested mass of fire blazing at the final deluge, exceedingly furious, which was difficult to approach even by God of Death, which was unassailable, which was a terror for all beings, capable as it was of tearing and splitting them with it being burning with flames. 102.48-102.51

That valorous and angry Rāvaṇa surrounded in the battle field by many Rākṣasas took hold of that spear by its middle. 102.52

Rāvaṇa with a very huge body, with blood red eyes due to anger lifted that spear, making his army greatly happy and roared greatly in that battle. 102.53

That frightful roar of Rāvaṇa made the earth, the four directions, the sky and angles of Compass tremble and shiver. 102.54

By that great roar of that very big bodied bad soul, all the living beings trembled and the ocean was agitated. 102.55

After taking hold of that great spear, that very valorous Rāvaṇa, made another great roar and spoke the following words to Rāma. 102.56

"Oh Rāma this great spear which is equal to a thunderbolt would surely take away not only your life but that of your brother and help mate Lakṣmaṇa," 102.57

"I who appreciate war would kill you by my strength in this war and make you equivalent to very many Valorous Rākṣasas killed by me in the battle front." 102.58

"Oh Rāghava, wait for I am going to kill you with this spear," speaking thus that king of Rākṣasas hurled that spear. 102.59

That spear which was released from the hands of Rāvaṇa was encircled in an orb of lightning and with eight bells tied on it making a very great sound splashed as it went to the sky. 102.60

The valorous Rāghava seeing that lustrous spear which was horrifying to look at stretched his bow and released very many plumed arrows. 102.61

That Rāghava warded off that spear by a rains of his arrows, like Indra warded off the fire at deluge by streams of water. 102.62

But the large spear of Rāvaṇa consumed all those arrows which were coming from the bow of Rāma, like moths being consumed by fire. 102.63

Seeing those arrows smashed by coming into contact with the spear and reduced to ashes even while positioned in the sky, Rāma became greatly angry. 102.64

That Rāghava who was the source of happiness of the Raghu clan, became very angry at this and took hold of a spear by Mātali, with the consent of Indra. 102.65

That spear lifted by the very strong Rāma, gave out big sound of bells and began to burn like a lustrous meteor in the sky at the final deluge. 102.66

That spear which was hurled made in to pieces the spear of the king of Rākṣasas and due to it that great spear of Rāvaṇa fell on the ground, with its lustre extinguished. 102.67

With very sharp arrows of very high speed with shaft made of reeds, Rāma struck at his target and pierced the great fleet of horses of Rāvaṇa. 102.68

Then Rāma using sharp arrows wounded the chest region of Rāvaṇa and deliberately with three arrows pierced the forehead of Rāvaṇa. 102.69

With all his body parts being wounded and blood covering the entire body, that Rāvaṇa, in the middle of Rākṣasas, shined like a blooming Asoka tree in the middle of other trees. 102.70

With all his body severely injured by Rāma's arrows and with his body bathed in blood, that Rāvaṇa felt exhausted in the middle of a multitude of Rākṣasas and became greatly angry. 102.71

This is the end of One Hundred and Second Sarga of Yuddha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.