Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 66

Chapter: 66
Rāma's Chūḍa maṇi Narration

[Rāma is upset to know about Sītā and asks Hanuman to tell in detail what has been told by her. The pearl brooch brings to him memories of her, his father and father in law.]

Rāma, the son of Dasaratha who was with Lakṣmaṇa after being thus spoken by Hanuman embraced the pearl brooch tightly to his chest and shed copious tears. 1

After seeing that great ornament Rāghava with tear filled eyes and with a weeping heart addressed Sugrīva with the following words. 2

"My heart melts on seeing this great ornament, which is similar to the shedding of milk by the cow on seeing its calf." 3

"This pearl ornament was given to Vaidehī by my father in law and when worn by her during the wedding shined much more than now." 4

"This pearl which is born in water and considered very valuable by good people, was given to him by Indra during a fire sacrifice." 5

"Hey peaceful one, after seeing this great pearl ornament, my mind has attained the state of having the pleasure of seeing my father and my father in law." 6

"This would shine in my darling's hair prettily. By getting this, I feel I have already got her." 7

"Hey peaceful one, what words, similar to the wetting of the throat of the thirsty one with water has been sent by Sītā, who is the daughter of King of Videha. Please tell me once more." 8

"Hey Lakṣmaṇa, what can be sadder than the fact that I have parted from the company of Vaidehī and am looking at this gem?" 9

"Hey peaceful one, if Vaidehī lives for one month, she will be living for a long time. I would not now live for one more second without her." 10

(What he means is that one-month is much more than sufficient to free Sītā.)

"Please take me to that place where my darling is there. Having understood the present circumstances, I cannot even waste one minute more." 11

"To what extent, should my virtuous wife, who is pretty, suffer, as she is being terrorized by those horrible Rākṣasīs?" 12

"Her face surrounded by the rākṣasas would be without glamour like the autumn moon surrounded, hid and released by clouds." 13

"Hanuman, what did Sītā tell? Tell everything in detail without leaving anything. Like a patient keeping his life by medicines, only through these (words) I can continue to live." 14

"What did my darling, who is very pretty, who is sweet, who tells honeyed words and who is away from me, tell you? Hanuman, please tell me in detail." 15

Thus ends the sixty sixth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.