Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 65

Chapter: 65
Hanuman’s Chūḍa maṇi Presentation

[Hanuman then tells about the state of Sītā and the messages sent by her and gave the hair brooch which was the memento given by her.]

They reached the Prasravaṇa Mountains with its very peculiar forests and again saluted with bowed head the very strong Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sugrīva and keeping their crown prince Angada in front and waited for permission to tell about the current state of Sītā in detail. 1-2

All those monkeys told in front of Rāma the fact that Sītā was imprisoned in the harem of Rāvaṇa, she is being terrorized by the Rākṣasīs, her special love towards Rāma and also the fact that time period has been set for her life. 3

Hearing that no harm has come to the virtue of Sītā, Rāma afterwards spoke, "Hey monkeys, where is Sītā now? What is her attitude towards me? Please tell me in detail all news about Vaidehī." 4

Hearing the words of Rāma, the monkeys requested Hanuman, who only knew about all details about Sītā in person, to go in front of Rāma. 5

Then hearing their request, Hanuman, who had mastery over words, bowed and saluted Sītā looking in the direction she is and told the following in detail about the news of his seeing Sītā. 6

(In the Tamil Kambha Rāmāyaṇa, even at the first meeting Hanuman salutes Sītā turning the southern direction and tells, "I have seen Sītā." This is supposed to give the good news quickly and also indicate to Rāma that Sītā is still virtuous.)

"I, with a desire to see Sītā, who is the daughter of Janaka, searched for her and crossed the ocean which was one hundred yojanas broad." 7

"There in the southern shore of the southern ocean, the bad soul Rāvaṇa has a city called Lanka." 8

"Hey Rāma, I saw Sītā, who is virtuous and the store house all that is good in the harem of Rāvaṇa. She is just managing to keep her soul intact because of her love towards you." 9

"She was in front of my eyes in the garden of the harem, in between the Rākṣasīs, being terrorized often by those horrible Rākṣasīs, shaking with fear and was under their custody." 10

"That virtuous lady, who did not merit sorrow, was undergoing sorrow thus." 11

"I found out with difficulty that the holy lady, who had made her hair singly, sleeping on the bare floor was being prevented from entering Rāvaṇa's harem and well-guarded by those Rākṣasīs, resembled the lotus of winter, was completely depressed, not able to see any way to escape from Rāvaṇa, having decided to give up her life and living in a pitiable state but in spite of all that having given her entire mind to you and always thinking about you." 12-13

"Hey innocent lion among men, having heard me praising the fame of the Ikshvāku clan, confidence in me developed in her." 14

"After that I conversed with the great lady. All information was told to her. She became pleased to hear about the treaty between Sugrīva and Rāma-Lakṣmaṇa. 15

"Since she is devoted to you, the only aim of that lady was protecting her virtue." 16

"Hey great man, I saw the daughter of Janaka, who is great, forever having devotion and thought about you." 17

"Hey very knowledgeable one, she entrusted me to remind you the story of crow near you in Chitrakūṭa which you know already." 18

"Janaki told me, "Hey son of wind god, you have to tell Rāma the lion among men, all what I said without leaving anything about this matter."" 19

"This hair brooch which would bring pleasure to my mind was carefully preserved by me. This should be carefully preserved by you, without the knowledge of others and has to be given carefully to Rāma in presence of Sugrīva and he has to be told. "This born out of water and capable of creating happiness has been sent by me to you. Please remember the tilakā (dot) drawn by red stone on my forehead."" 20-22

(The story of Tilaka is a private story and should not be narrated in front of everyone but should only be indicated.)

Sītā who was having doe like eyes which are awake, who was prevented from entering the harem of Rāvaṇa, who was having a lean body, also told me, "Hey, son of Dasaratha, who is not subject to aging, when I was very sad, I used to take this and look at it and imagined that I was seeing you and console myself. I would keep my soul for one more month. After one month, I would get in to the custody of Rākṣasas and would not be alive." 23-25

"Hey, Rāghava, all these have been told by me as it is. It is necessary to order building one dam in the ocean." 26

(Note that Hanuman does not tell any news about his exploits while crossing the sea or in the city of Lanka because it is not proper to praise oneself before ones boss.)

The son of wind God seeing that those two princes were sufficiently consoled gave that memento to them and told all the messages of the holy lady from beginning to end. 27

Thus ends the sixty fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.