Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 64

Chapter: 64
Hanuman at Kiṣkindha

[Hanuman and other monkeys return back to Kiṣkindha and inform the good news of having found Sītā and her being virtuous.]

Thus told by Sugrīva, at that time, the well pleased Dadimukha saluted Rāghava, Lakṣmaṇa and Sugrīva. 1

After saluting the very strong Rāghava and Sugrīva, he rose up in the sky along with his valorous monkeys. 2

He returned by the path by which he came and went with the same speed, jumped from the sky and entered the forest. 3

After reaching the honey forest he saw that all the monkeys have got rid of the effect of honey and saw them urinating the honey and water drunk by them. 4

That hero went near them. He then addressed Angada with folded hands and with clear mind and told the following willing words. 5

"Hey peaceful master, you were prevented by the watchmen due to their ignorance. Please do not get angry that they did not give you respect befitting your status." 6

"Hey very strong one, being the crown prince you are the owner of this forest. The crime in not recognizing this was committed because of ignorance. Please pardon this." 7

"Hey blameless one, I ran and have informed your father's brother about the arrival of you along with all these monkeys." 8

"He became extremely pleased to know about your safe arrival along with the monkeys. Even after hearing that the forest was destroyed, he did not become angry." 9

"Sugrīva, who is the King of all monkeys and also your father's brother, ordered me, "Send all of them immediately to this place."" 10

Angada, the monkey chief, who was great among those. who has great control over words, hearing these sweet words of Dadimukha told thus to the other monkey chiefs. 11

"Hey, Chiefs of monkeys, I understand that the above news has come from Rāma. So hey, monkeys who always win over their enemies, we should not waste our time in unnecessary work here and cause delay." 12

"Hey monkeys, have you not drunk sufficient honey and taken rest. Let us all go to the place where my father Sugrīva is there. What else can be done now?" 13

(Can also be translated as "What else is remaining except going to Sugrīva's presence?")

"Hey monkey chiefs, since I am to obey your wishes, all of you please decide and tell me, what has to be done so that I will do accordingly." 14

"Since you have completed the job entrusted to you, it is not proper for me to command you. So even though I am the crown prince, I do not think that I possess the power to command you." 15

Hearing these blemish less words of Angada, the monkeys became very happy and replied thus. 16

"Hey King of monkeys, which boss will tell us thus? Because people intoxicated with wealth would consider that they are everything."" 17

"These words are well suited to a great one like you. It cannot come from anyone else. These herald the great positions which you are going to occupy." 18

"We, who are waiting for commands from you to go to the place where Sugrīva, who is the King of all monkeys and who is capable of right action, have all become ready." 19

"Unless you give leave none of the monkeys can take even a step to go anywhere. Hey, monkey chief, we are telling this truthfully." 20

When they told like this Angada told, "Yes, let us go." Hearing this, those very strong monkeys jumped and rose in to the sky. 21

All those monkey warriors darkened the entire sky and went one after the other like the stones thrown in to the sky by catapults. 22

Those very fast monkeys, travelling swiftly in the sky, made sounds like the clouds hit by wind. 23

When Angada was nearing the place, the monkey King Sugrīva told thus and consoled Rāma, who was sad and had lotus like eyes. 24

"Good news to you. There is no doubt that the holy lady has been found out for they all dare not come back here after the stipulated date." 25

"Without completing the job, Angada, who is greatest among monkeys, who is a great hero and who is the crown prince will definitely not return." 26

"Suppose they have not completed the job entrusted, they would be afraid and come with a faded face." 27

"Suppose the monkey chief Angada is not enthusiastic, he will never dare to destroy the forest, founded by my Father and Grand Father and protected by my elders." 28

(Rikṣa Yajas was the son of Brahma and when he took a dip in the pond of Brahma Loka, he became a female monkey. Bali and Sugrīva were born to him as a result of love with Indra and Sun God. He later became male and brought up Bali and Sugrīva. The honey forest was given to him by his father Brahma. So the above can be translated as "the forest given by my Grand Father to my Father.")

"So Rāma, who is the darling son of Kausalya (who was born to Kausalya because of her luck) and who has observed all suitable penances, console yourself. There is no doubt that Hanuman and nobody else has found out the holy lady". 29

(There is an interpretation that Kausalya is indeed lucky that Sītā has been found out for otherwise Rāma would not live. Please also note that this phrase has been borrowed and put in the Venkatesa Suprabhatham.)

"Hey very knowledgeable one, there is none except Hanuman who can complete this job, for only in Hanuman the necessary efficiency, wisdom, determination and valour permanently exist similar to the brilliance which exists with the Sun God." 30

"Not only that, in any mission where Angada is the head, Jambhavan is the leader and Hanuman is there to decide what aspect has to be done by whom and when it is to be done, the result cannot be other than expected. So, Hey great hero, do not be immersed in sorrow." 31-32

(Please note that stanza 31 occurs in many places without much change.)

Then talking to each other as if they were proud of Hanuman's success and are coming to inform the success of their mission, the monkeys neared Kiṣkindha and the sound of their prattling (Kilu kila sound) was heard in the sky. 33

Hearing the sound of the monkeys that great monkey chieftain straightened his curved tail and became very happy. 34

Those monkeys who were desirous of seeing Rāma arrived pushing Hanuman to their front. 35

Angada and other warriors who were full of joy and had a smiling face got down near the monkey King and Rāghava. 36

Then the great hero Hanuman saluted Rāghava with a bent head and informed in short the news of the virtue of Sītā being pure without even an iota of blemish. 37

Rāma along with Lakṣmaṇa hearing the nectar like words, that "Sītā has been found" from the mouth of Hanuman became very happy. 38

Because of that Sugrīva became very happy at the determined efficiency of Hanuman and Lakṣmaṇa examined him with love mingled with respect. 39

Then Rāghava who was the killer of his enemies became happy and also saw him with respectful affection. 40

Thus ends the sixty fourth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.