Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 63

Chapter: 63
Dadimukha's Information

[Dadimukha along with his other security staff is not able to succeed and are ill-treated by Angada and other monkeys. So he reaches Sugrīva's presence and complaints to him about the behaviour of the monkeys. Sugrīva becomes happy concluding that Sītā has been found out and informs Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa. He requests Dadimukha to go back and request all the monkeys to come to his presence immediately.]

Seeing the monkey, who bowed and saluted by his head, the King of the Monkeys, holding his chest immediately spoke the following words. 1

"Hey hero, get up and get up immediately. Why did you fall at my feet? Please tell me everything without leaving any particulars. You would get safety." 2

The very intelligent Dadimukha thus consoled by the great soul Sugrīva got up and told the following. 3

"Hey King, that honey forest has not been made a place, where others to enter by Rikṣa Yajas nor Bali and nor by your worshipful self. In spite of this, it has been destroyed by the monkeys." 4

"In spite of their being prevented by the security staff of the forest and without bothering about them, all the monkeys drank all the honey and are still drinking it." 5

"Some of them poured whatever was remaining there itself. All of them were destroying honey like that. Some of them who were prevented bent their eye brows and showed it to us." 6

"Not only that, these security people, who went to prevent them, were also driven away and beaten by those monkey chiefs." 7

"Hey, chief of monkeys, at that stage these monkeys were terrorized by the numerous monkey heroes with angry red eyes." 8

"Some of them were beaten by hand and some knocked by knees. Not only that some of them were dragged and shown their assholes." 9

"When you yourself is the Lord, these heroes are troubled like this and the entire honey forest is being destroyed as they pleased." 10

Killer of enemies and a very knowledgeable one Lakṣmaṇa asked Sugrīva, who was being requested like this, as follows regarding Dadimukha. 11

"Hey King, why did this monkey, who is a forest guard, come here? About what is he telling you with so much sorrow?" 12

The master of the words Sugrīva, who was thus asked by the great soul Lakṣmaṇa, told the following to him. 13

"Gentleman Lakṣmaṇa, this monkey hero Dadimukha is telling me about the destruction of honey forest by Angada and other monkeys." 14

"They have come to the honey forest. So the work has been successfully completed by them." 15

"Hanuman himself has found the holy lady and there is no doubt about it. Nothing else seems to be possible. No others except Hanuman can be the causal agent for completing this job." 16

"Only, in that great monkey, the will to complete the job, the needed intelligence, determination, valour and wisdom are there." 17

"Not only that, in any mission, where Angada is the head, Jambhavan is the leader and Hanuman is there to decide as to what aspect has to be done by whom and when it has to be done, the result cannot be other than expected." 18

"Angada and other heroes, who have returned after searching the southern side, have destroyed the honey forest feeling that it will not be a crime." 19

"The honey forest has been destroyed by them, who have returned back and such criminal act would not have been attempted by them, if they have not succeeded. Not only that they have enjoyed and the entire forest has been destroyed." 20

"Not only that, they have broken the knees of those who went united to prevent them." 21

This great and famous monkey hero who is known as Dadimukha has come here to tell us this good news." 22

"Hey Valorous hero and the son of Sumitrā, think about it. The monkeys have returned back and have started drinking honey and so Sītā has been located." 23

"Hey great one, those monkeys, who are very knowledgeable, would not dare to destroy this forest which has been got as a boon without locating Vaidehī." 24

When the very famous Lakṣmaṇa was hearing this news which was giving pleasure to the ears, Rāma became happier thinking that good period has arrived." 25

That Sugrīva hearing the words of Dadimukha became very happy and instructed him as to what has to be done immediately. 26

"The products of the forest have been eaten by them, who have succeeded. Because of that I have become very happy. This act which has been done by them, who have succeeded, has my approval also." 27

"I, along with Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, am very anxious to see them, who are as valorous as lion and have as their leader Hanuman and hear from them all the news regarding and rescuing Sītā." 28

He, who was the King of monkeys seeing that those two princes were happy at the completion of the job and also seeing them with eyes blooming because of happiness and also thinking that job taken up has positive result, became extremely happy with scintillating limbs. 29

Thus ends the sixty third chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.