Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 60

Chapter: 60
Angada’s Opinion

[Angada who is the crown prince and leader of the team tells his opinion as to what needs to be done. He feels that they should wage a war, destroy the Rākṣasas and take Sītā along with them. The wise Jambhavan diplomatically points out that they should do according to the wish of Rāma.]

Hearing these words, Angada the son of Bali told as follows. 1

(Many available texts of Sundara Kāṇda ascribe these words also to Hanuman. But this version appears more natural and truthful.)

"Because of the information given to you all now, let us all convince the great nobles like Jambhavan, to see those two princes along with Vaidehī." 2

"I myself alone am sufficient to kill all the Rākṣasas, the city of Lanka and the very strong Rāvaṇa by my strength." 3

"Should I add further when all of you monkeys, who are heroes, strong ones, courageous ones, and those ones, who know the science of archery are surrounding me?" 4

(The monkeys including Angada and Sugrīva do not use archery in war but fight with trees and hills.)

"By myself fighting the war alone, I will be able to kill Rāvaṇa, his army, people who accompany him and his brothers." 5

"I can destroy Brahmāstra, Indrāstra, Rudrāstra, Vāyvāstra, Varuṇāstra and also those which are not known to us in war but sent by Indrajit. I can kill all Rākṣasas. Once I get your permission, my prowess would subdue him." 6-7

"The incomparable rain of stones which I am capable of sending without rest is capable of even killing devas. Is it necessary for me to mention Rākṣasas?" 8

"Even the ocean can cover all its shore and even the Mandāra Mountain can be shaken, but the army of our enemies cannot shake Jambhavan." 9

"The destruction of all those people standing in front of Rākṣasa armies can singly be done by the son of Wind God himself." 10

"By the speed of the thighs of Panasa and Nīla even the Mandāra Mountain could be destroyed and so what of the Rākṣasa soldiers?" 11

"Please tell one single individual among Devas, Asuras, Yakṣas, Gandharvas, Nāgas and birds who are capable of facing Mainda and Dvividhaḥ in war." 12

"They both are very lucky monkey chiefs who are the sons of Aśvinī Devas. I do not know any one who can fight with them in the battle field." 13

"Both of them have got their strength from the boon of Brahma and have great prowess. They have drunk nectar and are the best among all the monkeys." 14

"Don't you know that in the ancient times Lord Brahma, who is the grandfather of the entire world, for the sake of respecting Aśvinī Devas, has given those incomparable stature to them and also non destruction by others as a boon." 15

"Those two great monkey warriors because of the power conferred to them by the boon, beat the great army of Devas and escaping from them and also drank nectar." 16

"There is no need for other monkeys but these two powerful ones alone are capable of destroying the city of Lanka with its army consisting of horses and chariots." 17

"Hey monkeys, it is not proper at this time for us, who know everything, to go in front of Rāghava without Sītā." 18

"I think that it is not proper for you, who are famous and endowed with valour, to go there and say that, we saw the holy lady but we did not bring her." 19

"Hey monkey chiefs, in this world, which consists of Devas and Asuras, there is no one who can be compared with us in the matter of jumping and valour." 20

"What else is there in this matter but to take Sītā along with us from that place where large numbers of Rākṣasas have been killed by Hanuman? " 21

The very able Jambhavan who was the chief among monkeys being pleased told the following very meaningful words to Angada after hearing his opinion. 22

"Hey, prince, what you intend to do is not something impossible for us now. But please see that what should be done should be based on the intelligent thought of Rāma. 23

Thus ends the sixtieth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.