Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 44

Chapter: 44
Jambu Mali’s Death

[The valorous and powerful Jambumali (son of Prahastha) who could wound Hanuman in several places was killed with lot of effort by Hanuman.]

The very strong Jambu Mali who was the son of Prahastha who has very big teeth having been sent by the King of Rākṣasas started armed with bows and arrows. 1

He, who wore a red cloth in which flowers were drawn, who wore garlands, who had round rolling eyes, who was difficult to defeat in war, who was burning like the Trikūṭa mountains, who was like a very big cloud, who had huge hands, head and shoulders, who had very big teeth, who had very big face, who was very fast, who had lot of enthusiasm, who was very strong, who was greatly heroic, who had sound similar to thunder and Vajra and who had pretty arrows similar to the arrows of Indra, came very fast holding and twinkling a bow which made sound like Vajara and thunder. 2-5

The royal twang made by his bow suddenly filled all sides and the sky. 6

He, who was like mars by his lustre, who was like the rising sun and who was protected by a chain coat made of copper, shouted, "Stop, stop". 7

Hanuman seeing him in his front, coming forward riding in a chariot drawn by Zebras, Hanuman became happy and roared like a lion. 8

That Jambumali, who had very long arms, wounded that great monkey, who was sitting on the top of the entry gate, with his sharp arrows. 9

He pierced that Monkey chieftain in the hand by ten arrows, in the head by one burning arrow and in the face by crescent like arrows. 10

That red face of Hanuman pierced by the arrows looked like a red hibiscus flower opened by the rays of the autumn sun. 11

That red face of hanuman became more red by the blood and shined like a big red hibiscus flower existing in the sky and made wet by the drops of red sandal wood drops. 12

That great monkey being wounded by the arrows of Rākṣasa became very angry. 13

Then the great soldier Hanuman saw a very broad and big stone nearby and he uprooted it and threw it with great force. 14

The Rākṣasa became angry and destroyed it using ten arrows. 15

That very powerful and great hero Hanuman seeing that his effort was wasted uprooted a huge Sāla tree and started rotating it. 16

Seeing that the monkey rotating the Sāla tree as a strong one, that very strong Jambumali send several arrows at him. 17

He pierced the Sāla tree with four arrows, wounded the hands of the monkey with five arrows, his chest by one arrow and middle of his chest by ten arrows. 18

Wounded all over the body by those arrows, Hanuman became very angry and took the same pestle and started rotating it. 19

That very fast and very strong Hanuman rotated the pestle with great speed and beat at the broad chest of Jambumali. 20

Because of this, his head disappeared and so did his arms, knees, bows, chariot and horses. His arrows also disappeared. 21

Beat strongly by Hanuman, that great warrior Jambumali, after loosing his limbs and ornaments, fell dead on the earth. 22

Rāvaṇa hearing about the death of Jambumali and similarly about the killing of the very strong Kinkaras became very angry with blood shot eyes. 23

That King of Rākṣasas, after the death of the very strong Jambumali, rotated his eyes due to anger and immediately ordered the very valorous ministers sons to go. 24

Thus ends the forty fourth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.