Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 39

Chapter: 39
Hanuman’s Consolation of Sītā

[Sītā tells him about her complete faith in him. She is also heart broken and Hanuman consoles her. She wonders how other monkeys and Rāma would cross the ocean. Hanuman consoles her.]

After giving the ornament to Hanuman, Sītā told the following, "This is a proof which is well known to Rāma." 1

"As soon as that hero Rāma sees this hair brooch, he would remember the three people viz. me, my mother and King Daśaratha." 2

"Hey chief of monkeys, you, who have been specially ordered in the beginning of this effort, should think about what is to be done in the future." 3

"Hey great monkey, even in completion of this effort you are the chief. Your capacity to carry out well thought out action would become the end of sorrows. Hey Hanuman do the job carefully and become one who ends all sorrows." 4

That great hero, who is the son of wind God, told Vaidehī "So be it" and after saluting her by the nod of his head waited for hearing the permission to go. 5

Sītā understanding that the monkey has started his journey back, told the following with wet eye lids and shaking voice. 6

"Hey Hanuman, inform about my welfare to Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa who are non-separable." 7

"Hey, chief of monkeys please inform about my news to Sugrīva along with his ministers and the other great monkey chiefs in a way which is suitable to them." 8

"You, please try to do everything so that the great Hero Rāma would pull me out of this lake of sorrow." 9

"Inform the famous Rāma in such a way that he would see me alive and hey Hanuman, by spending only one sentence, get lot of blessings." 10

"After hearing the happy tidings that you will inform, the son of Daśaratha’s effort in attaining me would become permanent and intense." 11

"The great hero Rāghava immediately after hearing the message that you deliver would think of all aspects of using his valour and would order." 12

After hearing the above words of Sītā, that monkey chief Hanuman with folded hands over his head replied as follows. 13

"That Rāma (Kākutstha) who is going to win over his enemies and remove your sorrows from you would arrive here immediately surrounded by monkey chiefs and bear chiefs." 14

"I do not see anybody who is capable of staying alive in front of him, who would be sending arrows like rain among men or among Asuras." 15

"Especially for your sake, he is capable of defeating in war the Sun, the Fie God and the God of death all alone." 16

Hey daughter of Janaka, it is well known that victory for Rāma is due to you and that is why he is considered fit to rule the entire earth surrounded by water." 17

("Sradhaya devo devathwam asnuthe" meaning the Gods get their godliness through their consorts is a well-known saying, which is being referred by hanuman.)

Janaki after hearing the timely, wise and firm words of Hanuman respect him and told him the following words. 18

Sītā clearly understanding the words of Hanuman, because of his intense devotion to his master and due to the liking she got because of that, told the following words to Hanuman, who was about to leave. 19

"Hey hero who is capable of winning over his enemies, if you like, please take rest in a secluded place for one day and start your journey tomorrow." 20

"Hey monkey, by your being near to me, the great sorrow of the ill-fated me would get consolation for at least some time." 21

"Hey chief of monkeys, even though you are going with an intention of returning back, I do not have any doubt that by that time some danger will happen to my life." 22

"Hey monkey, the sorrow in not seeing you would increase a lot and would make me, who has been slightly consoled, more sorrowful." 23

"Hey hero, who is the lord of monkeys, there is one doubt in me about the monkeys and bears who are going to help you, which should have arisen first and which is important." 24

"How will that army of monkeys and bears cross this great ocean? How will the two sons of Dasaratha do it?" 25

"The power to cross this ocean is only available to the three of you who are equal viz. the God of Wind, you and Garuda." 26

"Hey hero, you are the foremost among those who plan to complete a work and what trick are you going to use in this case?" 27

"Hey killer of the enemies, you are the only one who can achieve this job and the fame of avenging over the enemies would only become yours." 28

"Coming with sufficient army, winning in war with Rāvaṇa and taking me back to my Kingdom after being victorious would bring laurels to me and him." 29

"If the great killer of enemies Kākutstha can tear to pieces Lanka by using his arrows and take me back, that would be suitable to him." 30

"So please try do all actions which are matching to the valour and as per the wishes of that great soul who is a hero." 31

Hanuman after hearing these words, which are meaningful, suitable and which are as per the norms of justice, as a reply told what remains to be told. 32

"Hey holy lady, Sugrīva, who is the chief of armies of monkeys and bears, who is the best among monkeys and who has a stable mind, has already decided what is to be done in your case." 33

"Hey Vaidehī, he is going to come immediately surrounded by crores of monkeys with an intention of destroying Rākṣasas." 34

"Those monkeys who are under his order are valorous, truthful, very strong and achieve what is in their mind." 35

"Their travel cannot be stopped either above or below or by the side ways. They who are very strong will not wilt doing difficult tasks." 36

‘They who are very powerful and capable of travelling as per the wind currents have gone round the world with its mountains and oceans several times." 37

(Hanuman is exaggerating to please Sītā. All the monkeys with him expressed their inability to cross the ocean. He himself before entering the city had told that only three monkeys are capable of entering it.)

"In the court of Sugrīva there are many more monkeys greater or equal to me. There are none who are inferior to me." 38

(Again an exaggeration to console Sītā.)

"Ordinary people are normally sent as emissaries. Great ones are not sent. If I have reached this place what to say about the others who are much stronger." 39

"So do not be sad. Let your sorrow be removed. The monkey soldiers would reach Lanka in one jump." 40

"Those two lion among men who are like the risen Sun and Moon and are very strong, would climb on my back and would be reaching near you." 41

"Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, who are great heroes, who are great among men and who never separate from each other will come here and are going to make this city fly using their arrows." 42

"Hey pretty one who is blessed, that Rāghava who is of the clan of Raghu, would kill Rāvaṇa along with his crowd and is going to return to his city along with you." 43

"So be consoled. Good would happen to you. Wait for the proper time. Within a short time you would be able to see Śrī Rāma who is like a burning fire." 44

"When this chief of Rākṣasa is killed along with his sons, ministers and relatives, you would join Rāma like Rohiṇī joins Chandra." 45

"Hey, Maithili, Hey holy lady, you would soon reach the other shore of this ocean of sorrows and soon Rāvaṇa would be killed by Rāma himself." 46

That Hanuman who is the son of Wind God thus consoled Vaidehī and with an intention of the journey spoke further to Vaidehī. 47

"You are going to see soon, Rāghava who is very courageous and who kills his enemies and Lakṣmaṇa who stands at the gates of Lanka along with his bows." 48

"Hey, holy lady, you would soon see several companies of monkeys, who roar in the valley of Malaya mountain in Lanka and who are themselves equal to mountains and clouds. And also see here assembled many monkeys who are as valorous as tiger and lion, who are like the King of elephants, who would fight using their claws and teeth and who are very numerous." 49-50

"That Rāma pained by the very strong arrow called love does not know any pleasures like the elephant attacked by lions." 51

"Hey holy lady, please do not cry. Let your mind be not troubled by sorrow. Like Indrāṇī who is with Indra, you would be with your lord and loved by him." 52

"Who is there greater than Rāma and equal to Lakṣmaṇa? Those two brothers who are like fire and wind are your protectors." 53

"Hey, holy lady you need not live for a long time in this horrible country which has crowds of Rākṣasas. There is not much time left for your Lord's arrival. Please be patient till I reach back." 54

Thus ends the thirty ninth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.