Rāmāyana | Sundara K| Chapter 32

Chapter: 32
Sītā sees Hanuman

[Sītā becomes confused on seeing a red copper coloured monkey because she thinks it is a bad omen. She analyses the situation and pray God that whatever has been narrated by Hanuman should be true.]

Seeing him, who was hiding in the branches, who was attired in white and who was copper coloured like streaks of lightning, she was very much confused. 1

She saw there, the monkey who had eyes like molten gold, who had the lustre of the body like the fully opened Asoka flowers, who was very soft and who was speaking lovable words. 2

Maithili wondered greatly and thought like this. 3

Seeing the horrible and unusual features of the monkey she thought that it was bad omen and unfortunately started to get worried. 4

That fear struck Sītā wailed in a pitiable manner and that pretty and good natured Sītā muttered "Rāma, Rāma" and "Lakṣmaṇa" often while crying. 5

That pretty princess of Mithilā seeing in front of her that Monkey chief, who was standing with humility, thought that "It was definitely a dream." 6

She saw the son of Wind God, who was the minister of King of Monkeys, who always obeyed the order of his King, who was foremost among intelligent beings, who was having a misshaped face and saw him as very thoughtful. 7

As soon as the wide eyed Sītā saw him properly, she almost fainted and took to the appearance of a dead woman but at last she woke from her stupor and started thinking. 8

"I am seeing in my dream this monkey with a misshaped face, which is agreed upon by the sciences as not showing good. Let good happen to Rāma with Lakṣmaṇa and my father, the King Janaka." 9

"This is not a dream also, because I who has been affected by sorrow and sadness do not sleep at all. I had a parting from Rāma who had the face of the full moon and after that I do not have anything pleasant happening to me." 10

"Because I am, within my mind, always thinking of Rāma and by my words always praising him, I also always hear the story suitable to him and possibly due to that I am hearing his story." 11

"As of now I am full of thoughts in my mind about him, I have offered my mind fully to him and I always meditate on him and naturally I think, I see him and also think that I hear about him." 12

"I think what happened was only a feeling in my mind but in spite of that I am able to think and analyse about it. Thought will not have a form. But what I see has a clear form and is talking to me." 13

"My salutations are to Indra, Brihaspati* and Brahma. Let whatever has been told by this monkey come true and let it not be false." 14 * The teacher of Devas.

Thus ends the thirty-second chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.