Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 25

Chapter: 25
Sītā’s Sorrow

[The terrible picture of the sorrowing Sītā and the very sad thoughts that ran through her mind are given in this chapter.]

When those disturbed Rākṣasīs were talking to her with anger and hate, the daughter of Janaka wept and cried a lot. 1

She making wet her broad chest with the copious tears, was immersed in thought l and still did not reach the end of her sorrow. 2

She with a very disturbed face was trembling because of the bullying of the Rākṣasīs, and fell like a banana plant caught in the storm. 3

Her long broad hair, which was moving hither and thither, moved along with Sītā who was trembling because of fear and appeared as if it was a serpent, which moved here and there. 4

That daughter of Videha, who was terrorized by the Rākṣasīs, who was very much full of fear and who had firm conviction of virtue towards her husband told the following words with eye full of tears: 5

"A human lady is not entitled to become the wife of a Rākṣasa and since I am not going to obey your words, you can eat me all together." 6

Alas, that princess of Mithilā having been drowned in sorrow, exceeded the limits of sadness and was heart-broken and with heavy breath and cried aloud accompanied by tears. 7

"The proverb that "Death is difficult to attain except in the fated time to males or females" told by learned people is very true, because in spite of the fact that I am mentally wounded and sad because of cruel Rākṣasīs and also because I am not with Rāma, I continue to be alive, at this moment." 8-9

The sorrowing Sītā who was like a deva maiden and who was cruelly treated by Rāvaṇa, did not find any other alternative. 10

Sītā like the strayed deer attacked by wolf, started shivering uncontrollably like her soul was piercing deep inside her body. 11

During that time, becoming depressed by sorrow, she caught hold of a flowering branch of an Asoka tree and started thinking of her husband. 12

That great lady cried "Hey Rāma", "Hey Lakṣmaṇa", "Hey Mother-in-law Kausalya", "Hey Sumitrā" being luck less and being ignorant of my duties. "I am like a fully loaded ship shaken by cyclone in the middle of the sea; I am going to die like an orphan. I am melting down by my sorrow similar to the eroding shore by the speedy tide of water. I am not able to see Him who is my husband as I am in the custody of these Rākṣasīs. All lucky (blessed) people are able to see him, who has eyes like the fully open lotus flower, who has the majestic gait of a lion, who is thankful, who utters only sweet words and who alone is my master". 13-16

"My life without Rāma is terrible similar to the one who has consumed very potent poison. I do not know what great sin, I have committed to merit this terrible sorrow that is eroding me. I being in the custody of Rākṣasīs am not able to see Lord Rāma. Since I am suffering this extreme sorrow, I wish to give up this life. Human life is not all good; especially one under the custody of others, for one does not have independence to end even one's life." Such thoughts made her further sad. 17-20

Thus ends the twenty fifth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.