Rāmāyana | Sundara Kaṇḍa | Chapter 12

Chapter: 12
Hanuman's Dejection

[Hanuman's final search for Sītā in the harem, his fear for having committed a sin because of his entry in to the Harem and his sense of dejection in not being able to find Sītā are described.]

That Son of Wind God visited separately the garden enclosures, picture galleries and bedrooms in the centre of the palace, but he who was interested in seeing the beautiful Sītā, could not see her. 1

Because that great monkey was not able to see the darling of the son of Raghu, he thought thus "because Sītā who is very upset is not visible to me, it is definite that she is no more alive." 2

"It is possible that the daughter of Janaka, who treads by the path of pristine duty, who is devoted to her husband, who has interest in protecting her virtue, might have been killed by the chief of Rākṣasas who exhibits many bad qualities." he thought 3

"After seeing the ladies of the chief of Rākṣasas, who are having ugly features, who are ugly, who do not have the lustre in their body and who are having a very cruel vision, Sītā who is the daughter of Janaka might have died out of fear". He thought 4

"Without seeing Sītā, without doing my duty and having spent lot of time with other monkeys, I should not go back to Sugrīva because the powerful Sugrīva awards great punishments", he thought. 5

"I have searched all over the harem, I have seen all ladies of Rāvaṇa but I only could not see the sterling natured Sītā and so all my efforts are in vain", thought he. 6

"When I go back and meet all the monkeys, who have gathered together, they would ask "Hey hero, what did you do there? Please tell us about it. What happened there?" and what will I who has not been able to see her reply to them?" He thought. 7

"If the time is delayed too much for my return definitely they will all commit mass suicide by starvation", he thought. 8

"When I return after crossing the sea, all those assembled monkeys and also Angada and the very old Jambhavan would individually find fault with me". He thought. 9

"Being not disappointed in one's intentions leads to greater wealth, very real pleasures and zest in doing things", he thought. 10

"This emotion of not getting dispirited by failure leads to success in man's actions and so I should put in more effort and do more searching", he thought. 11

He decided that he would put in more intense search in all places where search was not done and started searching. 12

He searched in drinking halls, he searched in flowerbeds, again he searched in picture galleries and he searched well in sporting arenas. 13

He also searched in streets in between the gardens, various types of towers, underground cellars, memorial houses and outer halls of the palaces. 14

That great monkey Hanuman travelled to all places and searched by climbing, getting down, stopping once in a while, walking, opening the doors, breaking open closed doors, getting in, getting out, jumping down and jumping up. 15-16

The places that he has not visited in Rāvaṇa's Harem were not even four fingers broad. 17

That Hanuman searched in the streets between outer walls of buildings, the platforms associated with memorials, wells, and lakes. 18

In those places, Hanuman saw Rākṣasīs with various forms, who were very ugly, whose actions were ugly but he was not able to see the daughter of Janaka. 19

Hanuman saw there many Vidyādhara maidens, whose beauty was unparalleled in the world, but was not able to see the wife of Rāma. 20

Hanuman saw there very beautiful Nāga maidens, who had faces like the full moon, but he was not able to see the good-natured Sītā. 21

Hanuman saw Naga maidens, forcibly abducted by Rāvaṇa after victory in war, but he was not able to see the daughter of Janaka. 22

The son of Wind God, who was both intelligent and heroic, saw several ladies with good lineage but not Sītā and became very sad. 23

His sorrow went on increasing when he thought that the effort put up by monkeys and his crossing of the ocean was fully wasted. 24

The son of wind God got down from the Pushpaka Vimāna with immense sorrow and became very thoughtful. 25

Thus ends the twelfth chapter of Sundara Kanda in the Rāmāyaṇa which is the first epic written by Vālmīki.