Rāmāyana | Kiṣkindha Kaṇḍa | Chapter 8

8. Sugrīva's Enmity Reason

[Sugrīva indicates the reason for enmity between him and Vali. Rāma asks for a detailed story.]

Sugrīva the monkey was satisfied by the words of Rāma and he told the following to Rāma in the presence of Lakṣmaṇa. 8.1

"I have no doubt that all the Gods are blessing me, for you have arrived as a good friend to me at this time." 8.2

"Without any doubt, with the help from you, Oh Rāma, I can even get the kingdom of devas and what to speak of my kingdom." 8.3

"Oh Rāghava I have become honourable to my relatives and friends as I got a friend from the Rāghava family with fire as witness." 8.4

"You will slowly understand that I am also a suitable and good friend, for I am not in a position to speak about the good qualities of mine." 8.5

"The affection of great men like you, who have greatly attained fulfilment in their duty, would become stable in providing affection and courage to me." 8.6

"Pious people consider that silver, gold, cloths and ornaments should not be divided among people but are to be used collectively among good people." 8.7

"Whether one is rich or poor or whether he is sorrowing or happy or whether one in innocent or guilty, his ultimate refuge is his friend." 8.8

"For the sake of one's friend, you can give up wealth and pleasure and even leave the country, after seeing such a friendship in him." 8.9

To Sugrīva who talks pleasing words, Rāma said, "Let it be like that", in front of Lakṣmaṇa who was endowed with grace and comparable to Indra. 8.10

Seeing Rāma as well as the very strong Lakṣmaṇa standing there, he cast his eyes unsteadily all round that place. 8.11

That king of the monkeys then saw a big graceful Sāla tree having good flowers graced by the bees and less of leaves, not very far away. 8.12

Sugrīva then cut a branch with lots of leaves and beautifully blossoms and spread it on earth and sat on it along with Rāghava. 8.13

Seeing both of them sit, Hanuman broke another branch of the Sāla tree and made the obedient Lakṣmaṇa sit on it. 8.14

When Rāma who was like a peaceful ocean was pleasantly seated comfortable on the hill slope which was filled with flowers and fruits, Sugrīva who was greatly happy spoke using sweet words to Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, mixing up words sometimes due to extreme love. 8.15-8.16

"As I have offended my brother and so I am wandering in the great mountain Riṣyamūka with fear and also sorrowful because my wife has been taken away from me." 8.17

"Oh Rāma, I live scared, immersed in fear and with an agitated mind in the forest as I am offended by brother Vali and have developed enmity with him." 8.18

"Oh Rāma who can scare the entire world, I am scared of Vali and saw you should show your grace on me who is an orphan." 8.19

When he was addressed like this, the son of Kākutstha clan who had great lustre, who was a follower of Dharma and who liked Dharma replied to Sugrīva as if he is making fun of him. 8.20

"Helping is the fruit of friendship and harming is the characteristic of an enemy and so now itself I will kill that one who has stolen your wife." 8.21

"These arrows with wings of Kanaka bird which can go at high speed and are decorated by gold glow like a fierce fire are born in the bed of reeds of Kārtikeya and are similar to the thunderbolt of the great Indra and they have smooth joints, are very sharp and are like very angry serpents." 8.22-8.23

"Oh friend, he whom you call Vali is one who does sinful deeds and you will see him now being killed by my arrow and crushed like a mountain." 8.24

When Sugrīva, the chief of army of the monkeys heard these words of Raghava became incomparably happy and said, "Great, great." 8.25

"Oh Rāma, I am filled with sorrow and you are the one who protects those affected by sorrow and as your friend, I am greatly sorry for you." 8.26

"You have given your hand and made me your friend with fire as the witness and you are greater than my life. You being my friend I am taking an oath on my words of honour." 8.27

"Considering you as my friend I am speaking in a relaxed way to you about my inner sorrow which keeps on tormenting me." 8.28

When he told this his eyes were masked by his tears and since his voice choked with tears he was not able to speak any further. 8.29

Instantly Sugrīva controlled the speed of his tears, which was rushing out like the current of the river; he again assumed courage and started speaking in front of Rāma. 8.30

After controlling his tears, Sugrīva wiped his eyes and taking deep breath, that lustrous one told Rāma. 8.31

"Earlier Oh Rāma, Vali uprooted me away from the kingdom and after making me listen to harsh words threw me out with force." 8.32

"My wife whom I loved more than my life was robbed and all my friends were arrested and then imprisoned." 8.33

"Oh Rāghava that bad soul tried to destroy me and send many armed monkeys and I killed all of them." 8.34

"Oh Rāghava because of this I also viewed you with suspicion and scared I did not come before you as fear scares everyone." 8.35

""I am being helped only by Hanuman and few other monkey chiefs and in spite of all difficulties I am surviving with my life." 8.36

"These monkeys are very affectionate towards me and protect me from all sides. They go along with me wherever I go and stay with me, if I stay." 8.37

"I will tell you in brief, because there is no need to tell in detail. My elder brother Vali, who is well known for his valour is now my enemy." 8.38

"My sorrow can only vanish after his death takes place and happiness in my life is also decided by his destruction." 8.39

"Oh Rāma I have explained about my sorrow and means for ending it. And I believe whether a man is sad or happy the only protection he can get is from his friend." 8.40

After hearing these words of Sugrīva Rāma told him, "I would like to know about the reason for the development of enmity between you both." 8.41

"After hearing about the reason for the enmity between you two monkeys and after measuring your weakness and strength, I will take necessary action with pleasure." 8.42

"After hearing about your being insulted, my heart is shaking and I am being subject to strong deep anger which is rushing like the flow of rain water in rainy season." 8.43

"You tell me about it freely and happily before I string my bow for as soon as I send my arrow, your enemy would be destroyed." 8.44

When the great son of Kākutstha clan told like this to Sugrīva, the four monkeys were extremely overjoyed which was matchless. 8.45

Then Sugrīva started narrating the reason for the enmity and told how it all started to the elder brother of Lakṣmaṇa. 8.46

This is the end of Eighth Sarga of Kiṣkindha Kanda which occurs in Holy Rāmāyaṇa composed by Vālmīki as the First Epic.